It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 4


Hyperventilating, okay let me gather my thoughts first. I kind of knew this was going to happen. The story is going fast and I like it. Why does Hye Soo and Jae Yul stare at each other? Hae Soo stared when Jae Yul was doing his radio show. Jae Yul stared when Hye Soo was sleeping. It isn’t love, right? OHMYGOD mysterious boy, I was right to name you that.

Episode 4

After getting the surprise kiss, Jae Yul offers his cheek because he knows Hae Soo will slap him and she does. This is Jae Yul’s thirty-first slap. She tries to leave and he stops her. He keeps turning on and off the lights and is standing this-close to her. He tells her that there was a cave in a valley where light didn’t shine for a thousand of years and people were afraid to go ad thought it would take another thousand years for the light to shine but in reality it only takes a moment and he ignites a lighter. He is teasing her. He tells her that her lips are moist and shuffles her hair. Hye Soo wants to throw up and Jae Yul’s bathroom is off-limits so he takes her to the other one.


Mysterious boy pops up with bruises all over him. Jae Yul asks him to wait in the park. Jae Yul gives him money and shoves him when he tries to touch/hold. Jae Yul asks if he wants sympathy, didn’t he said to run away from his abusive father with his mother. Later Jae Yul regrets for shouting and leaving the mysterious boy alone. He calls his betrayer friend to check on the boy. There’s no one there when betrayer friend checks except the money.


Hye Soo is drunk and decides to take a nap but before passing out she decides to press the record button, in case Jae Yul touches her inappropriately. Jae Yul comes home and finds her lying on the ground. He takes off his shirt.


Hye Soo runs from Jae Yul’s apartment in the morning and he is watching her. Soo Kwang is panicking because Hae Soo and Jae Yul didnt came home last night. Dong Min and Hye Soo’s sister don’t care much. Jae Yul enters and Soo Kwang asks what happened last night. Jae Yul tells the truth that they got drunk, he kissed her and she slapped him.


Jerk of a boyfriend comes to take his things and Jae Yul is the only one present in the house. Hye Soo calls Jae Yul for her cell phone, which he says he has. Jerk boyfriend tells him not to bother Hae Soo. He will not let go of her. – I hope you get amnesia for your whole life-


Soo Kwang notices a girl wearing a school uniform entering the house. – oh yeah she appeared in the last episode and Jae Yul bought her milk because she is a minor.- she roams in the house like she owns it. Everyone comes home and the school girl in one of Dong Min’s patients. She tells that Jae Yul called her pretty and told her to come home. Everyone loses their mind on Jae Yul for hitting on a minor. Jae Yul can’t get through them with words so he decides to call the police. Hye Soo cancels it.


Dong Min is again with Jae Yul’s brother, Jae Beom. Dong Min asks if he dyed his hair because they all white and grey. Jae Beom tells him its natural, his hair turned white when he came to jail. Dong Min says he knows a guy whose hair also changed to white because of the stress. Jae Beom tells Dong min about a prisoner who got a light sentence because he is schizophrenic but he says he lied. Dong Min tells him if he was truly ill he would be getting treatment. Criminals can’t just get out by lying. They have something called amytal sodium, a truth serum. Jae Beom wants one for his brother and mother. Jae Beom’s mother thanks Dong min. Jae Beom has finally decided to meet his mother but he doesn’t look at her. Jae Beom has decided that he would get an early release.


Hae Soo goes to Jae Yul’s studio to get her cell phone. There’s a huge crowd outside for him. She smiles looking at him but it soon vanishes when Dong Min calls. Everyone knows about her kiss with Jae Yul. She texts Jae Yul if her condition is funny to him, touch her one more time and he will die. He replies that his heart fluttered when he saw her sleeping. Her friend comes up from behind and she leaves with him. That’s too much hugging going on. Her mom asks who he is and she says, it’s her friend. Her mother asks if she has a wish to die alone and wants her daughter to date. Hae Soo’s brother-in-law blurts that his wife said that she can’t do it she has a condition. Mother is learning this for the first time. Hae Soo leaves because she can’t listen her mother’s nagging. She decides to watch the recorded video on the bus. Jae Yul after entering and removing his shirt, takes some tissue to wipe Hae Soo’s face. Hae Soo while watching wonders why was he staring at her. Jae Yul puts her on the bed, plays a song on his cell phone, wears his NY cap. He sits beside her and watches her. He pats her on the arm and Hye Soo remembers Jae Yul saying that his heart fluttered when he saw her sleeping. Jae Yul picks his cell phone, dances to the beat and goes to the bathroom. -you can hear the sound of the lock- and did he spend the night there?


Dong Min gets a call from the jail. Jae Beom is crying after waking up. Jae Beom tells Dong Min that his dream actually is real. His younger brother stabbed and killed their step father and even though mother saw that but she was quiet in the court and he had to go to jail. He asks Dong Min to give the truth serum to his brother and mother when he gets out.


Jae Yul hurries off to some where. No, he is not going to his brother but to the mysterious guy. Who of course smiles when he sees Jae Yul. He tells him that he hit his father, he was going to hit his mother. Jae Yul hugs him and mysterious boy starts crying. Jae Yul comforts him saying, he didn’t hit his father but blocked his attack.


Mysterious boy takes Jae Yul to his crush’s house. Jae Yul throws a pebble at her window and a girl looks out Jae Yul tells her that this boy likes him. Mysterious boy runs off in embarrassment. -wait a minute guys, forget about the clothes, how come the girl changed?-


Hye Soo decides to look once again at Jae Yul’s dance and practices it too. Jae Yul and mysterious boy run while laughing and all of a sudden its Jae Yul who is running alone and talking to no one.



Oh no, noooooooooooooooooooooooo Jae Yul has schizophrenia. Then that means…..what does it mean?

Is the mysterious boy Jae Yul’s younger self? Mysterious boy’s dad beats him and his mother. Jae Yul’s mother in the court had a bruise on her forehead.

Did Jae Yul really killed his father but because he was sick, his mother let the older son take the blame?

Now for the girl who mysterious boy likes, the girl who looked first out of the window is different and she is wearing a school uniform.


Then there is other girl with different clothes looking outside.


Okay, I know what happened. The school girl doesn’t exist like the mysterious boy. The other girl is the real one and she came out to look when both of them had already left. And this is just my theory.

7 comments on “It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 4

  1. Lovely aki says:

    did you know the title of the song when jo insung was dj-ing?


  2. Lola Paloma says:

    Ahh you did well Miss Khan. You have started doing the diagnosis to Jae Yul. Hmm come to think of it .. he might be hallucinating about the mysterious boy.Well the ‘staring’ act is not love just yet, This is sure a psychological related drama and I am going to let ‘Dr Khan’ to do the diagnosis yes?? 😀


    • Miss Khan says:

      Great idea, I’m going to change my name, Miss Khan to Dr.Khan hahaha

      actually my father wanted me to be a doctor. A “normal” doctor but I was not smart enough hahahaha. No, seriously sorry baba. then I wanted to study Psychology but no one in my class wanted to, dammit. T_T

      mysterious boy is a figment of Jae Yul’s imagination. I was so sad, I wanted to cry. Poor Jae Yul how hurt he must be that he had to make someone to get rid of the guilt.


  3. idam says:

    did you know the title of song in the hae soo’s handphone?
    i want to know. that easy listening song.
    i like it


    • Miss Khan says:

      Was Hae Soo listening to any song in this episode? Help me remember which part or are you talking about the song Jae Yul played on his phone and Hae Soo recorded everything. If it’s that, I’m afraid you have to wait. I will post once I find it.


    • riri says:

      The song by Crush feat. Punch- Sleepless Night


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