It’s Okay, That’s love Episode 6


*screams and dies* no wait the drama hasn’t ended yet. Another amazing episode. I can’t believe this drama is so good and can’t believe I almost neglected this piece of awesomeness.

Episode 6

Jay Yul gets a mini thirty-second slap from Hye Soo after the kiss. Jae Yul buys clothes for both of them. They fight. Jae Yul asks if Hye Soo didn’t like the kiss and she lies and says, no. Jae Yul confesses her heart that he likes her. Hye Soo knows he is s player and says it was on a whim and Jae Yul agrees. He says does she like a person who plans and calculates and then makes a woman fall in love. Jae Yul asks her to date him and she flatly refuses. Dong Min gets angry at the betrayer friend after looking at Jae Beom’s case history.


Jae Yul and Hae Soo come home and Dong Min and Soo Kwang know that something is wrong. Hae Soo states the truth she slapped him after he kissed her. Jae Yul admits it because it’s the truth and gives further information that she was fine when they kissed not like now. Dong Min and Soo Kwang want to know more. Jae Yul asks Hye Soo if she really didn’t feel anything and she again says, no. Jae Yul now angry, goes to his room. Hye Soo too gets angry and leaves for her room as well. Dong Min and Soo Kwang think that if Jae Yul really harassed Hae Soo. He would be taking his last breath. Dong Min decides to talk to Hye soo but she doesn’t open the door. The banging sound makes Jae Yul come out but he slams the door when Dong Min calls him a harasser and tells him that Hye Soo is like her younger sister. Hye Soo opens the door and Dong Min goes in while Soo Kwang eavesdrops.


Dong Min asks the same question, if she didn’t feel anything. Hye Soo dodges the question but he tells her to be truthful and she says, she didn’t dislike it actually she liked it. Dong Min asks did she thought of her mother and she says, no. Hye Soo is confused why is she having these feelings towards a player like Jae Yul. Soo Kwang tells Dong Min that he is envious of Hae Soo. He too wants to get rid of his disorder.


Jae Yul hears the alarm and lights the candle in place of Hye Soo and tell her the alarm was ringing loud. The next morning, Dong Min tells Jae Yul that after seeing her mother with other man, Hae Soo has a phobia. Love, kiss and sex is like a betrayal to her. He tells the reason he is sharing all this is because he wants Jae Yul to leave Hye Soo if he is not sincere. Hye Soo comes into the picture and takes the glass of water from Jae Yul’s hand. She admits to Jae Yul that she felt it yesterday but not anymore and she has no desire of continuing that feeling. He is player so he understands, right? Jae Yul asks her to either ring on his cell phone three times or knock on his door if she wants to continue and if not, don’t do anything. He takes back the glass and drinks from it and gives it back to her.


Jae Yul’s mother is happy that he has decided to meet his hyung. Dong Min notices that Jae Beom was under too much pressure and stress that caused his hair to go white. He calls the betrayer friend and asks him to bring Jae Beom to him first.

Mysterious boy thinks Hye Soo is flirting with Jae Yul and playing hard to get. He asks why don’t he get someone else. Jae Yul can’t put it words but finds Hye Soo charming. Jae Yul asks about his love. Mysterious boy says he still looks at her but for now he is going to concentrate on writing. Jae Yul asks about his fingers and he says he will tell when it will hurt. All of a sudden four or five cars come zooming at them and its one way road. Jae Yul asks mysterious boy not to ride his bike on this road. Jae Yul takes mysterious boy home and why does this reminds me where younger Jae Yul used to live. Mysterious boy’s father is beating his mother and mysterious boy runs to her and gets beaten. Jae Yul reaches them and mysterious boy’s father pushes him. Mysterious boy in anger get holds of a rock and this make Jae Yul remember when he took the knife. So he stops mysterious boy and slaps him to snap out of the rage he tells him to take his mother and run. Mysterious boy’s father and Jae Yul fight and there is a camera on one of the lamp posts. All that beating make Jae Yul remember his father beating him and his mother protecting him.


Hye Soo has prepared food and wonders why Jae Yul is still not home. Dong Min and Soo Kwang tease her to call him three times or should they do it for her. Hye Soo notices Soo Kwang’s look. He is dressed up like Jae Yul. Jae Yul is filling a report against mysterious boy’s father but the police officers says nobody lives in that house.


Jae Yul comes home and straight goes to his room, ignoring whatever Hye Soo is saying. Hye Soo keeps knocking at his door and he opens it and says the deal was to knock three times. Jae Yul goes in his safe place and Hye Soo follows him with a first aid box. She treats his wounds and asks what happened. He tells that a boy’s father beats him so he couldn’t resist. Hye Soo asks why did he interfered in someone else’s problem. Jae Yul tells her that people told the same thing about his family and then something big happened and now everyone knows about it. Changing the subject Jae Yul tells Hae Soo that this is the first time a girl has come in his safe place and he doesn’t like to talk about himself but he is feeling comfortable because he has nothing to hide.


Hye Soo touches his scar on the shoulder and asks about it. Jae Yul instead of answering her question continues what he was saying. After showing his sleeping self in the bathroom, he was serious at the stream. Hye Soo quietly checks his face if he has inner injuries. Jae Yul holds her hand and they stare at each other (LOVE IS DA MOMENT) sorry to ruin the scene because Hye Soo does the same. She pulls her hand. Jae Yul pulls the curtain and shows her, his sleeping place. There are two paintings of camel, one of day and one of night. He asks her does she know what it means. Wanderers in desert, at night ties their camels and at day untie them but the camels doesn’t leave because it remembers the night when he was tied. Like how they remember the past scars. Hye Soo leaves reminding him to put ointment and Jae Yul sits in his bathtub. Hye Soo looks at the bed in Jae Yul’s room and again watches the video of her sleeping and him looking at her. She thinks about the kiss and the moment where Jae Yul held her hand in the bathroom.


Dong Min is doing preparation of his divorce anniversary party. Jae Yul says he never heard of it. It’s an excuse for Dong Min to see his ex-wife. Jae Yul asks Soo Kwang if So Nyeo is doing well at the café. Soo Kwang suddenly raises his voice and then goes, “I will call you hyung but please understand my anger.” he doesn’t think it’s going to work with So Nyeo. Jae Yul praises his new look and Soo Kwang is up floating in the seventh sky. – I watched this scene 10x times.-


Time for the divorce anniversary picnic with Hye Soo’s family our quadruple and Dong Min’s ex-wife. They play some betting game and Dong Min loses. Ex wife gets mad and leaves. Jae Yul plays with Hye Soo’s niece or is it a nephew? And her father. Hye Soo’s mother keeps drinking and Hye Soo asks her not to drink that much. Hye Soo’s mother is curious if she likes Jae Yul. Hye Soo gets angry and leaves. Her mother yells, why does she always fight with her. Is she the only one who makes money. Hae Soo’s sister finally tells their mother that they know about her relationship with other guy.


Now at home, Hye Soo asks how did Jae Yul felt after meeting her messed up family. Jae Yul says she has no idea how normal they are. He says he gets angry when he sees perfect families. Hye Soo says jealous is a better term. He tells her he once met a perfect girl and it was boring, Hye Soo laughs. Hye Soo tells the truth, if Jae Yul wasn’t such a player she would have liked him. She says she can’t date him, now that she is in her thirties. Jae Yul says the same thing from the last episode. To date him first and she will be surprised by her charms. Hye Soo again laughs. Jae Yul plays a song that he is into these days and leaves saying to put the cellphone in front of his room.


Jae Beom is released. He gets an item from someone and tells betrayer the friend he will meet Dong Min and asks whereabouts of Jae Yul. Dong Min takes the truth serum. Jay Beom is planning something. He says he wants Americano and Dong Min laughs asking does he know what it tastes like. Dong min pockets the syringe and asks him to wait.


Jae Beom runs from the hospital and it looks like he has taken something, maybe the truth serum. Dong Min sees him running. Hye Soo calls Jae Yul but she has to hang up on the second ring because of Dong Min’s ex-wife. Jae Yul at his radio show, he notices the miss call and wonders if it rang twice or thrice. Hye Soo again calls and this time hangs up on the third ring and I screamed in happiness. She tests him if he heard the bell and tells him that she is going home by bus. Jae Yul takes taxi to reach her. Jae Beom notices him and follows. Hae Soo is waiting for the bus. Jae Yul sees her and waves at her from the other side of the road but she doesn’t notice. Jae Beom comes from behind and hits Jae Yul with a wooden bat. Jae Yul falls to his knees and Jae Beom injects him with the serum. Hae Soo looks up, at the front.



Please tell me Hye Soo saw that Jae Yul is in danger. Dammit Jae Beom. It means he is not telling the truth that Jae Yul killed their father because if he would he wouldn’t do something like this. No wait Jae Beom is a crazy psychopath, he would do something like this.

Dong Min did put the syringe in his pocket so what did Jae Beom took?

And this idiot betrayer friend, why did you give Jae Yul’s address, you moron?

The silence in the bathroom scene and Jae Yul sitting in the tub. Sniff, sniff

Does that mean he made up the mysterious boy’s family too? The camera should be working I won’t take “no” as an excuse. The cars coming wrong at one way, was it real or…?

Is it Wednesday yet?


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  1. I really want to watch this drama but I can’t get over Hyo-Jin’s Master’s Sun image! I can’t get over that drama, basically. Ugh, severe withdrawal symptoms. -.-


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