Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 4


This is what happens when I can’t find the raw and then the English subbed episode. When I finally watch it, I have guests and I forget to write about it. Well not finding the English sub was not my fault.

Anyways, here we go


Circus crew starts their shady business where they lure small kids. Well thank God they hypnotize the kids because gore bloody murders are happening in front of them.


Ciel is not used to this kind of life and poor boy wants nothing but to get out of there. Smile shares a room with a freckle boy and Black got Suit for a roommate. Of course Ciel is a mess without Sebastian.


Ciel’s moment of weakness was hard to watch. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his past, the branded mark on his back. Sebastian’s words give him a push that he needed to stand again and now Ciel wants to end this mission as soon as possible.


I miss Grell, he wasn’t officially introduced but he did pop here and there. Oh and gardener boy came too. I forgot his name. *quickly checks the wiki* yes, Donald duck…I mean Ronald.



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