It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 2


The second episode continues to be as great as the first one. Jae Yul comes to live with the trio and I did notice this in the first episode but never mentioned but seeing again in episode 2 makes me wonder why is there’s an electronic lock on Jae Yul’s bathroom door?

Jae Yul sets some rules in the house. He will repay whatever treatment he gets. Things turn worse when he blurts that he saw Hae Soo’s boyfriend with another girl. Having a broken heart himself by a lover and a best friend, Jae Yul asks Hae Soo to have a consolation drink. Hye Soo splashes the wine on his face and Jae Yul is true to his words, he splashes a glass of wine on her too. And who is this mysterious guy who keeps appearing before Jae Yul.

Jae Yul’s brother who stabbed him in the first episode tells him that this time when he gets released he will stab him in the neck. He is vengeful because Jae Yul put the blame of murder on him when it was Jae Yul who killed.

This is getting interesting and so I have decided to watch this series until it stops making sense because all the medical talk usually goes over my head.



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