Hotel King Episode 32 Recap Final


And we are here at the end of our four-month journey. Which was not at all a smooth ride and in between I really wanted to get off. To tell you the truth the story wasn’t anything special but the actors were. The story was endearing because of the actor’s portrayal of the characters.

And why did Loman had just two minutes in this episode?

This will be a short and a sweet recap. Don’t know about sweet but it will be a short recap. I didn’t like the episode much. Bash me all you want. Hides behind Loman.

Episode 32

Its been a year since Mo Ne and Jae Wan are apart. Mo Ne wants him to come back but he can’t because of his father. Jae Wan tells her he grabbed Joong Goo’s hand. He wanted to save him so how can he go back to her. He thought time would change everything but when he saw her he knew things would not work out. Mo Ne calls him selfish. She changes her tone and says he still holds the general manager’s position so he has to help with the wedding. Mi Nyeo still has amnesia and has taken photography as her hobby.


Mo Ne is living at Jae Wan’s old house. She gets drunk and cries because Jae Wan hasn’t kept the promise to get married. She throws the ring and a second later searches for it. Woo Hyun helps her find it.


Wedding preparations are not going well because the super star wants Jae Wan and he is MIA. Mo Ne doesn’t need Jae Wan but wants a plan the star wont be able to reject.


Woo Hyun the kindhearted guy decides to talk to Jae Wan. First, he wants Jae Wan to come back. Second, what kind of guy makes her girl cry all night? This hurts Jae Wan. On the other side Mo Ne takes off her ring.


Chae Kyung appears with a new hair cut. She is the one who sent the star to Ciel. She asks Mo Ne about her relationship with Jae Wan. Mo Ne says she will take care of her man. Mo Ne and star wear the same dress. Mo Ne right then and there rips her dress and makes it look different. Star is impressed and again asks about Jae Wan and he appears looking handsome as ever. He says he has come just to take care of the wedding.


Woo Hyun’s dad wants his son to settle but Woo Hyun rejects the girl. Jae Wan’s team welcomes him with open arms. Spy girl is the only one who greets him differently saying, I missed you. Mo Ne waits for Jae Wan. She tells him she will get married to him and why the hell is all of this happening in the last episode.


Star is having her own problems. Her husband to be has disappeared. Mi Nyeo is with Mo Ne and Jae Wan wants her to come back but she wont. Mo Ne grants Jae Wan’s wish and gives him the ring back. Jae Wan goes home and my Loman is there. Jae Wan tells him, his story. Spy girl tells Jae Wan they found star’s husband. Mo Ne and Jae Wan reach him first. Jae Wan asks him the reason for leaving her love and it looks like he is asking himself the questions and answers it himself what he wanted to say to Mo Ne. Mo Ne is touched. Jae Wan and Mo Ne get back together. They get married alone and somehow Mi Nyeo’s amnesia gets cured and she goes back to her position in Ciel. Mo Ne bring her two kids with her to their grandmother for babysitting.


Jae Wan’s monologue at the end, β€œthe hotel that I first saw was a heaven. When I looked at with one eye it was a luxurious place for riches but when I realized I was a human being with a beating heart I saw the people and their stories. The hotel that I will start to work from now on will really be heaven.”



See short because nothing much happened and my Loman wasn’t even there to keep me company, sniff, sob, sniff, sob.

No, seriously what was this? A final episode doesn’t just mean happy ending for the OTP. And how was Mi Nyeo cured? Don’t bother answering that. And what about Chae Kyung and Woo Hyun and spy girl and rest of the single people. Oh well, at least I got Loman. And you guys got the happy ending.


31 comments on “Hotel King Episode 32 Recap Final

  1. Lynne says:

    Aww Ms Khan thank you for this last recap. I am reading this even though I have not watched the the final episode. We have the same love for Loman too bad he will be scene in just 2 minutes. I will miss your recap and your comments. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful kdrama πŸ™‚ Til the next DongHae drama. But will still be following you. Take Care!


  2. Taiwofash says:

    Tanxs alot Miss khan 4 ur recaps it gives me a head start of what am about watch. Am going 2 miss our hero nd heroine alot but i hope 2 see them soon. Can u pls reply in these email acc if u are on facebook,tweeter nd also tell me d latest kdrama nd their recaps. Thanks


    • Miss Khan says:

      Your welcome ^__^

      I’m sorry, I’m not on twitter or facebook or anywhere else except here. For the latest drama’s and recap’s you can do a quick google search for the answers ^__^


  3. Hi Miss Khan, tbh I wasn’t too pleased with the last episode and I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m not having withdrawal symptoms, cos the ending hardly felt like the end. How can they have OTP like fighting over noble love at the very last episode and resolving it with simply jaewan realising it out of nowhere how much of an idiot he was. Like in the past 10-20 episodes he was okay with him being the son of the guy that killed her dad/tortured almost everyone then kaboom out of the sudden they have this push-pull thing again. And then out of the sudden again kaboom all is fine…Like.,,okay… But yeah I agree the cast saves the show. From OTP to dear dear loman to the veterans (leejoonggoo and baekminyeo) as well as F4 and the rest of the hoteliers (and may I add yoon da jung and that other guy are pretty cute)! Thanks for the recaps you are really the only one recapping the show haha thank you for that!


    • Miss Khan says:

      Your welcome ^__^

      I agree with you whole hardheartedly. I didn’t like the episode too. Withdrawal symptoms? what’s that? *gets ready to get rotten stuff from fans*


  4. sandolph says:

    Hi, i have red all your recap. Thx. I enjoyed it. I also dissapointed with the last episode. What the heck with this writer? Last episode just wasted like that. It’s like my wish they are married,have children,runs hotel together. But they are screwing the story a lot at the beginning of this episode. Like many articles said,it’s true if this drama don’t have great cast to potray the characters,it will be totally failure. I don’t understand with this writer,she have great cast to support but her story sometime totally ruined it.


    • momo says:

      I totally agree with the writing. This drama took a turn for the worse when Mi Neyo got amnesia. How in the world did Mi Neyo get back to her old self?? If they’re going to play the amnesia card might as well just leave it at that. I thought it was a cheap plot point, it made no sense whatsoever. And why bother introduce new characters at the end of the entire series?

      I think this drama could’ve been a lot better given it’s premise, if they had taken out all the unnecessary useless plot points and only kept the drama to 16 episodes-or even 21 I believe it could’ve been good. There were several good episode-streaks that was interesting and made me want to watch on, but it sadly died off.

      Thank you Miss Khan for the recaps! It was an entertaining ride, but not one I would watch again~


      • Miss Khan says:

        Your welcome ^__^

        I agree with both of you. The writing department seriously lacked some writing hahaha. True, the drama wold have been much better with 16 to 21 episodes.
        I’m with you on this one momo, i don’t think I will watch the whole series again.


  5. Sillee says:

    Thanks for doing the recap of this series Ms Khan!! However, I do agree with you, this episode was another disappointment. I hate how they dragged their break up out and then rushed the ending. It would have been great to see them work together, build their family, sweet moments of Mom Baek coming back and seeing Loman be the cool uncle. We did get the happy ending, but it feels so disconnected. Sighs. I also wanted to see a bit more of Loman/JooWan!! Anyhoo, thanks again for taking the time out every week to do the recap for us. I also started to watch It’s Okay, that’s love, will be coming back here to discuss that series with you!! Take care and have a good week!! πŸ™‚


    • Miss Khan says:

      Your welcome ^__^

      and we have another one who hates this episode, not that I’m complying. The drama is getting what it deserves. Stupid last episode I hate you so much, where is my Loman?

      Sure come back anytime, it’s fun to read what other people think.
      Take care you too ^__^


  6. Dina says:

    we all asked for a typical happy ending “wedding, kids” but the writers wanted to go out of the box since she is fond of parallel scene she wanted to resolve CJW through different couple .CJW had to leave ceil .he lost his pride befor employees .his father killed the chairman and took his mother as a hostage .his mother turned to 5years kid , his father commit succide and his last word i love you thank you .who would able to cope with all that but when AMN let him go to heal his wounds he collapsed and regress since he has never been able to make it without AMN and his guilt toward his father stangle him , for god sake he has been feeling guilty for murdering a gangster for years , he never let go of AMN but he was afraid but once she is back to ceil and he could see her again , he got charged again πŸ˜€ .it is AMN fault to leave him go away for that long .but when he say to loman she lives happily by her self , i realized he has been watching her from a distance


  7. PG says:

    Heya…. Thank u for recaping such a huge drama….. How about one small post on Mo Ne’s clothes…. she looked lovely thru out the drama…. ;)….. (Even Chae Kyung’ wasn’t bad….and she got her redemption in the end)…. we can then say our proper greetings to the stylish, lovable drama…..


    • Miss Khan says:

      Your welcome ^__^

      another post on Hotel King *dies*
      i liked Mo Ne’s outfit though sometimes I scratched my head on whatever she was wearing in some episodes.


  8. Ah well…it didnt execute nicely,i think.but my wish was really came t


    • true that they got married and had children.maybe that’s the only thing that i satisfied with this episode.when i think about the mother,she got amnesia because of the karma after all this time she was so mean and full of grudge.but then, how the hell the mother get healed?they should explain it at least in the conversation.probably the writer wanted to show that it healed in time-__- well well well…about mone,how can she doesn’t have any pride?i forgive her by proposing the man first but i cannot take it anymore, she told the man that she would marry him no matter what happen.oh my god?!as a woman,shame on you!hahaha


      • Miss Khan says:

        All’s well that ends in the well……ah I mean,yeah the drama ended well on a happy note. though most of us are not satisfied. well what can we do, the drama has finally ended so thank God.


  9. Lola Paloma says:

    Thank you Miss Khan for your keeping up with the recap .. it’s not a smooth one indeed. How to recap a boring last episode but you did it! Bravo πŸ™‚

    I do understand that need to get away, to refocus, to come to terms with a lot of thing that CJW did not get the chance to do that .. but I guess it’s just to much to do it in the last episode. I was so disappointed with this last episode, I took days to complete watching it. I don’t know why .. but I am sure glad it was a happy one πŸ™‚ I am glad that Mo Ne hold on to her man .. the JS Mo Ne has wise up as a chairman and as a woman.And I am surely will be delighted if I knew how Manager Baek get back to her ol’ self.

    Anyway, thank you again Miss Khan. I saw that you are recapping It’s Okay, That’s Love. So it seems I have reasons to keep stalking.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re Welcome ^__^

      It didn’t look like it was the last episode. I wanted to apply henna on my hands and i was watching this arghhh. and no Loman. Like OHMYGOD you gotta be kidding me.

      Keep calm and keep stalking ^__^


  10. Katty joy 4 says:

    Yo yo yo this movie is my best movie i love ah mo ne she is my best actress biene loman for ending up in prison sorry bro


  11. Katty joy 4 says:

    Thanks for the recap please send the stb title


  12. Ern says:

    Hi Miss Khan ^_^ I’m a silent reader and just finished watching Hotel King for the first time. Yep, pretty late. Just stopping by to say thanks for all the recaps and I love you for that πŸ˜€ Without all these recaps, I don’t know if I’d be able to continue the drama. It made me go bipolar hahaha. The last episode gave me headache as, like most, I’m unsatisfied but the Hotel King made me go all sort of craziness and happiness and although I won’t re-watch it, the casts were amazing and plot was able to keep me watching until the last episode. πŸ˜€ Good luck with your studies and keep on writing. Fighting!


  13. Sasabean says:

    Miss Khan, thank you for all the recaps on HK! I have read every single one of them. I appreciate your wit and insightful comments!!

    I discovered this drama only recently, when it was broadcasted on the cable TV channel where I live. It finished broadcasting last week. Since I caught on in the middle of the series, I am going back and watch from the first episode.

    The story was a bit dark and twisty at times, but I loved the actors (main and supporting cast), the superb acting, the production, OST… the screen chemistry between LDW and LDH are captivating.

    This is one of my all-time favorite K-drama!


  14. Aigoo aigoo says:

    What’s with the ‘I have to be away from you though I want to be with you’ 1 yr break. The self righteous behavior which ends up hurting both of them and puts Γ  strain on their relationship made me want to throw up and loose faith in their relationship. This drama was a waste of my 32 hrs 😒😒😒😒


  15. deevya says:

    kumavo Miss Khan ❀

    franly this is my first time to take up a drama with 32 epiz! (pheww.. finally its completed)
    confessing a bit I fast forwarded last 3 epiz and just relied on ur detailed synopsis so thnx 4 it !!

    Till Loman is considered u can gladly have him coz I Love Jae-wana ❀
    ❀ SaaRanGhe Dong Wook Oppa ❀

    suggo-isseyo unni! :*

    Aja-Aja— Fighting for ur next set of dramazz ❀


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