Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 2


The quest to cure the prince came with a heavy price tag for the king. At one glance you will feel a lot has happened in the episode but actually it’s only the king who has gone cuckoo and rest of the episode surrounds him.

Episode 2

Shaman is working hard to make the flower bloom and she succeeds. Though something goes wrong and I don’t think that shaman knows. Her branded neck emits a strange energy and surrounds the flower. Blondie Sadam is still laying unconscious in the water. He wants to soak some more maybe the hair color will come off. Do Ha tells the king to believe in the shaman. She notices a band on his hand. King tells her the queen gave him. She and Rin must be waiting for him. Good news reaches the king and he happily runs to get the flower. Do Ha picks up the band, saying, she will give him later.


Shaman presents the flower to the king in a fancy looking box. The king opens it and the strange energy possesses him. He suddenly hugs the shaman and she smiles. He kisses her, actually smacks his lips on her and she opens her eyes. – has she gone evil too, thanks to the mark on her neck?-


Rin is still in bed with queen by her side. One of the minster and his daughter, Soo Hyun a friend of Rin is there too. -I know this minster wants her daughter to be the future queen.- Queen dowager gets angry. Minister butters her, he was worried about her health. Queen dowager wants nothing more than prince to get better even if it’s her life that is at stake. Minister has his plans, he wants prince to get better, be the crown prince and get married. But queen dowager tells her that prince Ki San will marry first and takes interest in the minister’s daughter. She asks her about her age and she is 9. Minister quickly changes the subject and asks about the letter that the king sent. Queen dowager says, king will be coming back soon.


Soo Hyun is upset she couldn’t talk to Rin because he is ill because of the ghosts. Her father scolds her for believing in ghosts. She says she saw the guy who saved the prince and sees some guards and points at them. They are treasury guards, wheels are turning in the minster’s head. – so Sang Hyun can see the ghosts and no else can?


And so the king reaches the palace. -Just like that? No evil thingies stopping them this time?- he wants to store the dragon monster at the treasury place but the royal guards wont let them enter because they were not informed. Royal guard removes the cloth to look at the dragon and before anything could happen, the king slashes him with the sword.


Rin is up and well. He is talking to his friends and brother. The over protective eunuch tells him that the king has returned. Rin is ecstatic and wants to see his father. Ki San can’t go see his father like Rin can. He silently watches Rin.


The king meets the queen dowager. She is happy on his return and asks about the big thing he brought back. King lies and says it’s just a rock. Queen is talking to a guard and king doesn’t like that. She asks why didn’t he wrote letters. Kings words make her speechless. He says, she had many to accompany her, would she be waiting for his letters?


Rin sees a ghost aka evil thingy. He asks his eunuch but he can’t see it. He runs to his father and hugs him but dear father is not that happy to see him. He scolds him for still being immature.


King is with his ministers and they talk about the crowning ceremony of the prince. The evil minster says that Rin is too young to take care of the responsibilities, how about finding him a princess to lessen the burden. The king gets angry, how dare they doubt the capabilities of the future king.


Shaman talks with Do Ha about love. but she is just eight or nine -_-

Do Ha takes out the king’s band and says she should have given to him and asks shaman to pray that she will meet a prince. Shaman says she can’t pray anymore (she isn’t pure anymore) and gives her shaman bells. Blondie Sadam’s minion take shaman and Do Ha runs to her tribe telling them the terrible news.


Blondie Sadam is weak from being underwater. He wants shaman to treat him. Instead of moving her hair, he tears her dress and takes the energy from the branded mark. But the shaman collapses before Blondie can go back to his original state. He curses the king that he will kill his wife, mother and child.


King decides to look at the frozen dragon. Sang Hyun is not sure if the thing is dead and doesn’t want it in the palace but the king wants it here so he can’t do anything. Feeling something is not right, Sang Hyun ever so secretly takes out a compass and tells the findings to a minster. The king has been possessed.


Ceremony for the prince to become crown prince. Ki San looks at his happy grandmother. King asks Rin to kill the beetle. He tells his son that kings have to abandon their precious things to gain something better for the subjects. But Rin can’t, it is the gift his father gave. Ki San smirks. King says he will help and holds his hand to kill the bug but Rin pulls his hand. In rage king asks for the commander and takes his sword. Surprising everyone and without blinking an eye, he slashes his own son but the over protective eunuch protects Rin and dies. King announces that the ceremony has been postponed. Rin keeps crying.


Rin frees his beetle. Queen dowager tells him that king had high expectations of him. He should go apologize. Rin says he is scared, he feels like the king is sick and needs a doctor. Ki San is listening everything. He squishes the bug under his foot.


King wakes up from a dream. Voices in his head tells him to kill the queen as she is not a faithful woman. He is about to strangle her but she wakes up and he stops.


Ki San is whispering something in the king’s ear and Rin comes to apologize. Ki San leaves and king asks Rin, if he is spreading the rumors about the king being sick. Rin asks for forgiveness from his father. King asks if he truly is his son. Queen pops out from somewhere asking the king how can he say this, when Rin is their son. The king again points fingers at the queens’ character. He tells her he will look into her past and interrogate every man she has met and then he will know the identity of Rin’s father. -okay I’m tired, either someone cure him or kill him before my patience runs out.-


Evil minister is not happy with the king. He thinks he has lost his mind and has become crazy. Do Ha is sad because of the rumors that the shaman is dead. She says she will find her and the bad guy who took her.


Blondie’s man takes the snake staff and slams it on the palace grounds and evil spirits starts to fly again. King can see them but no one else can. Treasure guards gets the news about the ghost being in the palace. By the time Sang Hyun reaches the king, he is already gone. His dying eunuch tells him that the king left for the prince’s room with a sword.


Rin is asleep and the king goes on a killing spree. Rin comes out and sees his father. He starts crying as the king points the blade at his own son. The king tells him that he humiliated him in front of the people by not obeying the order and telling lies. He will be a disgrace to the country if he becomes the king, so he has to kill him and he raises his sword, rin uses his hand as a shield and thank God Sang Hyun came in time to stop the attack. The king asks him to move and fights him. Sang Hyun doesn’t unsheathes his sword but I think king is leaving him no choice but he till the end he doesn’t take out his sword. Sang Hyun tells the king that he has to beat and takeover the ghost.



and I’m back with the long recap.

Noooo the king has turned evil, someone please purify him. He is about to kill his family.

That Ki San is a sneaky boy, he turned the king against his own son and killed the bug. Though I’m thankful for the latter. But I didn’t know the bug could walk that quickly. It was with Rin and within two minutes it was under Ki San’s foot.

Why didn’t the shaman told her people that she was branded and evil is residing in her? Couldn’t they have purified her if she had told the truth?

Nooooo the over protective eunuch. Well we got our first ghost. yay or nay?

Little Do Ha is so cute and so is little Rin.

I don’t like Soo Hyun and her father.

Ki San became like that because he is love deprived.

Ghosts, I love ghosts and I love Sang Hyun.

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