Hotel King Episode 31 Recap


What is happiness? How do we obtain it? Will it stays with us for a long time or just passes by as a memory?

So here we are almost at the end. A friendly note: not to post spoilers if you have watched the last episode and I haven’t uploaded the recap ^__^

Episode 31

We go a bit back, Jae Wan is thinking back to what Mo Ne said, she wants Joong Goo to be punished. Jae Wan says that’s his wish too. Loman stabs Joong Goo and oh God moment happens. Loman says he had to because Jae Wan couldn’t have done it. Jae Wan asks Loman if he knows what it fell like to live as a murderer and wipes his hand with his jacket and tells him to go. He was never here and never met Joong Goo. Jae Wan checks on Joong Goo and decides to put him in his car. Loman stops him and Jae Wan tells him if he still considers him as his hyung then he should do what he says.


Jae Wan is in the hospital and Joong Goo is alive though doctors say it the wound was 1cm deeper he would have died. Flirty guy calls Jae Wan about the stock transfer of Mi Nyeo to Joong Goo. Jae Wan stands at drama queen’s bedside who is right now sleeping beauty and says he used him to get mothers shares. He never changed. Jae Wan tells his lawyer to stop the transfer.


Jae Wan goes to see Loman. Loman asks if Joong Goo is dead and no, is the answer. Jae Wan wants him to go back. Jae Wan tells him the truth that he was disappointed when Joong Goo survived. He says maybe he wants to kill him more than Loman does but he is scared that he will become like Joong Goo. Jae wan tells Loman not to worry, he wont forgive Joong Goo and will make sure he gets punished and will protect Mo Ne, mother and him.


Mi Nyeo is sleeping. Mo Ne covers her up and a sound brings her outside. Its Jae Wan, he says he missed her. She asks then why didn’t he call. He tells her the shares will soon transfer to her and no one will be able to stand against her. Mo Ne wonders if she is the rightful owner, she doesn’t want to have the place just because her father was a chairman. Jae Wan tells her she said she is learning from being a maid, he tell her to learn for now. They are about to kiss and Mi Nyeo calls Mo Ne. Mo Ne gives a quick peck on Jae Wan’s lips and runs inside.


Chae Kyung’s son is there to rub on his mom. But he doesn’t know that she is his mother. She tells him she is coming back. Mo Ne listens to their conversation. Chae Kyung asks if she looked scared and Mo Ne says, no, because she is a two-faced woman. Chae Kyung says she was afraid, that’s why she came here away from her family. Mo Ne asks then why is she going back. Chae Kyung got courage by looking at Mo Ne and Jae Wan. Mo Ne asks then she is giving up on Jae Wan. Chae Kyung says, who knows maybe he will come back to her and she will accept him. Dream on girl because Mo Ne is not letting that happen. Mo Ne asks if she will see Jae Wan before leaving and Chae Kyung just smiles. Chae Kyung literally sees Jae Wan when their cars pass by each other but Jae Wan didn’t notice her.


Jae Wan is in a hurry because Joong Goo called. Joong Goo says he knows it was his brother who stabbed him. Jae Wan is surprised and Joong Goo says yes he knows its Ju Won. Joong Goo is being considerate and is leaving the hospital because the doctors are talking about his wound and what if something slips from his mouth accidentally. Jae Wan brings him home and the drama queen wants him to tend to him and wants to do until he gains back his health. Jae Wan asks he if trusts him, what if he drugs the food. Joong Goo says he knows he wont, he was guilty all his life for shooting a gangster though he did it to protect himself. Jae Wan leaves and Joong Goo says he is a fool, if he had listened to him he would have Chae Kyung’s group and Ciel too. What does he have now, a girlfriend who is a maid, a crazy mother and a gangster brother (and a drama queen father). He goes is a secret place where he has gold bars and cash stashed. He says Jae Wan would have everything once he comes back to him. Joong Goo leaves his secret room and his minion is standing there. Joong Goo gets scared but didn’t get a heart attack.


Mo Ne, Loman and Mi Nyeo are playing a game of tag. Jae Wan decides to join too and Loman calls Mo Ne sister-in-law. – how cute is that?-


Mo Ne and Jae Wan are taking a stroll. Mo Ne hugs him and says what is his mind, something is worrying him but he doesn’t want her to ask and just wants him to comfort. He tells her to wait as he has some things to attend to then he will give Joong Goo to the police. Jae wan through telepathy tells her, Joong Goo will bring him down but he will not leave her alone and will protect her. He trusts her that she can take care of the hotel without him.


Loman is again leaving. The brothers hug. Mi Nyeo asks why Loman is crying and says can he not stay? Loman hugs her mommy and goes inside. Once Jae Wan and Mi Nyeo leave Loman comes back, he is not going.


Jae Wan’s team congratulates him as he is proven innocent and the audit is over. Something is not right and Jae Wan calls Loman. And he is standing outside the police station. Jae Wan tells him to stop and Loman tells him if is going to confess everything to the police so he just make sure Joong Goo gets punished. Loman says he will be the obedient brother again once he comes back and hangs up. To make matters worse Joong Goo calls and accuse him for taking his shares. This time Jae Wan uses Joong Goos favorite phrase “there’s a misunderstanding”. He tells him to wait he is coming and looks at some documents.


Mi Nyeo is bored and Mo Ne’s maid friend asks, if she can take her. Mi Nyeo wonders off again. Joong Goo reads in the newspaper that his wife has left for England. He calls her and she tells him, they are not coming back and her daughter has changed her name and they have taken a restraining order against him. Joong Goo calls his minion but he doesn’t show up. Joong Goo knows something is wrong, he goes to his secret room and all the money and gold bars are vanished. There is just one letter which says he did everything he told him, so this is his reward. Before Joong Goo can go more crazy and scream, police is searching for him inside his house with Jae Wan.


Joong Goo somehow got pass through the police officers. Jae Wan calls him and tells about the file Dr. Yoon left which has a clear evidence of Joong Goo murdering Seung Won. Joong Goo says he wont be able to catch him. Jae Wan tells him that the police has surrounded the hotel. The hotel which he always dreamt of having now has become a trap for him. Joong Goo again somehow reaches Ciel and inside a meeting room. (is the reception desk sleeping with the guards and where is the police?) he sits in the chairman’s seat and imagines everyone telling him it’s his rightful position. His dream is interrupted by Mi Nyeo who is hiding there. He grabs her and asks if she saw him that night. Flashback- Seung Won fell to his death and Mi Nyeo entered the room, Joong Goo was hiding under the table. Flashback ends.


Mo Ne runs to Jae Wan and asks about Mi Nyeo. Woo Hyun tells them Joong Goo has taken her hostage on the tower. Joong Goo is holding a knife and Mi Nyeo. He wants an escape route. Jae Wan reaches there and tells Joong Goo to let his mother go. Joong Goo says if he has to go to jail or to hell she is going with him and takes her up on to the bridge. He says to Mi Nyeo didn’t she wanted to die with him. Mi Nyeo is scared and Jae Wan runs to them and demands to let go of his mother. Mi Nyeo presses Joong Goo’s wound and runs to Jae Wan. Mo Ne and Woo Hyun arrive too, Jae Wan tells them to go back with Mi Nyeo.


Jae Wan asks why is he doing this. Joong Goo has his own twisted logic. It’s because of Seung won. He took the woman and Ciel he loved. He and his family looked down on him because he was a son of a servant. Jae Wan asks if this is his excuse for committing crimes. Joong Goo says if the world wont kneel in front of him, he will make it kneel. What’s wrong for wanting power and money. Jae Wan says he still has his family. Joong Goo says they left too when he lost everything. Jae Wan asks does he think they left because he lost his money and power and Joong Goo says, yes. He says even Jae Wan would have left if he hadn’t controlled him. -Joong Goo and his twisted logic has no end- he says, nothing is his fault it’s the world and Seung Won’s fault. So why he has to go to jail?


Joong Goo again wants to jump from the bridge, Jae Wan asks him to stop it and tells him he wont grab his hand again. Joong Goo is sure he will. Jae Wan says’ no, because Joong Goo is dead to him. Joong Goo says maybe Jae Wan wont believe him but he loved him. Joong Goo jumps and Jae Wan runs to grab his hand. Joong Goo says thank you and tells him it’s okay. Joong Goo’s hand is slipping from Jae Wan’s. Jae Wans doesn’t want that but Joong Goo falls. He is dead and Jae Wan visits him. Jae Wan says he will never forgive him but in the next live when he will be born as his son he will show him the worlds’ warmth.


Mo Ne stands alone somewhere and says until you come back this place will be empty for you. Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan are going somewhere in a car.

And so a year has passed and Mo Ne is chairwoman again. Jae Wan is not in the hotel anymore. He has written a book “ the hotel that I saw was heaven” under Baek Hyun Woo’s name. Mo Ne is in a meeting. A super star is having her wedding and Mo Ne wants her to have it in her hotel. So they can have the image back that the lost. Woo Hyun comes running, the super star has arrived.


It’s a déjà vu. She is Mo Ne 2.0. Mo Ne calls her J.S a nickname she had once. Flirty guy says superstar will have her wedding here on one condition. 5 years ago in L. A, someone had the marriage planned for another superstar, she wants the same guy to plan her wedding. Mo Ne is perplexed where to find the guy and spy girl says, that person is in Korea, he is Jae Wan.


Mi Nyeo is playing with the cat. They took the cat with them on the trip? Jae Wan says he will play with her and Mi Nyeo spots Mo Ne standing behind Jae Wan. Jae Wan looks at her.



This was Joong Goo and Jae Wan’s episode.

Joong Goo is dead and no matter what kind of person he was (read :drama queen) He was Jae Wan’s father and him saying at the end that he loved him, should I believe him?

Loman didn’t run away he wants to get the punishment of his bad deeds and wants to come back to live with his hyung and mommy without any regrets.

So Mi Nyeo’s amnesia was real and they are dragging it a bit too much and I hope she regains her memory back in the last episode

Loman needs to be back, we already had a one year time jump. Drama I will kill you if Loman comes in the last minutes of the last episode

Chae Kyung and Mo Ne have become friends then that means I have to give up on Loman? No, I don’t want that. Loman is mine and only mine though he doesn’t know that I exist. Love is blind anyways.


6 comments on “Hotel King Episode 31 Recap

  1. EZ says:

    lol..well u can kill the drama..loman did come back..but unfortunately..less screen time..but i can tell you..i almost shrieked when i saw him…i like this second lead who is not in love with the leading actress..and i also liked the other 2nd ne’s friend..because again he wasn’t lost puppy in love..very mature..


    • Miss Khan says:

      The drama killed itself with a Zzzzz last episode. Yes, my Loman came to see me.
      Well Loman was in love with his brother. Do you remember when he said to Jae Wan, “don’t you feel anything when you look at me?” I swear I used to laugh at his dialogues and wanted someone, anyone to change it. and then I fell in love.
      Woo Hyun wasn’t like other second leads, though i wanted to strangle him in the first few episodes. He needs to move on, find someone and get over Mo Ne.


  2. EZ says:

    n yes..i just want to say.. big big big applause to all cast and crew..for this wonderful journey..( and i dont want to wait another 10 years to see this couple again)


  3. Dina says:

    what ‘s wrong with writing dear ?


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