Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 3



The episodes are getting interesting and I can’t wait for more.


Yes, I was wrong when I said Snake delivered the line perfectly fine.

Well, she is right, because that’s how it ended in the last episode says, Wilde.


Ciel and Sebastian successfully infiltrate the circus, all thanks to Sebastian as Smile and Black though at first Ciel is angry at Sebastian for doing everything on his own.


Yay for Soma and Agni to show up.

Beast blushed when her eyes met with Sebastian’s. Who wouldn’t?

We have another person who infiltrated the circus, this time not a demon but a shinigami (death reaper) William or we can go by his circus name Suit.


One thing is for sure, when you have demons and death reapers in one place it means something is not right.


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