In the coming weeks, months or so if I don’t post anything then assume that I’m dead or my internet is dead.

Seriously my internet is so slow that even in the race of tortoise and hare my internet came last.

Musebat! Azaab! Syaapa!!!, syapaa!!!, syapaa!!!. Kasam khuda ki uss internet waley ki band baja doon.

nothing just letting my steam out in my native language ^__^



14 comments on “Problem!!!!

  1. Your indiaaan or from ! Omg my native is a arabic and its so near yours plus I can understand few world like khuda and kasam ! Hahah I love u more now ! Plsss dont let go of ussssss


  2. Silly me ur mrs KHAN ! Hahah I love bollywood and khans the best !


    • Miss Khan says:

      MISS Khan, I’m still a Miss
      Speaking of bollywood, its been a long time since I watched a movie. Somehow my interest just decreased then again its not like I invested much time watching it anyways. You sound like you watch a whole lot of them.


  3. Lynne says:

    ohhh no Miss Khannnnnn i’m positive that your internet connection will be ok soon šŸ™‚


  4. Lola Paloma says:

    Yup I am very optimistic about your internet line getting better .. And I think I can understand “musebat” šŸ˜€


  5. demi says:

    pls don’t give up on us come back soon


  6. Ashmi says:

    Hi Miss Khan,I’m always a silent reader of your works,especially i came through this while searching for Hotel King…loved your way of writing,By the way I too reside in Qatar.
    Ramadan Kareem..!!


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