Hotel King Episode 27 Recap



The sky is gloomy and so is this episode. I’m not crying, I’m just cutting onions. This was one of the saddest episodes. My heartaches for Jae Wan and for Mi Nyeo when she finally learned the truth. Thank you Loman, I’m willing to go to the States with you.

Episode 27

Jae Wan runs after his mother, thinking about all the harsh things he said. Prosecutor wonders why he is coming after them and instead of stopping the car he asks Mi Nyeo and she says not to stop. Not being able to catch and out of breath Jae Wan falls to his knees and screams “mother”. Loman hasn’t moved an inch from his place. Jae Wan comes back and asks Loman if he knew and Loman nods. Jae Wan asks him why and he says the same thing we already knew, that he was afraid he would lose mommy. This time Jae Wan grabs his collar and decides not to punch him. Loman asks how to get mother out of jail but Jae Wan just walks away.


Mo Ne is already waiting for Jae Wan. She apologizes as she was not able to tell him the truth. Jae Wan understands how could she say that the person he is trying so hard to bring down is his mother or the woman who tried to kill him is his mother. Jae Wan looks at the necklace and Mi Yeon’s picture and cries.


Mi Nyeo is mum to all the questions. A lawyer comes and says Loman send him. Mo Ne is again at Jae Wan’s house and Jae Wan the saddest person in the world is sitting on the ground. He says he is scared and doesn’t know what to do. Mo Ne says, Hyun Woo must be hurt and scared and apologizes that she let him suffer.


Mo Ne goes to see Chae Kyung for a favor or Jae Wan would die and tells her that Mi Nyeo is his mother. Chae Kyung decides to help bit only on one condition, Mo Ne has to leave Jae Wan. Mo Ne agrees and asks her to get Mi Nyeo out of the jail. Woo Hyun worried about Mo Ne follows her. He says he heard the conversation but will pretend that he didn’t. – I still do wonder what was your purpose in the story-


Jae Wan gets ready for the day Mo Ne has a post it to remind him to have breakfast. The drama queen Joong Goo is waiting for Jae Wan in front of his house. He tells Jae Wan he did a good job and he should give the usb so Mi Nyeo can get a higher sentence. Jae Wan’s temper keeps rising. He drags Joong Goo and throws him, which results in his fall. Jae Wan tells him not to come to his house again. Joong Goo tells him, he is his father and that’s a fact that wont change.


Jae Wan asks his team about the Mi Nyeo’s imprisonment. Spy girl says its five years unless the case drops. Traitor is leaving and spy girl has informed Jae Wan about it. Traitor says he felt inferior to Jae Wan that’s why he did it. Jae Wan tells him he will do everything in his power to stop him from getting a job in hotel anywhere and then gives him a chance to stay and work again.


Hwang is again bullying Mo Ne and spy girl to the rescue. To get her our of there she lies that Jae Wan is looking for her. Spy girl asks Mo Ne if something happened and tells her Jae Wan was relieved when he knew about the evidence to incriminate Mi Nyeo is less.


Jae Wan goes to meet Mi Nyeo and she thinks its Loman who came to meet her. The moment she lays her eyes on Jae Wan she turns back without saying a single word. Jae Wan sends her food inside and she tramples it and send it back to him. Loman is anxiously waiting for Jae Wan outside the station. He asks if he talked to mother and Jae Wan shakes his head.


Loman tells Jae Wan that after his death the gangster got more violent. Loman became numb to the pain and he used to think, he would meet his hyung in heaven. Then mommy came looking for Hyun Woo and adopted Loman. He used to tell her about him and made up lies too because she would be happy to hear about his son. Loman says mommy loved him very much and sometimes called him Hyun Woo. He knew she was looking for her son in him but he was happy. When he knew that hyung was alive he was happy but scared that mommy would not look at him anymore. Jae Wan apologizes saying he should have looked for him. Loman says he will tell mother the truth and Jae Wan says he will get her out of jail.


Jae Wan comes home and Mo Ne has prepared surprises for him. One of them is eating, kitty is all dressed up. Mo Ne somehow got the exact favorite painting of Jae Wan. And last she has prepared snacks and wine. Mo Ne is drunk, she confesses to Jae Wan that she is happy he is in his life but she was scared he would leave her because he was hurting so much but she can’t live without him anymore. Jae Wan reminds her, his promise of not leaving her. Mo Ne cries saying it hurts her seeing that because of her father and of her and hotel he is fighting with his mother. And sleeps on his hand. Jae Wan carries her back to the bed and of course Chae Kyung has to meet him at this time. She tells him the Mo Ne asked for a favor so she has come to take her prize. Jae Wan tells her it’s not happening. Of course she knows that. Anyways, she tells him that Mi Nyeo will be released tomorrow and she wont be the chairwoman anymore.


Loman thanks Jae Wan and he says Chae Kyung helped as well. -drama you are so not listening to me. Loman is going to be grateful and thankful and then maybe he will fall in love with her. Then what about me?….er….I mean spy girl.- Jae Wan has made a scenario and that his mother died a long time ago and he never met her. He gives tickets to Loman to take mother back to the States. His reason for doing this is that all the hatred Mi Nyeo has for him and Joong Goo would be directed at herself and wont be able to handle it. Loman can’t say anything but sorry though he decides to tell the truth to mommy some time later and Jae Wan forbids him to do it. Loman shows Jae Wan the photo album. Jae Wan keeps looking at the baby pictures of himself with his mother. Loman says mommy never abandoned him.


Mi Nyeo is out of jail and who is this girl who has come to pick Mi Nyeo? -dammit do I have competition now?- she tells Mi Nyeo that Loman is busy. Mi Yeon the one who take care of the house calls Mi Nyeo to tell her that son is here. Not Loman but Jae Wan is at the house. He imagines Mi Yeon taking pictures with the baby. Tears start to well up in Jae Wan’s eyes. Mi Yeon looks at Jae Wan and says “ Hyun Woo you are the best gift given to me by heaven. Mother is happy and can live because of him so he shouldn’t get sick and grow up healthy. I love you, my child” Jae Wan nods and says, yes. Mi Yeon changes to Mi Nyeo and asks why Hyun Woo keeps crying and tells him not to cry. Jae wan says, yes, he wont cry anymore. Jae Wan prepares food for his mother.


Mi Nyeo calls Loman and he says he already left the place but he has prepared a gift for her. Mi Nyeo goes to the old house and finds food prepared for her with a note saying “this is the first time I have cooked for you since I was born. You have to eat even it doesn’t taste good. Love you mother.” She eats as Jae Wan watches her. Tears drip from Mi Nyeo’s eyes. She leaves a message to Loman, “this indeed was the best meal I had. I wont ever forget it. Love you too.”


Mo Ne has come to pick Jae Wan. She asks if he bid his mother farewell and he says yes. She hugs him saying he did good. Mommy and Loman hug too. Loman tells her he is going back to States and she is going with him this turns her mood sour and she says if Jae Wan is behind this. Loman says no and asks mommy to end all of this. Mommy says, no, as she is almost there. Loman knows better that this will never end. Mommy said it will all end when she destroys Ciel, Seung Won and Joong goo but now there is Jae Wan and Mo Ne. Mi Nyeo says he has no idea what has happened to her in Ciel. Loman asks for once, not for revenge or for Hyun Woo, can’t she do it for him? Mommy asks him to wait.


Mi Nyeo walks into Ciel and announces she is still the chairwoman. Jae Wan drags her to her office. Mi Nyeo asks he thought she would be in jail so he is surprised to see her and why didn’t he sue her for the late chaiman’s murder. She accuses him he was never concerned about the death of Seung Won, his love for Mo Ne and him working against Mi Nyeo was all for to get to the chairman’s position. She pushes him saying he thinks she killed Seung Won. She has killed once she can kill twice and strangles Jae Wan. She asks if he loves Mo Ne and if he is going to protect the hotel. Jae Wan begs her to stop. Mi Nyeo feels something and loosens her grip. Loman enters the room and Jae Wan frees himself and is about to leave the room when Mi Nyeo’s voice stops him calling him son. But she is talking to Loman asking him to stop Jae Wan. Jae Wan wants to run out of the room as he can’t control his tears but Loman grabs his arm and tells Mi Nyeo that he is Hyun Woo. Mi Nyeo can’t believe and asks him to repeat it. Loman says the general manager, Cha Jae Wan is Hyun Woo, the son she missed her whole life. Mi Nyeo falls to her knees.



I’m still not done with the onions. Finally, Mi Nyeo knows the truth. The moment I waited for so long was done so beautifully.

Why did Mi Nyeo cried while eating the meal prepared by Jae Wan? Of course she had no idea it was prepared by him. Was she touched by this kind gesture? The food was made with love and warmth and it touched her. And in the end when Jae Wan begs her to stop why did she loosen the grip and why did she tell Loman to stop him? The tears in Jae Wan’s eyes made her change her mind?

Thank God Jae Wan’s plan flopped of noble idiocy.

Thank you Loman so much for speaking up. Let’s run away before you are branded as a mummy’s boy.

Chae Kyung when will you give up? You do know you have no chance with Mo Ne’s boyfriend so don’t try to snatch Loman from me. Why do I have a feeling Loman with end up with Chae Kyung. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Mo Ne thank you for being there for Jae Wan.

So, what else is left? Who killed Seung Won?

When will Joong Goo truly acknowledge Jae Wan as his son? I think never.

What’s next? Come on we have 5 more episodes to go.



10 comments on “Hotel King Episode 27 Recap

  1. agnes says:

    Thanks for you recap..
    Keep writing 🙂


  2. SillyMe says:

    This episode was heartbreaking. I felt sorry for all the characters, Jae Wan cries so good I was in tears with him :(. So glad the secret is out and they can start healing and so glad that JW is not leaving Mo Ne out of guilt. And I love love spy girl she is so sweet always looking out for JW’s woman lol…I want her with Loman…or you!! 🙂 good job again miss Khan!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^

      I was crying too. Amazing acting by everyone.
      Yay for our OTP staying together.
      Thank you, Loman is mine and I’m sure spy girl would understand ^__^


  3. fash says:

    OMG these episode is so heart breaking but i still love it.Thanks for the recap and i ave a favour to ask of you plzzzzzz recap Gloria from 2012 i think.THANKS


    • Miss Khan says:

      Your Welcome ^__^

      I have heard about Gloria but never watched it and I just checked it has 50 episodes *gulps*. I was having a hard time doing Hotel King. I’m sure someone has either recapped or reviewed it. Sorry


  4. dimple08 says:

    thank you for sharing 😉


  5. Sharon says:

    I love your reviews. You’re so detailed yet hilarious. Thank you so much for your efforts and commitment!!!


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