Hotel King Episode 30 Recap



To get out of the situation drama queen put Jae Wan in. He had to take drastic measures and had to tell some truths he wished he never told anyone.

Loman T-T

Episode 30

Mo Ne scolds the care taker for not doing her job properly. Jae Wan comes back with unconscious Mi Nyeo. He asks Mo Ne to call the doctor because Mi Nyeo recognized Joong Goo. Mi Nyeo wakes up and she is still a baby.


Joong Goo is with creepy pervert, they wonder what happened to Mi Nyeo. Creepy pervert wants to abort the plan and Joong goo says no. Jae Wan comes to greet them. He takes Joong Goo’s cane and smashes decoration pieces. Joong Goo and creepy pervert are scared for their lives. Jae Wan tells Joong Goo this is the last time, he is treating him like a human. Jae Wan remembers Mo Ne saying, that she believes Mi Nyeo when she said she didn’t kill her father and wonders if lee Joong Goo is the murderer. Jae Wan calls a mental hospital and asks about a patient Yoon. (Dr. Yoon, Seung Won’s doctor)


Mi Nyeo and Mo Ne are waiting for Jae Wan. Mi Nyeo notices the small wounds on Jae Wan’s hand. Mo Ne asks Mi Nyeo to scold his son and Jae Wan pats her head. Mi Nyeo wants all three of them to sleep together and takes the middle spot. Mo Ne and Jae Wan can’t sleep. Mo Ne asks if the audit was Joong Goo’s doing. Jae Wan tells her not to worry, he will protect Mi Nyeo, her and Ciel. Mo Ne trusts him and they switch to playful mood. They are about to kiss and Mi Nyeo tosses in her sleep.


Loman is back (yay. I missed you so much) he is heart broken to see his mother like this. Mi Nyeo is scared of him and Jae Wan tells her, he is also her son. Loman asks if this is Joong Goo’s doing. Jae Wan doesn’t want to talk about him in front of his mother. Loman says it’s his fault for leaving mother. Jae Wan tells him not to worry he will make sure Joong Goo gets punished.


Loman asks Mi Nyeo if she is scared of him and she shakes her head in no. He gives her a gift, a pair of shoes. Mi Nyeo is happy to have them because Mo Ne has the same pair too. Jae Wan is talking to one of his contacts and spy girl comes running, there’s a problem at Chae Kyung’s place. Reporters are waiting for Chae Kyung, they ask about her summon to the prosecution office. Chae Kyung calmly says, she has nothing to hide. Jae Wan silently watches her.


Jae Wan asks her if this is because she helped his mother. Chae Kyung says she likes him, when he is naΓ―ve and tells him that there is no free lunch in this world. Jae Wan stops her from going to the prosecutors. Chae Kyung tells him to take care of his own business, he still does not know what Joong Goo’s next plan is. He asks what can he do for her and she asks him not to tell Mo Ne because it makes her angry when Mo Ne acts like Jae Wan’s wife and feels sorry for her more than he does.


Funny guy is getting drunk on water because of his unrequited love. Woo Hyun gives him an advice, to confront her and get dumped so he can move on. That’s the only thing Woo Hyun regrets, not confessing his love to Mo Ne.


Joong Goo and creepy pervert want to control Ciel. Joong Goo is dreaming to be the chairman and creepy pervert is dreaming to be the general manager. Creepy pervert asks if Jae Wan has anything over him and Joong Goo says, no. Woo Hyun watches them.


Jae Wan is again interrogated and he calmly tells the prosecutors to support the accusations with the evidence. Prosecutors don’t have evidence but they have a witness who can testify and drama queen enters. Joong Goo ends Jae Wan’s game in one sentence that they will understand his nature once everyone knows how Jae Wan came to Ciel in the first place. He tells Jae Wan intentionally approached the late chairman and even though he knew he had allergies but pretended he didn’t and saved his life. And so he became a life savor of Seung Won and the general manager of Ciel. He brought his people in and got rid of his own father. Jae Wan’s anger keeps rising and he wants to discontinue the session. But that’s not happening as the prosecutors ask if its true, that he approached the late chairman intentionally. Joong Goo jumps to answer that creepy pervert is the witness to it. Joong Goo the drama queen pleads and begs the prosecutors not to turn Jae Wan to the police.


Jae Wan asks Joong Goo, if his past the only thing he has. Joong Goo admits he wasn’t having any ideas and suggests bringing Mi Nyeo in it too. Mo Ne comes looking for Jae Wan and is rude to Joong Goo. She asks Jae Wan why Joong Goo was here. Jae Wan tells Mo Ne that he wants her to become the chairwoman as soon as possible. Mo Ne asks, why the hurry and why does he seem like he is going somewhere. Jae Wan tells Mo Ne through telepathy that he have to tell her something, which he wanted to keep even after his death.


Loman and Mi Nyeo are taking a stroll and bump into Joong Goo. Mi Nyeo hides behind Loman and says she is afraid of him. Loman takes her away and Joong Goo wonders if she went crazy again.


Woo Hyun attends to creepy pervert and is rude to him. Creepy pervert says he will fire him first. Woo Hyun tells him to go ahead if he has the power. He gets a message and creepy pervert says something interesting came. It’s a video of Jae Wan with the prosecutors and its delivered to every employee including Mo Ne. Everyone is talking about the contents. Jae Wans team wonders if they were used, only flirty guy is the one who sides with Jae Wan. Spy girl asks Jae Wan in front of everyone if its true and he admits it.


Jae Wan comes home and Mi Nyeo’s mood is off because Mo Ne didn’t keep her promise to watch cartoons together. Mi Nyeo says, Mo Ne is a bad person for not keeping the promise. Jae Wan says he is the one who is bad for not keeping the promise and lying to her. Jae Wan’s behavior makes Loman call someone. Mi Nyeo watches cartoon and Jae Wan asks her if there is an and to that person, if there isn’t then he is scary. Mi Nyeo asks him to lay his head on her lap if he is scared, Mo Ne said he would like it. He tells his mother not to come back to her senses. The person Loman called was flirty guy, he gave an update on Jae Wan’s situation.


Mo Ne wants to text Jae Wan but can’t make her mind on what to say. Jae Wan calls her. She says she can’t come because she is tired and asks about Mi Nyeo. Jae Wan asks if she has seen the video and if is she angry, she says, yes. He asks what is she doing. She replies that she is thinking, why did he do it, she thought she knew him but what more secrets are there. Jae Wan says, thinking wont answer those questions and she asks if he would. He says, yes. Jae Wan is holding the real and the fake dna tests. Someone calls him to notify what Dr. Yoon has left and it’s a medical history of Seung Won.


Jae Wan has gathered the employees to tell them the truth. Mo Ne is hesitant to go in the hall. She asks Jae Wan not to do it if it’s because of her and he says no. He does not want to hide anything from her anymore. On the other hand Joong Goo is meeting with his director friends who want to throw Jae Wan out. Back to the Jae Wan’s hearing. Spy girl asks first, if its true that he approached the late chairman and hid that fact and lied to all of them. Jae wan admits it. Murmurs and murmurs in the hall. Jae Wan continues he came to Ciel with one motive, to become the owner of the hotel. Another question is asked, if he deliberately gave the allergic food to the late chairman. Jae Wan says he had to do it to come to Ciel. Mo Ne can’t take it and is about to leave but Woo Hyun stops her.


Jae Wan is asked if approaching Mo Ne was a plan too. Jae Wan says he doesn’t know when it started or how it started and what kind of feelings he had. Woo Hyun asks, why Ciel and why Seung Won? Jae Wan shows the fake dna test and tells them that he always thought he was Seung Won’s son. So he did all of this out of revenge. Mo Ne runs out of the hall and spy girl follows her. They bump into creepy guy who rubs it in that Jae Wan loved her even though he knew, she was his sister. He tells her, she wouldn’t have been embarrassed if she had listened to him. Mo Ne and spy girl beat him. Mo Ne tells him didn’t she said not to bother Jae Wan again? He wouldn’t be embarrassed like this if he had listened to her.


Jae Wan is still busy answering. A question is asked why is he disclosing it, is this an excuse to what he did. Jae Wan says he will take responsibility for everything he did. Mo Ne was just a victim so her relationship with him should not affect her becoming the chairwoman. Woo Hyun asks, does he truly love Ciel now and Jae Wan says he does.


Mo Ne remembers the way Jae Wan used to teat her in the past. He never used to liked her. But then he confessed his love for her. Jae Wan on the other hand remembers when they almost kissed but he moved away because he thought she was her sister. Woo Hyun gives an envelope to Mo Ne and tells her that Jae Wan is waiting for her in the garden. Mo Ne looks at the papers that tell that Joong Goo killed Seung Won.


Jae Wan waits and waits and waits for Mo Ne to come. He decides to leave and Mo Ne is there. She asks why was he mean to her when he though she was his sister. He says, she never listened to him. She teases why didn’t he notice that she is more pretty and has a better personality, so how could they be siblings. The mood turns serious and Jae Wan asks if its difficult for her to stay with him and Mo Ne cuts him saying, he loved her and held on to her even though it was hard and painful for him. Jae Wan says, he doesn’t want to admit but Joong Goo is his father. Mo Ne says he wants him to be punished and won’t feel sorry for him. So he shouldn’t have to feel bad about it either. She reminds him the promise that he would never let go of her even after he dies. She asks him if there is anything more to tell or anything he lied about and he says no. They hug.


Mi Nyeo is again playing with the cat actually she is trying to feed jelly to the kitty. Loman tells mommy that he wanted to be the son she wanted him to be but he can’ do it and asks for forgiveness. Mi Nyeo says he looks sad and asks if she has to forgive him. He says just once and she does.


Joong Goo comes home drunk and Loman is waiting for him. Loman intentionally bumps into Joong Goo and stabs him. Jae Wan arrives at the wrong time. Joong goo goes down with the pain. Loman has blood on his hand. Jae wan looks at him with wide eyes.



See I told you guys, Loman would kill Joong Goo if Jae Wan didn’t. But how did Loman stabbed Joong Goo, he was not holding any sharp object? Don’t tell me, Loman is Wolverine?

Why Jae Wan had to show up at that moment? Don’t tell me he Loman will be arrested. Though I’m pretty sure Jae Wan will save his father. The wound isn’t fatal anyways.

Creepy pervert getting beaten up by two ladies muhahahaha my favorite scene

Jae Wan showed such courage and told everyone the whole story and got back to the love of his life.

I don’t know why but I think Mi Nyeo is faking her amnesia.

Next week is the last week.



10 comments on “Hotel King Episode 30 Recap

  1. EZ says:

    a) Amnesia- i agree..even i get a feeling she is faking it specially everytime the looks she gives to lee jung … its like she is using this amnesia time to plan her next move..

    b) i still rofl at mi neyo telling loman that wookie would marry her..over mo ne.. πŸ˜›

    c) LOMAN LEE ROCKS!..period.

    I love him.. all 30 episode nonsense drama put to an end in 2 seconds.. now that’s how u shud be.. make decision and enact on it.. πŸ˜›

    d) withdrawal symptoms would be so bad…can’t believe next week is the last


    • Miss Khan says:

      You can’t just kill someone just because you hate them. What Loman did was wrong. I don’t want him to go to jail or anywhere else T_T

      What if Mi Nyeo really had amnesia?

      Let’s not talk about ending. I don’t want to leave My Loman yet.


  2. Sillee says:

    I have to say the last 2 episodes I didn’t like so much. I feel like they were just trying to fill up empty episodes. And what is up with Jae Wan going from a beat up head with a few scrape marks on his face to flawless skin?? Only in drama land!! We could end all the drama already, why bring back creepy pervert guy?? But we did get a proposal and Loman did act on what all of us were thinking…get rid of crazy Joong Goo…can’t wait to see how they will wrap this up next week. Good job again Ms. Khan!! πŸ™‚


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^

      I did my house chores while I was watching this episode. I stayed just for Loman.
      Not enough story to fill the episodes so creepy guy made his entrance again.
      Jae Wan’s flawless skin is flawless because Jae Wan is flawless hahaha
      Loman why did you do it? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. I’m going to take the fall for him. That’s what you do when you are in love, right?


  3. Jo says:

    Miss Khan, I still prefer when the bad guys like Joong Goo get defeated or killed by their own hand or actions. If a good character like Loman or Jae Wan stab or try to kill him, it’s as if there’s more drama left, and I am really hoping they just stop with more drama and end the last 2 episodes well 😊
    The way the prosecutors interview Jae Wan and the interview is videoed kind of has that fake interview set-up. As if the Korean police division is so crappy they circulate videos of interrogation to the public?!?

    We are behind you,Miss Khan 😊 just another 2 episodes


    • Miss Khan says:

      It’s because our plan failed to kill the drama queen and the drama is about to end so Loman took the matter in his own hands.

      Yes, the whole interrogation was a setup from drama queen.

      The drama has to end on a happy note. Jae Wan Has Mo Ne. My Loman needs happiness too.


  4. monette says:

    I love all that is neatly done except that I cannot imagine a father like that. He has no love for His son…. almost killing him from beating… and even framing him up for killing someone..

    Loman should not have tried killing him it’s too easy punishment for him.. LJK should rot in prison…


    • Miss Khan says:

      Well, Joong Goo can always say “it’s a misunderstanding”

      Yes, Loman shouldn’t have done that. Joong Goo should be in mental hospital because he is a crazy drama queen.


  5. Lola Paloma says:

    I knew it something like this would happened .. poor Loman if only ‘WE’ were there to kill that drama queen πŸ˜‰

    Miss Khan its gonna be over soon .. don’t yoy have other drama to recap? πŸ™‚


    • Miss Khan says:

      It’s my fault Loman, forgive me.

      I want to do “Night Watchmen” but its a saguek. So, I’m not sure if I will be able to do it but I will still try ^__^


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