Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 3


Did I just watch an hour’s episode? What, where did it go? I can totally summarize it in few paragraphs. Because that’s what I’m going to do. Laughs.

Episode 3

Crazy king can’t be exorcised that easily. He stabs Sang Hyun and kills the queen. Somehow he comes back to sanity and apologizes to his son. He tells him, he wanted him to see him become the king. He gives him the flower. Queen dowager wants the ministers to gather quietly. Evil minister tells the guards to take the king. Rin’s painful cries are evident that he wont see his father again.


After the funeral of his parents Rin is sent to some other palace and Ki San becomes the king. The one who disagree aka king’s faithful people are treated as traitors and are beheaded. And so we got our second ghost.


12 years has passed cry baby Rin has become a play boy Rin. He can see ghosts but pretends he can’t when the three ghosts come to visit him.


Ki San after becoming the king is restless. The evil thing in the palace hasn’t left yet and chokes him at night. Ki San wants a man back but ministers are against it. Ki San sees himself wearing servants clothes mocking him. Ki San starts yelling at him but no one can see him. He tells one of the ministers it all happened because he couldn’t sleep. He wants him to find someone who can help him.


Do Ha’s prayers are answered and she tells her mother, the tribe leader that she is going to find the shaman, her sister. She meets Sang Hyun and he for some reason is wearing a hood. -why does he like to hide his face?- Do Ha tells him that she is from the Mago tribe. Sang Hyun lies that he doesn’t know about it. Their destination is the same, they are coming to the capital city. Do Ha visits a tavern and there’s a lady who has a crush on Sang Hyun. She watches him making swords. Did I mention Sang Hyun is half-naked.


Blondie Sadam is no longer a blondie anymore and he is the one who gets called for Ki San’s sleepless nights. Ki San threats him if he did a lousy job, his head would be on the platter. Sadam puts some fragrance thingy by Ki San’s bed. After Ki San sleeps Sadam chants a spell and the smoke changes its color. Sadam can feel a presence in the palace and it’s his dragon monster. Oh crap that thing is still alive.


Playboy Rin is at the gisaeng house to get the breast ribbon (goreum) of the cursed gisaeng. He accidentally gets it. That gisaeng has a ghost who chokes everyone, who gets near her because he has a crush on her but he died. Everyone applauds Rin. Moo Suk’s friend drags him to the place. Soo Hyun comes looking for Rin. Moo Suk tells her this isn’t a place for her. Ghost gets angry at Rin for flirting with his love and starts throwing tiles and people think it’s an earthquake.


Ki San is happy by Sadam and calls him over and all of a sudden Ki San is in bed half asleep. He asks Sadam to stay by his side and Sadam hovers over him and says he will be because Ki San is his now. -Stop saying the dialogues that make me question your sexual preferences.-



Okay what the hell happened at the end? Tell me there is a scene missing on my side.

I’m already hating Soo Hyun. Girl you like him and that doesn’t mean he has to like you back.

Who would have thought the cry baby will grow up.

I love the three ghosts but who is the little girl. How did she die?

Sang Hyun is alive? but he was stabbed. Seems like he wasn’t stabbed to death.

Was the king killed because he went crazy and posed a threat to the prince? Guys he was possessed, find a shaman to get rid of that thing. Why kill the poor man?

I’m going to write Ki San Koon’s name as Ki San, it’s easy to remember.


6 comments on “Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 3

  1. FGB4877 says:

    Dear Miss Khan, thanks for the succinct recap. Is this series a really bad one, a drama that should be avoided?. Thanks.


    • Miss Khan says:

      It depends if you like supernatural or Jung Il Woo or Yun Ho or the trio ghost or Sang Hyun or the crazy king or Sadam or the bug or evilness or the two heroines. Take your pick.
      For me I’m liking it for everything ^__^


  2. rania says:

    the drama is not that bad so far


  3. Vafa says:

    Thanks for the recap. I am now a little used to reading recaps of the episode I am watching. It helps me to understand the situations more clearly from another person’s POV. And the drama’s great. Can’t believe I forgot to put this on my watch list.


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