Waiting for Someone


Something unusual happened, not very unusual though. I have a habit of writing. I write about this and that but for sometime everything was blank in my mind.

So, today I picked up a pen. (yes, I’m old school) and wrote a few lines.


     -Waiting for someone-

Today I’m at the window, waiting for a new day to start.

Waiting someday you’ll come for me.

As I look up the sky, the moon is smiling with the stars but no sign of you.

Will I be able to meet you?

The sun starts to come up.

I’m waiting for happiness to find me.

Light wind reminds me of the change in the seasons.

Even now I’m looking outside the window.

I have decided to give up on you.

So let’s meet as strangers.

And as we pass by each other, I’ll tell my heart

the wait is over”


2 comments on “Waiting for Someone

  1. Taiwofash says:

    Great poem! I love it remind me of hw i meet pple then later we become strangers nd i will try 2 look back 2 our conversations nd this remind me of loving,gentle,kind d person has been 2 me nd all of a sudden guilt fill me 2 d extend of amending d broken relationship


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