Hotel King Episode 25 Recap



This guy right here sometimes stops using his brain and believes whatever story is being told. I mean why is he still believing whatever Joong Goo says? And finally everyone knows who the betrayer is and sometimes I don’t know what to do with Loman.

Episode 25

Jae Wan and Loman confront each other. Loman is about to punch Jae Wan when Jae Wan calls him Ju Won and we are in a world of feels. Loman is angry because Jae Wan left him and his past and is living a happy life. Jae Wan apologizes for not recognizing his brother. Loman says he is happy that Jae Wan is alive but that’s it because the Jayden he knew dies when he was 11 years old. Jae Wan goes to his room and looks at the gun. He remembers wanting to bring Ju Won with him and Joong Go telling him that murderer Jayden is dead.


Joong Goo talks to Seung Won’s picture that is usually on his table. He tells her Mi Yeon is back she didn’t die. Joong Goos’ stuff is being taken away as per Mi Nyeo’s order. He can’t stay there anymore. Unfortunately Loman is taking a stroll on that side. Joong Goo threats that he will tell Mi Nyeo who Jae Wan’s mother is and Loman tells the workers to put the things back.


Mo Ne not wondering why Jae Wan is late is watering the plants. Jae Wan comes with the most pitiful expression. He tells her he will give back the shares to her but Mo Ne has decided to live that life. Mo Ne goes on how she wanted to see Loman’s expression and all. Jae Wan says it’s because of his mother but he was a good brother to him, and tells her that he is Ju Won.


Mommy tells Loman it’s not his fault that he fell into Seung Won’s trap. Loman tells mommy can she stop so they can go back and live together. Mommy says Seung Won and Joong Goo have destroyed her life and their children are doing the same. Loman still wants to end everything. Mommy asks if that’s why he let Joong Goo stay. She asks him to go back if what mommy is doing makes him uncomfortable.


Jae Wan told his past life to Mo Ne. She tells Jae Wan not to say the enemy he is fighting Loman is his brother but Loman the brother he missed is back. They are going back to the hotel when they bump into Chae Kyung. She congratulates them but Jae Wan takes Mo Ne’s hands and walks away. -Chae Kyung needs a box of tissue.-


And again Chae Kyung and Loman bump into each other. – I’m telling you drama, I don’t like this pairing. So stop putting them together. Chae Kyung is just not letting go of her one sided love. How many times Jae Wan has told her but this girl is pathetically stupid.- And they both, Loman and Chae Kyung talk about their how to bother Jae Wan plan. Loman asks about Jae Wan and Chae Kyung is surprised. – I swear by the end of drama everyone will be questioning about Loman’s sexual preferences Chae Kyung tells him that happiness was unknown to Jae Wan until Mo Ne walked in his life. Chae Kyung makes one thing clear, only she has the right to hurt Jae Wan and if anyone ever does she will kill that person. -she needs help-


Flirty guy can I change his name to traitor? So traitor gives Mi Nyeo the layoff list and tells her not to include Jae Wan’s team in it. He asks her to keep the promise that he would be the general manager of the hotel in New York. Layoff list has been posted and panic arises in the staff. Jae Wan says he will talk to Mi Nyeo and Mo Ne goes with him. They try to talk her out of it but she has made her decision to destroy Ciel.


Spy girl gets the call from the New York hotel that traitor is not joining them anymore. This is news to her but she pretends she knew. Traitor is betrayed by Mi Nyeo and he threats her that he will open his mouth but Mi Nyeo doesn’t care. But spy girl does, she by the way is standing behind him. She asks him how long has he been a traitor and he doesn’t reply. She asks how could he betray them when Jae Wan has done so much. Traitor thinks otherwise, Jae Wan only thinks about himself and Mo Ne. He tells her when she was sexually harassed and criticized and her fiancé left her but Jae Wan did nothing and was later assigned to a general manger’s position. Spy girl says Mo Ne is Ciel and he is trying to protect it and yes, its true she was harassed and criticized but she tried to commit suicide and Jae Wan stopped her. He saved her life, so she is thankful and does not resent him. She says it’s her obligation to tell Jae Wan about him but traitor says he will do it.


Mo Ne tells the staff that Jae Wan decided to file a law suit against Mi Nyeo. They ask if anything would change and accuse Mo Ne for not doing her job properly. Mo Ne bows and apologizes.


It’s not only Jae Wan but his whole team knows. They get angry at him. Jae Wan just asks him the reason. Traitor says he wanted to be successful. Jae Wan’s team tells him to handover traitor and Mi Nyeo to the police. Jae Wan says it wouldn’t matter as Mi Nyeo had already made a story in which traitor is solely to blame. Jae Wan leaves the room and Mo Ne is standing outside. She heard everything. Traitor tries to talk to Jae Wan but gets punched instead. Mo Ne tells them that Jae Wan is not angry but hurt as he trusted traitor. Mo Ne comforts Jae Wan and hugs him. She knows he wants to be alone and tells him not to feel guilty.


Traitor tells Loman if Mi Nyeo reports him to the police he will not be the only one going down.

Another showdown between brothers. Jae Wan asks if he knew and well duh yes. Jae Wan wants to talk to Mi Nyeo but Loman wont let him. Jae Wan tells him to stop his mother and Loman still says, no matter what his mother do, he is with her. Jae Wan doesn’t want him to get hurt in the process of destroying Mi Nyeo but Loman says he will fight him. And so they decide to be enemies. Loman doesn’t want his mommy to get caught so he tells Jae Wan he will reinstate the employees.


The reporter guy gives Joong Goo the fabricated usb in which Mi Nyeo is shown in action. Mi Nyeo goes home and Joong Goo is waiting for him he calls her, Mi Yeon ah. He came because he had to show something to her. It is the clear version of the video of when she supposedly killed Seung Won. Mi Nyeo isn’t scared and Joong Goo says that her son thought it was real and praises Jae Wan for coming up with this idea. Loman is waiting for mommy to apologize for reinstating the employees but mommy has important issues at hand like, why didn’t he believe when she said it was not her who killed Seung Won. Loman doubting her had hurt her more than not obeying her orders.


Other Ciel’s old man comes to meet Mo Ne. On getting the chance Mo Ne takes out the old picture and asks him about the lady. Old man clearly doesn’t want to answer the question. He says its Mi Yeon her fathers secretary. Jae Wan is again drinking coffee. Mo Ne texts him about it. He wonders how come she knew and sees her standing at the back door holding a bag of beers. She shows him the picture and tells him that the lady is his mother. She tells him to talk to her and shows him how to. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.


Woo Hyun and Mo Ne meet and as usual they are friendly. Jae Wan instead of going home after jogging is at the hotels parking taking to Mo Ne and Woo Hyun. Woo Hyun decides to leave them together but before anything could happen, he notices a car coming at Jae Wan. He jumps to save him and phew both are safe. Woo Hyun notes the car’s number and model and tells Jae Wan to tell the police and he tells him not to. Mi Nyeo arrives to see what interesting things are going on. Mo Ne asks her if she was the one behind this but Mi Nyeo tells her to mind it. Jae Wan sends both of them away. He asks Mi Nyeo if she really wanted to kill him. She says if you are lucky you will be saved. Jae Wan asks how could a mother do this. Mi Nyeo cuts him, she did this because she is a mother. How dare he come between Loman and her? Jae Wan asks what is it she wants? Why does she want to destroy Ciel? Mi Nyeo tells him to ask Joong Goo.


Without delay Jae Wan goes to meet Joong Goo and asks him about his connection with Mi Nyeo. He feigns ignorance. Jae Wan tells him if saw Mi Yeon’s picture. Joong Goo smells trouble and tells Jae Wan to visit his mother’s grave. The drama queen takes Jae Wan to a random grave and leaves him there to talk. Poor Jae Wan talks to his mother with eyes filled with tears thanking her and apologizing.


Mo Ne is cleaning Mi Nyeo’s room and remembers spy girl saying they need Mi Nyeo’s seal to get the diaries. She starts to check her drawers but everyone of them is locked except one. She finds a diary there and a picture falls from it. It’s a picture of young Mi Yeon holding Hyun Woo. On the picture is written Hyun Woo is a gift from heaven. Mo Ne can’t believe what she is looking at. Mi Nyeo enters the room and snatches the photo from her and won’t answer how much Mo Ne asks if she is the one in this picture.


Mo Ne calls Jae Wan and tells him to come to old Ciel she has something to tell him. Mo Ne reaches old Ciel first and asks the old guy about Mi Yeon. He is still fidgety and Mo Ne begs him to tell her. He tells her Mo Ne’s father betrayed Mi Yeon even though he knew the truth and sided with Joong Goo to protect Ciel.

Mo Ne waits for Jae Wan, who comes with a satisfied smile. He tells her he went to his mother’s grave and wants her to go with him next time. Mo Ne tells Jae Wan if they should just runaway together and a tear falls from her eyes.



At least someone knows the whole story. I want Mo Ne to tell Jae Wan the truth NOW. Don’t wait please and I don’t care how many episodes are left.

Why is Jae Wan believing Joong Goo’s sob story about his mother. He knows Joong Goo has lain to him time and again. Use that smarty brain of yours Jae Wan.

Is traitor still going to work for Ciel shamelessly?

Loman……Jae wan didn’t have a peaceful life. Don’t you know what kind of person Joong Goo is? He raised Jae Wan by telling lies and manipulating him.

Mi Nyeo really wanted to kill Jae Wan? Lady you are going to kill your own son with your own hands. Loman what the hell, tell her everything before she learns it from somewhere else, most probably from Joong Goo.

I knew Mo Ne’s father wasn’t a saint but why did he betrayed her. Couldn’t he save Ciel and Mi Yeon at the same time?



9 comments on “Hotel King Episode 25 Recap

  1. Gardina D.A says:

    Thanks for your fast recap 🙂


  2. Rhysha says:

    hi are you done iwth Ep 26.. im soo excited!!!


  3. Lola Paloma says:

    That guy there has been lied to by the ‘Drama Queen’ again and again and he still believes him .. gosh!! Mo Ne now knows partial truth and I hope she tell him soon .. not easy

    I don’t understand why is it so difficult for the ‘small Ciel’ ahjussi to tell Mo Ne about the history of Mi Nyeon and the two guys. It might not be good but her father had passed .. I think there’s nothing wrong to tell Mo Ne about the woman in the picture. I’m sure she understand her father’s action then.

    I saw nice preview for 26 hmm can’t wait to watch .. 4 more to go eh?


    • Miss Khan says:

      Drama queen needs to get what he deserves soon.
      Mo Ne opened her mouth a bit too late.

      nah the drama was just creating some drama with small Ciel old guy not telling the truth.

      watch and comeback.
      6 more episode to go dear. There are 32 episodes in total or did they cut two episodes?


  4. It’s totally what the audiences hope for:they live happily in small ciel with the jaewan junior and mone junior.please the ending has to be like this….


  5. dlkdrama says:

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