It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 5


I love this show. I’m loving every moment of it. After watching every episode I look for words to express myself that can justify the drama. I’m enjoying it, I laugh, I cry, I feel their pain, feel what they are going through. Yes, I’m crazy.

Episode 5

We start with Jae Yul happily running with mysterious boy. Hye Soo is watching the recorded video and learning Jae Yul’s dance step and finally notices that he slept in the bathroom. Jae Boem begs Dong Min to give the truth serum to his mother and brother, so he can prove his innocence. He says he is a nice guy even though he looks like a criminal and Jae Yul looks like a nice guy but he is the bad one.


Mysterious boy suddenly starts coughing and Jae Yul asks if it’s cold and notices his injured fingers. This girl I never learned her name and now I think I have to. So Nyeo calls Jae Yul. Jae Yul looks at her and mysterious boy vanishes.


Hae soo is waiting for Jae Yul to come home but is disappointed when its Dong Min who enters. So Nyeo follows Jae Yul home asking who was he talking to. He replies, a friend. She tells him that no one was there. He asks her to leave and she tells him to let her stay for the night as she can’t go home. She lost her keys and her father won’t be home till dawn and her mother occasionally comes to give money. Jae Yul gives her money and tells her to look for the locksmith. She says she will buy a cigarette. Kindhearted Jae Yul agrees to let her stay for the night.


Hae Soo smiles at Jae Yul when he comes home and he finds her odd. A crashing sound take both of them downstairs. Jae Yul says, there’s a guest. Hye Soo loses her temper but its Jae Yul’s house and he has allowed her to stay for the night.

Hae Soo asks Jae Yul if he was with her the whole time. He tells her that he was with another kid. She asks if he likes kids then why did he said that his heart fluttered. Jae Yul says it did at that time. Hye Soo is angry and mumbles, she is the crazy one and I have lost count how many times has Jae Yul said that he has to work. Hye Soo tells So Nyeo if she has no idea that three men live here and tells her to sleep in her room. Jae Yul seems impressed.


Jae Yul buys coffee for the quadruple. Hye Soo’s sister asks how is it like to live with Hye Soo. He says she is charming. The sister is happy and tells him to date Hye Soo but Jae Yul is quick to point that she is not that charming. She slams the coffee pot and asks how many cups he wanted and Jae Yul poor guy, scared, shows her four fingers.


Hye Soo screams after getting out of the bath. So Nyeo is using the toilet. Jae Yul brings the coffee for his house mates. And their jaw falls as Hye Soo only wearing a towel drags So Nyeo out of the house and threats her not to come back. Soo Kwang keeps staring at Hye Soo and she smacks him on the head. He complains Jae Yul is looking too. Hye Soo doesn’t think of Jae Yul as a human. Hye Soo goes back inside and Jae Yul asks the two guys if that’s how she gets angry, then he has to do it more often. -This cheeky guy.-

Dong Min asks him if Jae Yul is free and suggests they go to Daegu in his car for a concert. Of course without Hye Soo and Soo Kwang. Jae Yul agrees and discusses the symptoms of the mysterious guy. Dong Min tells him to go to Hye Soo’s hospital. -wait, don’t you work there too and isn’t that Jae Yul’s hospital?-


Jae Yul asks Hye Soo to hop in as he is going to the hospital too. Hye Soo is still angry at the heart fluttering part and asks him not to talk to her. Jae Yul asks if he has to apologize that his heart didn’t flutter after that incident. Hye Soo again says not to talk to her. Even after he leaves the house and they met at a street don’t bother recognizing. Jae Yul leaves her hanging in mid sentence. Hye Soo notices a woman’s crying voice. Her husband’s hand got cut by a machine and he is screaming in pain. Jae Yul on his way to pick mysterious boy, wonders about Hye Soo’s heart. He isn’t able to understand her.


Jae Yul notices Hye Soo in the hospital. He asks her if everything is alright, she looks unwell and then remembers, she told not to talk to him. Jae Beom calls Dong Min. He wants Dong Min to give the truth serum first to him, so that he will know that Jae Boem is telling the truth. Jae Boem asks for Dong Min’s address and did he just gave the house address?


Mysterious boy and Jae Yul are waiting for their turn to see the doctor. Jae Yul asks the nurse when will be his turn and she tells him that mysterious boy never submitted the admission form. Jae Yul looks at him and the mysterious boy is not there anymore. He wonders if he is scared of the treatment.


As planned Jae Yul goes to pick Dong Min but Soo Kwang is there too and Hye Soo joins them. She doesn’t want to go in his car, so they tell her to take the bus. In the end our quadruple go together. – why is Hae Soo in the front seat? Shouldn’t she be sitting in the back seat because she doesn’t like Jae Yul? Anyways, Jae Yul asks whose concert are they going. It’s the hugging boy from the last episode. Soo Kwang tells, he is married or Hye Soo would have taken him. They talk about his wife who is schizophrenic and is having a baby. Jae Yul is surprised by everything.


They stop at a resting spot. Once alone Soo Kwang tells Jae Yul that he will call him hyung. He is doing this because he wants So Nyeo to work there. Jae Yul says, she is a minor. Soo Kwang says, he won’t date and will call him hyung, so please hire her and tell him how to date girls. Hye Soo butts in, he should teach after all he is a player. Jae Yul advises him to let go of the girl, the more he will try to hold her, she will leave. Once he leaves her, she will come back.


The mini concert has already started. Dong Min and Soo Kwang run first. Jae Yul the gentleman, opens the door for Hae Soo and she is about to frown and Jae Yul tells her, he just opened the door, didn’t start a fight. He is surprised to see the schizophrenic woman. Hae Soo asks did he thought they were monsters or something.


Hae Soo decides to stay to calm the girl and the rest are leaving for one or the reasons. Jae Yul says he wanted to stay but… Hae Soo denies his offer and he thanks her. – I died laughing at this scene.- Thank God they didn’t leave yet and spot the woman trying to drown herself and her husband going to save her. Jae Yul is quick to notice the husband doesn’t know how to swim and dives in to save the girl. Soo Kwang wants to save his friend but he can’t swim too, so Dong Min goes to save the guy. Soo Kwang starts to have his seizures. Hae Soo reaches them. She screams to Jae Yul that the woman is pregnant and water shouldn’t go in to her stomach. Instead of receiving the help, the woman starts to drown Jae Yul. Jae Yul goes underwater and comes back after a few moments holding the woman on his shoulders. Hae Soo performs CPR on the woman and she is fine, next she looks at Jae Yul who has a small cut on his forehead. He asks if he should have stayed unconscious, so she could have performed mouth to mouth and Hye Soo agrees. Jae Yul smiles and screams that he saved a person.


Hye Soo is with the pregnant woman and tells her to cry. Jae Yul watches them. Woman’s husband says it’s his fault, he told her to get rid of the baby. Jae Yul says, he would have said the same thing if his wife was suffering. Dong Min tells him to be strong. Soo Kwang is dejected, he couldn’t help anyone. To cheer him, Jae Yul tells him So Nyeo can work at the cafe and he should tell her like he himself hired her to look cool. Soo Kwang says he will call him, hyung. Jae Yul says he will teach him how to swim. Soo Kwang is thankful and says he will call him hyung. Dong Min tells Jae Yul to wait until someone from nursing home comes to take them and they are going back to the city in the ambulance.


Jae Yul eats ramyun and at first he doesn’t want to apply the band aid but Hye Soo applies it. He asks her what does she see when she has seizures. Hye Soo explains that every person sees different. She sees her friends who ignored her, coming at her while cursing. They both look at the couple. Hye Soo says she was against the marriage and wanted them to stay as friends but the guy stopped talking to her. He asks her why was she against the baby. Hye Soo says, everything can’t be handled with just love, she still thinks they won’t be together forever. She wants them to live and so cheers for them, if they live well maybe she will start believing in love. She asks Jae Yul if love will really save them and he answers, yes. She asks if he is like those type of people who believe love will conquer everything and will give happiness and courage. Jae Yul says love also gives hurt, pain, sadness and misery and it also gives the strength to over come all this.


Hye Soo laughs and asks who did he learn from. Jae Yul answers, from love. There’s a woman in his life and he loves her crazily. His mother. Jae Yul tells her that the couple is kissing and sighs that he wants to fall in love too. Hye Soo looks at him and he tells her he is not weird, does she know what a person can feel in love. He counts on his fingers, a person feels good, you learn patient and consideration. Hye Soo asks questions about consideration. Jae Yul tries to explain that when a man and a woman try to feel each other and stops saying anything further. Hye Soo tells him to go on. She is a psychiatrist, she will listen. Hye Soo calls him a player. -that was being considerate girl. Jae Yul stopping at the mid sentence was him being considerate of your situation. Jae Yul in defense says even player have consistency, he is not like her ex boyfriend. He respects others decision. If a woman says, not to do it, he won’t.

Hye Soo laughs. Jae Yul tells her not to mock him if she hasn’t dated him. She will be surprised if she did. He leaves and she asks where is he going. He is going to sleep in the car.


The couple leaves for the nursing home. They give Hye Soo advise to date Jae Yul. Dong Min gets the case files on Jae Beom and realizes that Jae Yul is the younger brother. The said younger brother is sleeping in a restroom and having a nightmare. Younger Jae Yul falls and hits his head after stabbing the step father and younger Jae Beom pulls the knife from the step dad. Hae Soo is searching for Jae Yul. He is not in the car. She sees a sign board for restroom and asks if he is inside. You can see the shoes from beneath. She opens the door and there he is. He wakes up moments later and Hye Soo acts normal and tells him to let’s go.


Hye Soo hums a song and doesn’t ask the obvious question so Jae Yul asks her, if she was not shocked. Hae Soo says one of her ocd patients used to sleep in his dog’s house. Jae Yul tells her about a place and decides to take her there.


Jae Yul tells Hae Soo his story but she says, he doesn’t have to. Jae Yul keeps going, it started when he was 15. He was a nice kid but his step father and brother used to beat him. His step father didn’t like him much and his older brother gave him beating because he thought Jae Yul is stupid for getting hit by step father. One day his stepfather wanted money so he could gamble and Jae Yul didn’t give him because it was his tuition money and so he ran. But there was no place to hide in the small village, so he hid in a bathroom. Jae Yul asks Hae Soo to think what he did after that she shakes her head. He jumped from the toilet hole. Hae Soo keeps looking at Jae Yul and he starts laughing. He says from then on the bathroom became the safest place for him and he stopped sleeping in the room and bed is just a decoy. It’s what the doctors call trauma.


They walk to a beautiful stream. Jae Yul asks if has a serious illness. Hae soo tells her illness is more severe. They laugh and Hye Soo says, your thoughts become lighter when you laugh. Jae Yul says she is a bit useful doctor. Hae Soo asks him about medication but Jae Yul refuses, it will affect his writing. She tells him to take medicine when he decides that sleep is more important.


Jae Yul asks they are not going to leave just like that after looking at the beautiful place. Hye Soo says, she hates water. He tells her to just do it like he just told her, his secret. She tries to leave, he holds her wrist and carries her, bridal style and throws her into the water and goes in too. She is so happy and they splash water at each other. Jae Yul suddenly holds her face and kisses her. They break apart and Hye Soo is surprised to even say anything and Jae Yul goes for the second kiss and this time she responds back.



Are we in for a thirty second slap? I don’t think so because she kissed him back and if she does slap him, not fair girl.

I will call you hyung, Soo Kwang saying it for the first time was just a lip service, after the drowning incident, he said it from the heart.

Now that Dong Min knows that Jae Yul and Jae Beom are brothers, how will he handle the situation? One is his new friend and the owner of the house, the other one is also his friend and a patient, who claims to be innocent.

Mysterious boy is not the younger version of Jae Yul. Jae Yul thinks their circumstances are same so he helps him. Mysterious boy running after getting beaten up is the parallel when Jae Yul ran from his father and hid in the bathroom.

Hae Soo and Jae Yul are opening up to each other. I’m wondering who will know first that Jae Yul is schizophrenic? Jae Yul himself or Hae Soo? The drama introducing a schizophrenic patient and Jae Yul saying, she looks like a normal person is going to come back at him, when he will realize he is suffering from the same thing. How would he feel? Will he just accept that he needs help and it will be fine or will he confine himself. How will the other people react?

So, did Jae Yul really stabbed his step father? I want a clear flashback for this like right now. And even if he did will he go to jail even though the statute of limitations has passed. Why did his mother lie if it’s true?

I never thought I would watch this show. I decided on a whim. I love this so much, please don’t disappoint till the end.


3 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 5

  1. Miss Khan says:

    The song everyone was looking for including me. ( Jae Yul’s cellphone song)


  2. kelly199865 says:

    I just knew D.O isn’t real!


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