It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 3


Two broken people. A guy who has OCD and a girl with sexual trauma. How are they going to heal each other? By falling in love?

But what if they have a shaky start. Well no argument there because every couple starts with one.

Hae Soo asks Jae Yul to leave the house and even gets Soo Kwang’s vote. Jae Yul turns the table saying he owns everything. Its them who has to leave.

I love Soo Kwang and Dong Min’s expressions. They are spot on, what viewers are having.


Jerk of a boyfriend comes looking for Hae Soo. She tells him there’s nothing left between them. He kisses her and she slaps him. Yae Yul is watching them. Drenched in rain Hye Soo comes back and Jae Yul places three towels in front of her door.

Betrayer, the friend of Jae Yul again apologizes and receives a punch in return.


Mysterious boy gives his novel script to Jae Yul. Which later puts Jae Yul in a bad mood when he reads it. Because it’s on his life that his hyung is in jail for the crime he committed. Mysterious boy cries when he can’t contact Jae Yul.


The trio doesn’t want to leave the house. So Hae Soo suggests the ultimate technique, “beg him”. And she is the one who loses in rock-paper-scissor. Instead of asking him to let them stay. She asks a question about her patient. Who likes to draw private parts and his mother is kind and caring. Jae Yul is straight forward, he says, so what it’s just drawing and it’s not like kind people can’t give pain. Hae Soo is impressed and says, he is right, it’s not like the boy is killing someone.


Hae Soo says the same words to the boy and asks the reason who he started drawing this. His reason is similar to Hae Soo’s trauma condition. He saw his mother with someone else.

That night Jae Yul on his radio show talks about a movie, to understand someone better, you need to know them. Maybe you will feel a connection with them. Hye Soo listening to it, texts Jae Yul to have a drink with her. Our quadruple talk about sex. Soo Kwang has broken up with his girlfriend and so he asks a girl about her number. He is happy and boasts that he got one. The girl’s brother and friend hit Soo Kwang. Soo Kwang starts to have his seizure and the rest start fightning.

Why does every fight ends up being a comical act?


Anyways police arrives at the scene and out quadruple runs. Jae Yul and Hae Soo. Soo Kwang and Dong Min.

Jae yul brings Hae Soo to his apartment. He asks her why is she scared of it. She tells him that she is much better now. She used to have panic attacks thinking about kissing. He asks what is difficult and kisses her.

Wohoooo goalllll


Jae Yul’s brother for living in jail for such long time has so many unanswered questions which puzzles Dong Min who has taken the counseling for the sake of betrayer friend of Jae Yul.


Mysterious guy after getting beaten up by his father or brother runs away from the house all bruised up.

Poor guy, just tell me who you are before I start freaking out.



I like the balance of lightness and darkness in the episodes.
How cool is that Jae Yul said to the meany people that Soo Kwang is his friend.
I like how nobody is perfect but they are trying to live a life with everyone.

The moral of this episode is, that never judge a person of how he appears You never know what story he is hiding and you might be going through the same thing. Talk people talk. So there won’t be any misunderstanding.

So who is this mysterious boy?

It’s not my fault these polling thingies are showing up in screen caps. It’s how the episode was downloaded.

My screen caps are so crappy, I want to cry T_T

Gotta love the English songs


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