It’s Garangao night today.


What is Granagao?

Garangao is celebrated in the mid of Ramadan. After the Iftar (breaking of fast) of 14th day of Ramadan children dress up and knock door to door singing a traditional Garangao song and get Garangao. Garangao is a mixture of nuts and candies.

I went once too when I was young and it was fun. Times have changed, back then old ladies used to scoop Garangao with their hands or a platter and gave them to kids. These days Garangao comes in small packs.

I want Garangao too.

Garangao song



5 comments on “Garangao

  1. mikaelaciel says:

    Nuts + Candies sounds nice. Traditions should be kept alive 🙂 Although times have changed we can do something like. this to remind us of the old ways. 🙂


  2. Jaweriya says:

    Which countries do you celebrate this festival?


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