Hotel King Episode 26 Recap



So everyone was already talking about episode 26 even before episode 25 was aired. But no one told me that THIS BIG secret is revealed. Aww I love bromance.

Episode 26

Mo Ne asks Jae Wan to run away together. He asks her what happened and she uses telepathy to tell Jae Wan that his mother is alive but he didn’t intercept. She hugs him. To calm herself Mo Ne is standing at the shore and looking at the sea. Jae Wan appears with an umbrella. He asks her what was that all about. She says she was scared and wonders if fighting with Mi Nyeo is the right thing to do. She again uses telepathy telling him, his mother was the one who tried to kill him and his system is still down. He says didn’t he tell her about the hard and rough times he has been through with Ju Won, these things are nothing compared to it. And now he has her and they believe in each other.


Woo Hyun asks Loman if he knows that someone tried to kill Jae Wan. Woo Hyun’s tone tells that he is sure who is behind this and Loman asks about it. Woo Hyun says its Mi Nyeo and asks him to find about it. Loman goes to mommy and asks about it and says mommy always told him not to harm others. Mommy says she just wanted to scare Jae Wan. Loman says what if he doesn’t back off. Loman hesitantly asks would she kill him. Mommy is upset she thought Loman would understand her.


Jae Wan and Mo Ne take a stroll. She forbids him to take any calls just for today as she wants to spend time with her lover. And then they talk about his mom. Jae Wan says he is happy he met her. Mo Ne pretends to be jealous and he piggy backs her.


Jae Wan and Mo Ne are on a balcony in a back hug position. Mo Ne reminds him that the first time they came here was when he came to know who is father was and supposes what if it happens again. Jae Wan says fortunately he only has a father. She says the love one gets in life is the same. If you aren’t love by many people, you will be loved by one person and if you weren’t loved as a child that gap fills in adulthood. She faces him and says she will be his mother, sister and lover and will love him forever. He promises he wouldn’t let her go until he dies. She asks him not to let her go even if he dies. They kiss, kiss goes on to the next level into the bedroom. He removes his shirt and she touches his scars. He says he loves her and she tells him to keep the promise. They kiss again.


And on to the bed. Jae Wan is asleep half naked. Mo Ne looks at him and says she hates it when he gets hurt, and wonders how can she protect him. Jae Wan opens his eyes and she lays in his arms. Back to reality, Jae Wan drives Mo Ne back to her place. He tells her he will give her back the hotel and he will report Mi Nyeo to the police. Mo Ne doesn’t want that and worries about his safety. He tells her not to worry.


Mo Ne goes to meet Mi Nyeo just to ask one thing. She didn’t kill her father and Mi Nyeo asks what if she did. Loman enters the room. Mo Ne says if she did kill her father he wouldn’t be able to take it. Worried, Loman takes her out of the room. Mo Ne says she wants to ask her and Loman says she didn’t kill him. Mo Ne says he is saying because she is his mother. She asks him if he still blames Jae Wan. Mo Ne says, Jae Wan never abandoned him he wan was hurting that he wasn’t able to take Ju Won with him. She asks him to forgive Jae Wan. Mo Ne asks Loman to leave with his mother. She doesn’t want Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan to fight but isn’t able to do anything. Loman asks why is she so desperate and answers it himself that it’s because Mi Nyeo is Jae Wan’s mother.


Mi Nyeo meets with the Harvard Oxford guy again and plan to make Ciel go bankrupt.


Loman is waiting for Jae Wan because Mo Ne told him to persuade Jae Wan not to report Mi Nyeo to the police. Jae Wan is happy that he came and they play catch ball. Jae Wan’s throws her slow and soft and Loman returns it with strength and speed. They drink and Loman asks his hyung not to report mommy for his sake and he will help him from dismissing her from the chairman’s seat. Loman says he will persuade mommy because he is important to her. Mommy loves him and switches on the telepathy mode, she never loved him but Jae Wan. He is getting the love that is for his hyung. If hyung comes back to mommy then Loman would be pitiful.


Mo Ne is at the balcony and Jae Wan comes he tells her that he played and drank with Ju Wan and he called him hyung. She is happy and he asks if she does not hate him? He is Mi Nyeo’s son. Mo Ne says he is Jae Wan’s brother. Jae Wan tells her that he will not give Miย Nyeo to the police. Mo Ne is happy and this confuses Jae Wan as he thought she would be disappointment. Mo Ne covers it up saying if Mi Nyeo is prosecuted then Loman would be dragged too and this would hurt Jae Wan and he will be unhappy. Jae Wan tries to hug her and she stops him saying what if anyone saw them. Jae Wan reminds her she was the one who announced their love and hugs him. Yup they are seen and the rest of the staff is alerted about the lovey dovey couple. Poor Woo Hyun alone plays the basketball but this too reminds him of the time when he played with Mo Ne.


Jae Wan is ready to plant some beautiful flowers near his mother’s grave when a guy tells him that this belongs to an old man and he himself burried him. Before Jae Wan can go and break Joong Goo’s other leg, Ju Won calls him. Jae Wan and Loman tell the directors to betray Mi Nyeo. The brothers go on a drive. Ju Won shows Jae Wan a picture of the house which is the first thing he bought because when they were kids they used to look at it and thought only king can live there. Loman says he wanted to bury his body once he found it and if he was alive he wanted to show it to him. He believed Jae Wan would come back alive if he lived in the house. Loman talks about all the beatings he took from the boss and Jae Wan suddenly stops the car. He asks about the boss and Loman says hyung shot him in the leg. Jae Wan can’t believe it that the gangster never died and Joong Goo lied to him all along.


Jae Wan takes out the gun and remembers the lies Joong Goo told him. Joong Goo is trying to talk to his family but they have enough of him. Jae Wan comes to Joong Goo and Joong Goo tells him to talk to his daughter about him since they were close. Jae Wan calls him father and says after visiting mothers grave he realized he never addressed him properly and asks him to show the way to her grave again as he doesn’t know.


Mommy has a spy planted either on Loman or Jae Wan because she has pictures of them. She causally asks if Jae Wan is bothering him again and he says no.

Loman asks for Chae Kyung’s help to dismiss mommy. She says no, she wont help but wonder why is he helping Mo Ne and Jae Wan. Loman tells him who he is and the rest Chae Kyung knows because she heard from Jae Wan but still doesn’t budge from her decision. – Loman is not for you, let me remind you again. If no one is willing to take him, I’m right here.-


Joong Goo takes him to the strangers grave again and tells him to put a tombstone. Jae Wan asks what should he write for the name, gender and year of death. Jae Wan pulls out the gun and Joong Goo says it’s a misunderstanding and begs to forgive him. Jae Wan says a father who wrongly accused his son of murder. A father who shed tears on a strangers grave in front of his son, he can’t forgive him. Joong goo falls through a steep. Jae Wan puts a gun to his head and pulls the trigger but nothing happens. He says he killed Joong Goo today and throws the gun and walks away even though Joong Goo keeps calling him to come back.


Mo Ne rushes to Jae Wan’s place as he has called her. Jae Wan pops out of nowhere and kisses her. And they spend the rest of the time together watching cartoon and playing with each other.


Jae Wan is leaving for work and traitor is there he hands the documents about Mi Nyeo bankrupting the hotel. Jae Wan goes to meet Mo Ne but this Hwang had to interfere. Jae Wan lost about Loman telling him that he will be by his mother’s side no matter what and that he loves his mother. Mo Ne comes from behind and holds his hand. She asks if he is worried about the dismissal meeting.


Jae Wan calls Loman and apologizes. Loman thinks it’s because he is removing his mommy from the chairwoman’s position. Jae Wan just apologizes and hangs up.

Prosecutors come to take Mi Nyeo. Jae Wan decides to say final goodbyes. Mi Nyeo says she knew it was him. Jae Wan wonders how is she capable to love a child. Mi Nyeo loses her temper and raises her hand to slap Jae Wan but he stops her. She curses him that from today he will lose everything precious to him. Woo Hyun tells Mo Ne about Mi Nyeo and she says this wasn’t suppose to happen and runs. Jae Wan is standing in Mi Nyeos room where he finds the picture. He runs into Mo Ne and she asks him, why did he do it? Jae Wan says he has to go and ask before its too late. Thats when Mo Ne notices the picture he is holding. She tells him, she is his birth mother who named him Woo Hyun. Jae wan dashes out. Loman is a bit too late. Mommy tells him not to worry. Jae Wan is late too but he doesn’t give up and runs after the car. Mi Nyeo looks behind and he holds out his hand and runs and runs.




Someone please stop the damn car. Jae Wan finally knew the truth but it’s too late. He himself put his mother behind the bars. That’s why I kept saying to tell him the damn truth before anything worse happens.

Would Loman be angry at his hyung again? Jae Wan didn’t keep his promise but its Lomans fault too for being greedy that mommy wouldn’t love him anymore once Jae Wan comes into the picture.

Mi Nyeo’s ominous words that Jae Wan would lose everything precious to him, came true. He lost his mother.

Joong Goo lying drama queen psycho son of a bitch. He told nothing but lies and still dared to ask for Jae Wans help.

What will Jae Wan and Mo Ne do? What will happen to their relationship. No wonder they gave us sweet moments and then pulled the rug beneath us.

Only Mi Nyeo is left who hasn’t learned the truth. When will her turn come?

And who killed Seung Won?

What is the next twist in the story? Almost everything is solved.

Oh yes, I forgot. Why did Jae Wan threw the gun ? What if Joong Goo picks it and uses it against him?



19 comments on “Hotel King Episode 26 Recap

  1. Madelyn says:

    Woah, I look forward to your recap than the actual episode >< (determined to only watch it once it completed). Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Scorose Lover says:

    Hi, thanks for the recap… I’m happy that Jae Wan finally knows the truth. I’m disappointed, Jae Wan just leaves instead of breaking Joong Gooโ€™s other leg, and I wander why Joong Goo is such so cruel to his own son… Yeah, we are in drama land…


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      Jae Wan knows the truth but he is in pain T T
      Jae Wan should have taken Joong Goo to the ditch that Loman dig and should have buried him there. Joong Goo doesn’t acknowledge Jaw Wan as his son because he is taking revenge on Mi Nyeo and before the truth he was cruel because he thought Jae Wan was just an orphan, he can use for his plan.


  3. Namaste miss khan !!

    Well this drama has made me unable to predict after this episode ! Main thing is how the hell did mo ne s father died ! Could he really have killed himself out of guilt of betraying the bitch mommy ? And with the effect of his meds ,, ??? Ahhhhhh 8 eps 1 mounth to gooooooo
    thanks miss khan u r great !


    • Miss Khan says:

      Not Namaste but Salam ^__^

      If Mo Ne’s father did really kill himself out of guilt then why didn’t he come clean. Why die when he could have lived after telling the truth? He couldn’t have died because of the meds because he stopped taking and hid them.
      6 episodes to go not 8.


  4. Sabreena says:

    Thanks sooo much; great recap.
    Sooo much has been solved, but yet a lot to be determined.

    I thought exactly the same – why did he just leave the gun lying & my heart was beating in case Joong Goo picked it up – thank God he didn’t (otherwise I wudve strangled him with my own hands ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    “Thatโ€™s why I kept saying to tell him the damn truth before anything worse happens.” – Omg this is why I love ur recaps… They literally have me hanging in laughter.

    What will I do after this ends ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I suppose I will watch Mo Ne’s characters previous dramas & Jae Won’s actors too.

    Just want to finish on the note: I HATE JOONG GOO!!!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re Welcome ^__^

      Maybe Joong Goo really picked the gun. Just because it was not in his hand doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it on him. I think you need to be on stand by.

      You can watch My Girl if you haven’t. You will find both of them in it.



      • Sabreena says:

        Aah fair enough
        Thanks for the recommendation. My girl was in my to-watch list I think but I will watch it first – when ppl give me recommendations I watch em first ๐Ÿ™‚
        Agreed… I kinda feel sorry for Loman & hope he gets his happy hand with romance n all tho I’m not sure where the limit would be


        • momo says:

          I fell in love with Lee Dong Wook from My Girl! I watched it a longgg time ago and re-watched it recently and happily found out that Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae are the main leads 8 years later on a new drama and have been watching Hotel King ever since (:


          • Sabreena says:

            Will definitely watch it soon.
            Also started watchinhg Roommates yesterday – the variety show – & he is in it & it got me excited lol.


  5. SillyMe says:

    I did go back and watch My Girl just so I could see these 2 actors together again. They are just so beautiful together. Yes and I love Loman too, all he really wants is to be loved by his mommy and also by his hyung. Now I really want Spy girl to be with Loman because they are both unattached and both need love. I no longer want Spy girl to be with Woo Hyun because he’s so hung up on Mo Ne and our spy girl deserves to be loved completely!! :). Great recap as always. Have a good week!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^

      Most of us watching Hotel King are My Girl fans. Loman needs love and so I will take him. I need a friend anyways and kidnapping spy girl with Loman isn’t a bad idea either. Yay I will have two friends. Woo Hyun needs a pet so he won’t be alone and Chae Kyung needs to leave everyone alone.


  6. momo says:

    i thought of Jaewan leaving the gun as an act of finally cutting ties with his “father”
    & also he did shoot the gun to scare his father but there weren’t any bullets


    • Miss Khan says:

      Why leave the gun with your fingerprints on it? This is drama land don’t you know Jae Wan and your father is Joong Goo. This is what I was screaming.

      I knew Jae Wan wouldn’t shoot but then he pulled the trigger.


  7. dlkdrama says:

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