Hotel King Episode 22 Recap



10 more episodes to go. I will take all the hate and bashing and still say, that drama please don’t extend. At one point I prayed quietly for the episodes to cut but for a couple of episodes I like the momentum the drama is keeping. So now I want to complete its run of 32 episodes.

Do you guys remember the mistake I made in my earlier recaps when I used to write Woo Hyun’s name Hyun Woo? You guys are going to hear that name soon.

Episode 22

Jae Wan and Mo Ne hiding in the closet are not well hidden because Loman knows they are in there. He tells nephew -goodness someone tell me his name- to drink someplace else. Nephew decides to change his clothes but Loman grabs his arm and says lets just go. -I don’t why but I laughed so hard at the grabbing part.- Nephew asks Loman what if Joong Goo recognized him as they have met 3 years ago. Loman says it doesn’t matter because no one will be able to do anything.
Nephew leaves first and Loman keeps staring at the closet. Okay they know that you know and you know that they know. No?

I don’t know who came but Jae Wan takes Mo Ne in the next room. Mo Ne can’t believe what she heard that Mi Nyeo is going to sell the hotel. She thought that she will get to the truth eventually. Jae Wan says he will help her not because he wants her but for the sake of late chairman. Mo Ne says it’s her battle and he needs to back off but she needs his help. Head chef tells Jae Wan there was nothing wrong with the food but only salad was poisoned.

Jae Wan has given Mo Ne some homework to do. She is to look for anything related to her father and Mi Nyeo. Mo Ne flips through her photo album and finds a picture hidden behind another. It is the same old picture of Seung Won, Mi Yeon, Joong Goo and staff. There is something written but Mo Ne can’t decipher it.

Loman is enjoying coffee with his mommy. Mommy asks Loman if he visited Joong Goo. Loman lies and says, no. Mommy says to be careful from him. Jae Wan has come to ask Mi Nyeo to go to the hospital. Mi Nyeo is being grumpy and refuses. Loman tells Jae Wan this incident has nothing to do with mommy. And Jae Wan makes a “yeah right” face. Jae Wan asks why he didn’t he said anything when he saw him hiding. Loman feigns ignorance. Jae Wan tells him to remember that his mother is the most suspected person in the late chairman’s death who trusted her the most. Jae Wan leaves and Loman says, “this is why I never reveals the truth hyung, this is not my fault.”

Loman calls flirty guy and asks if he was behind the food poisoning. Flirty guy says but he was not to know any of this. -Oh poor guy mommy betrayed you.-


Jae Wan comes home and spy girl and Mo Ne are sitting with the Ciel files. Spy girl hands the file on nephew and his name is John Howard -Harvard, Oxford-Jae Wan decides to change and forgets to relive the gel from his hair. -I like gel fee Jae Wan-. Mo Ne shows him the old picture and they wonder who is the girl.


Joong Goo talks with Mi Nyeo. She is not happy how he handled Jae Wan. -So behind Joong Goo was her who was pulling the strings.- She asks him to either send Jae Wan to jail or abroad just get rid of him. He asks her to fulfill the promise once he gets rid of him. Joong Goo wants the position of vice chairman back. She tells to, take care of Jae Wan first. Joong Goo can’t do that. He wants his pet back. He opens his safe takes out a file and says Jae Wan has to stay in jail for sometime so he can get Mi Nyeo.


Spy girl and Mo Ne are working while Jae Wan sleeps on the sofa. Spy girl excuses herself and Mo Ne puts a blanket on him. By the time spy girl comes back Mo Ne and Jae Wan both are sleeping. Spy girl puts the blanket on both of them.

Jae Wan enjoys his morning coffee when Chae Kyung decides to share some info she got from her contacts. Loman is not Mi Nyeo’s biological son. When Mi Nyeo married her husband she was infertile and after her husband’s death she got all the inheritance. -Oi Chae Kyung has some big people helping her. Even Jae Wan doesn’t have such info.- Mo Ne dressed as maid passes by. And Chae Kyung’s bitch switch turns on. -Guys didn’t the maids clean Jae Wan’s room early in the morning when he is out for jogging? Then why are they so late?-

Mo Ne goes to the security team for a favor. Woo Hyun catches Mo Ne as she is leaving work early. She says she is going to the hospital. Woo Hyun says it wont change anything but Mo Ne has decided to go and Woo Hyun tags along.

Joong Goo is doing a background check on Loman and Mi Nyeo. His minion tells him about his nephew. Joong Goo recognizes him immediately as John Howard. – Harvard, Oxford-


Mi Nyeo is updated that Jae Wan has gone to the hospital to deal with the media and Mo Ne is there as well. Mi Nyeo decides to take a trip too. Loman decides to take his mommy but Joong Goo calls him. Loman says he will make Joong Goo the vice chairman but he needs to wait. Joong Goo don’ want to and asks him to meet.-Oh and Joong Goo keeps calling Loman “partner” and why do I feel like blocking my ears? Loman lies to mommy and I don’t know if mommy bought it or not anyways the driver takes Mi Nyeo and someone follows. Its Jae Wan, but I thought Mi Nyeo’s secretary said they he left earlier.


Bloggers are useless guys who won’t settle this. Mo Ne says she has a present for him. She shows the blogger guy the security video of her being harassed. Jae Wan is talking to the press. Mi Nyeo arrives and says they will shut down the hotel but the blogger stops her and says it was his fault. They ate something and it was not from the hotel. Muhahahahahahahha in your face bitch.
Loman meets with Joong Goo. Joong Goo has two envelopes on the table. One is of Mi Nyeo and the other is of Jae Wan. Joong Goo says he is doing this because his mother asked and plays the audio where she asks Joong Goo to either send Jae Wan to jail or abroad. Joong Goo tells Loman to choose of course he will choose his mothers but Lomam makes a deal he will give his high priced lands and will get both the envelopes or no deal. Joong Goo wants to see the land. Joong Goo is with his two goons so he can turn the tables but he is forgetting who he is dealing with. Loman shows him what he has prepared, a grave. Loman pushes Joong Goo in it and takes care of his minions too. Joong Goo asks for help and says why is he doing this to a weak old man. Loman says he is not weak, he beats his guy and puts the blame on him. Joong Goo says it was for his mother. Lomam leaves him and says if he regrets then someone might come to get him be it a human or an animal.


Woo Hyun and Mo Ne come back to their place and barbecue party is going on. Woo Hyun asks Mo Ne to join them.

Jae Wan is going home when Loman calls him to meet.- Camp fire or so I wished.- Loman shows two envelopes to Jae Wan. Jae Wan asks if he is threatening him. Loman asks to leave with Mo Ne and he will burn the evidence and will give money to live the rest of the life peacefully but Jae Wan isn’t to back off. He wants to see the end with Mi Nyeo. Loman throws both the envelopes into the fire and says it’s his debt, that he lied to him and will lie in the future. Loman says he will do whatever his mother wants. Jae Wan mocks him saying he trusts the mother who isn’t even his biological mom. T_T how could you Jae Wan? Loman asks if he checked his background. Jae Wan says its mysterious when he called him as an investor he couldn’t find much about him but now everything is clear now that he is the enemy.


Jae Wan is about to leave when Loman tells him about Joong Goo. He did it because Joong Goo but the blame on him after he beat Jae Wan but worry not he is not dead yet. Mo Ne is anxiously waiting for Jae Wan. Jae Wan comes home looking like he lost something. Mo Ne and spy girl tells him about the shares and how to get Ciel back but Jae Wan is in his own world. Loman words about Joong Goo forces him to leave the house once again.

I don’t know how Jae Wan knows where Joong Goo is buried because Loman never told him or I didn’t pay any attention. Jae Wan with a flashlight goes for Joong Goo hunting. Joong Goo on the other hand is still inside and helplessly calling for help. Jae Wan asks him if he wants to live that much. First Joong Goo doesn’t recognize its Jae Wan then he starts to laugh like a maniac that he is. Joong Goo tells Jae Wan some people beat him and threw him here. Jae Wan says some bad people beat him too some days ago. Joong Goo says they’re the same people, Loman’s people. Jae Wan asks if he wasn’t the one behind it and wanting him to send to jail. Joong Goo says his favorite phrase that “it’s a misunderstanding.” Joong Goo says he didn’t order them to beat him but to scare.


Jae Wan asks Joong Goo what is he to him. Joong Goo answers, his past. His time when he was poor and had to beg, his wounded leg, he wants all this to erase but then he wouldn’t exist either. Jae Wan leaves Joong Goo saying for him to live he has to abandon him and Joong Goo keeps calling him. He says he is going to die. Jae Wan stops in his tracks. His facial expression tells that he hates himself for helping him again. Joong Goo thanks him and tells him he will make him the vice chairman. Jae Wan tells Joong Goo one of them has to die so all this can end. Jae Wan begs him to abandon him to let him go. Joong Goo’s expression softens and he asks why did he never asked his name. Jae Wan thinks then he would feel like he is related to him. Joong Goo tells that Hyun Woo is his name and his mother gave it to him.

Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan and playing with his cat. Jae Wan comes home, opens his safe, takes a box from it and opens it and there is the robo pendant. So this is what Mi Yeon gave to her son and it was with him all along. Mo Ne asks what is it and he says its him. Hr had this when he was sent to states and when Joong Goo took him. Mo Ne says its beautiful. Jae Wan tells her his real name, and she calls him Hyun Woo and says its beautiful too. Jae Wan cups her cheek and kisses her they part and Jae Wan says he is thankful that she came to his life and kisses her again.

Joong Goo goes to the hotel when Mi Nyeo is scolding the directors. He asks them if they know that he is coming back as the vice chairman. Mi Nyeo tells them not to pay any attention to what he says. She asks him if he is taking her on because he has more shares than her or he is an idiot. He asks her if she knows who was the last person to say the last chairman on January 25th. He tells her what her son did to him and tells her he is going to repay. She couldn’t care less. Mi Nyeo curses him and he remembers Mi Yeon saying the same thing. He leaves and he hears his name and to me it sounded like Mi Yeon’s voice. Joong Goo turns back and Mi Nyeo tells him good bye.


Joong Goo goes back home and his wife is there. He is super happy to see her. She is going through letters and Joong Goo spots a hand delivered letter and takes it. The letter is from Mi Yeon to Joong Goo’s wife. She tells her that there is more to Joong Goo then she knows and asks to meet her.

Jae Wan follows Mi Nyeo to her old house.


Finally are we going to open the secret to who is Jae Wan’s mother? Then what will happen? Will he push Mo Ne or will she shun him again? Man we finally got Jae Wan and Mo Ne to reconcile and now this is going to drop. Now that Jae Wan still has the locket so when is Mi Nyeo going to see it?

Poor Loman I feel for him. He wants to protect his hyung and mother but I can’t understand why is he not telling the truth. Wait I know we have 10 more episodes to go. Did Loman burn the usb too which had his mom in action? When is his identity going to come out?

When Joong Goo told Jae Wan his name, I felt a connection that I never felt between them. Is he finally going to acknowledge Jae Wan as his son and not a pet?
Joong Goo is playing a double game with Loman and Mi Nyeo and the consequences will be…..

Joong Goo will soon know that Mi Nyeo and Mi Yeon are the same person because he is starting to get the same vibes from Mi Nyeo.

Flirty guy needs to get caught asap and we need to know who else is working for Mi Nyeo before it’s too late.

Jae Wan’s omnious words to Joong Goo that one of them has to die. Can we please not have that. I don’t even want to think about that.

and why does everyone have the same password to their cellphones?



15 comments on “Hotel King Episode 22 Recap

  1. Dramalover says:

    Ah finally An episode where atleast something good comes out of. But still ten episodes to go. Thanks for the recap. You’re awesome!


  2. Sillee says:

    Excellent recap as always Miss Khan!! OMG the moment with Jae Wan and Mo Ne was too sweet!! I feel like it was a sugar high they gave us so we can go another week waiting for new episodes. I feel for Loman too, he wants to protect both his mommy and his hyung, loved what he did to that old man lol. I don’t even want to think about JW’s forecast of what’s coming “either he or Joong Goo will have to die…:(


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^

      I squealed at the sweet moment. Loman needs to have some moments like these. How about spy girl with him, oh no, I wanted Woo Hyun to go with her. I can have Loman, poor guy needs a hug. I don’t need happy ending but no one needs to die.


      • Sillee says:

        Ooh yes!! I love Spy girl too!! She’s like a guardian angel always in the back looking out for both JW and MN…and Woo Hyun too!! Ok either Woo Hyun or Loman, one of them needs to get with Spy girl…and I still can’t get over the fact that Flirty guy works for crazy woman Mi Nyeo. Watching this series up until now is like watching Scandals “who is the Mole??” lol…it’s like someone will stab someone’s back at some point and good guy will turn into bad guy…but hopefully JW and MN will be able to stay together…:D


        • Miss Khan says:

          I like spy girl and Woo Hyun and Loman. Noooo this is difficult. okay so Woo Hyun likes Mo Ne so Loman has the chance to get spy girl and so does Woo Hyun. or a new character can pop up as spy girls’s boyfriend, fiance or husband. Why does good guy’s turn into bad because they were bad to begin with. Stay together Mo Ne and Jae Wan please.


      • Lynne says:

        omo omo i love your recap Ms Khan and also the idea of spy girl and loman!!! it will also be a good pair 🙂


  3. Sillee says:

    Ohh yah your last comment of the recap also cracked me up too…about everyone having the same password to their phone. I laughed because my husband has the same password as them on his phone, a checkmark swipe…lol


    • Miss Khan says:

      so anyone can use the phone and have the secrets. great just another thing we need in the drama land when there are already backstabbing going on. I guess I need to change my password too hahaha


  4. Oxa says:

    Poor Mone and her father! They are innocent. What’s wrong with Jaewan’s relatives?!… Everyone in his family has contributed to her misery. Why?


    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t know why but I think Mo Ne’s father is not completely innocent. Jae Wan’s parents are one messed up couple. Poor Jae Wan has to learn one more bitter truth at least he has Mo Ne.


  5. Oxa says:

    Thank you!!! You are the only hero to do the recaps of this drama.


  6. Dina says:

    I like to mention that AMN said to him befor he kissed her lets stop being get hurt both of us , it was a sign of her agreement to get back together.thanks


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