Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 1

night watchman

At last the wait is finally over. It’s time for some supernatural mystics and not so good CG. I liked the episode, I think I did because I like supernatural stuff.

This recap will be a bit different from what I usually do.

Episode 1

As you all know the name of the drama is “Journal of the Night Watchman” so it starts with a narration. We are told that once upon a time ghosts and humans lived together but ghosts were soon sealed. Human’s greed once again called the ghosts back. There were some people who believed in them and some didn’t and some wanted to use them and those who fought with them are called, night watchmen.


Blondie Sadam our villain and his right hand man, I don’t know his name yet.


Prince Rin is playing with his friends.


Meet his over protective eunuch.


Rin’s beetle that his father gave to him. Eeahhhhh I need an insect killer.


Prince Rin’s brother. Ki San Koon. Who later saves the bug for some reason.


Prince Rin’s friend. Park Soo Hyun. One of our heroine (I think).


Suddenly on a bright day there comes a solar eclipse with meteor showers raining down. Children run and prince Rin stands there for some reason. His eunuch and guards protect him. These meteors are actually evil thingies. They seem to search for something and its Rin, they are searching for. They can take control of human body and so the guards kill each other. Blondie’s minion decides to take a stroll in the record room. He finds what he came for and leaves a knife as a parting gift.


A man hiding his face kills the evil thingies and saves Rin. I was wondering he is some mysterious guy, because of his veil but he is one of the king’s guards. Why hide your face then? King gets the ominous news and he goes to save his son, who is lost and looking for his father. Evil thingy reaches him first but daddy kills it. Rin runs to his father but another thingy holds Rin up in the air. Poor Rin is getting choked but no worries mask man comes again to save the day. And the day is bright again but the queen dowager’s (Rin’s grand mother)mood is sour. She tells the king that this is treason. Someone tried to kill the heir and he has to take some action.


Sang Hyun our mask man shows the knife to the king and tells him that an ancient scroll has been stolen. But that’s not the only bad news, Rin has disappeared too. Said boy is looking for his bug. He finds his cage in the river and decides to take it out himself but something pulls him in and he drowns. Though king saves him a second later.


King shows the knife to the night watchman and he tells us that Yongshin tribe is behind this. They want the monster to revive. More over he tells the king that Rin won’t be cured by the human’s medicine. He needs a special flower and it will be found on Baekdu mountain. King decides to go even though the ministers are against it.


And so the king leaves with his army to save his son. Soon they run into trouble. Evil thingy looking like a horse approaches them and then changes its shape to heavy rocks and all of a sudden I’m watching “Attack on Titan”, because these giants in armors remind me of them. Humans stand no chance against them. Sang Hyun tells the army to put the talismans/charms on them and viola with one slash they go poof. Not knowing how to proceed, a little girl comes to help them.


Meet little Do Ha. -the capital of Qatar. Sorry for the lame pun but Doha is the capital of Qatar-


Sang Hyun tells the king it might be a trap but they don’t have any other options. Yup, it’s a trap, actually no. Do Ha brings the king to her Mago tribe. Where a shaman tells her that she knew he would be coming as she can see the future. King asks for the flower but the shaman tells the king, the shaman who can make the flower has been kidnapped by the Yongshin tribe. -make the flower? I thought the flower grew naturally???- anyways, shaman takes the king to a cave where sits an old bow. She tells him that the king of Joseon can touch it and of course the king picks it up.


Blondie Sadam has the poor shaman tied and gagged. He brands her neck. Time for the P.T class. -I’m not lying this is what it looks like, with the drum beating and feet stomping.- time to awake the dragon monster has come and before the shaman gets sacrificed, the king comes with his army to save the day errrr night. Shaman gets slashed on the arm and the knife goes in to the river where the dragon is swimming. Fight, fight, fight is going on everywhere. Monster decides to show up. The king orders to attack it and baddies are trying to save it. The army goes in a formation and the monster is trapped. King has to shot the arrow on a specific place for the dragon to stop moving. Blondie Sadam goes for a swim, Sang Hyun sends him. The dragon is killed actually it froze and the shaman is saved. Hurray


King decides to take the dragon with them. Mado tribe thanks the king. The shaman says she will make the medicine for the prince. King ties a cloth on her injured arm and there’s something going on between them. Prince Rin wakes up.



So that’s it. Writing a recap like this is easy and fun, no?

Anyways, why is the king all of a sudden liking the shaman? You are there to save your kid not to make another kid.

Blondie Sadam is one weird guy. He is weird because of his weird outfits.

Why is Rin’s brother being treated like he is no one? I know he is not the crown prince but he is one of the king’s son. No wonder he will grow up to be a baddie.

The CG team needs some improvement.


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