Hotel King Episode 21 Recap



AMAZING time to time drama gives such strong and promising episodes that I forget that at one point I was not happy with the pace.
On the other hand last time I checked the dramas name was hotel king not who’s the betrayer or don’t trust anyone.

Episode 21

Poor Jae Wan is beaten up and the usb is taken from him. Before losing his conscious Jae Wan hear goons saying on the phone “yes, we found it Loman.” Mo Ne is safe but Jae Wan’s house is not. The goons on her side are nice because they leave quietly. Except when Mo Ne stopped one of them to know what is going on, she is pushed and scrapes her knee. Joong Goo pops out from somewhere and starts hitting the goons with his cane for making Jae Wan like that and asking who told them to do. Goon hands Joong Goo the usb. -So it was him after all. Oh this drama queen.- Mo Ne calls Jae Wan and the goon answers, that Jae Wan is being taken care of Loman. Great now everyone is going to think Loman is behind all this grrrrr.

Mo Ne is running to somewhere. Woo Hyun and funny guy see her and they are not allowed to go out with their uniforms. Woo Hyun goes after her. Mo Ne got a call from the hospital and Woo Hyun takes her there. Mo Ne thinks she did hit her head and wonders why did she came. Woo Hyun tells her to go and see. She decides against it and calls Chae Kyung to take care of him.

Jae Wan comes to and there is Mo Ne? by his side tending to him. He averts his gaze and looks back and Mo Ne has changed into Chae Kyung. -So he does not have amnesia, phew but he did hit his head hard because he was imagining and hallucinating.- Chae Kyung is worried about him and he is worried about Mo Ne. Chae Kyung gets angry but says Mo Ne is fine. Oh, so Joong Goo and goons left him in the hospital.

Loman is coming home from somewhere and hears noise coming from the house and Mo Ne is busy messing the place. Loman grabs her arm and asks her what is she doing. -Umm cleaning the place?- Mo Ne is furious and Loman has no idea why. She tells him that he thrashed his place, beat him and still feign ignorance. She says she heard the goon telling him that Jae Wan has been taken care off. Mi Nyeo enters and Loman says it’s all a misunderstanding. Mi Nyeo tells Mo Ne to leave. Loman goes after her but mommy tightly grabs his arm. Mommy is not happy and Loman again says it’s a misunderstanding. Mommy slaps him and says she should have changed the way he does things even if she had to hit him. -Wait mommy we all know how Jae Wan turn out after all that beating.- She does not want him to dirty his hands. Mommy is sitting with Loman’s photo album. She goes through the pictures. There are few spaces empty she wonders if she got him earlier he would have been a different person. She flips and there are baby pictures of course of Jae Wan. -I was sad when she placed her hand on the baby’s pictures. She longs for him thinking he is dead. –


Loman goes to Joong Goo, he knows its him. Loman asks for the usb but Joong Goo won’t give it to him. He says now Jae Wan and everyone will think it was his doing. He says if something happens to him his mother would go to jail. Loman asks what does he want. Joong Goo wants his position back. He asks Loman if they work together wouldn’t they make an awesome team?

Chae Kyung visits Jae Wan but he is not in the hospital anymore. She calls him but he wont hear anything. Loman walks to his house. -Did he walked from Joong Goo’s house and where is his car. Did mommy took it as his punishment?- Jae Wan stops his car. He tells Loman that he got the gift and be prepared because he will return the favor. Loman asks if there is any proof that it was him. Jae Wan says if he hadn’t back stabbed he would have believed him. Jae wan tells him that his mother is a murderer. Loman says no matter what happens he will be at his mother’s side. Jae wan tells him it looks like he knows more than him that his mother killed the late chairman. Loman asks Jae Wan he will do anything just leave his mother and Jae Wan tells him that it’s too late.

Mo Ne is at Jae Wan’s house and Jae Wan is at Mo Ne’s. -Great just great.- Jae Wan is at his own house and he hears Mo Ne’s voice she is fixing the female robo. She notices him and says his house was messy so she and then realizes she is not wearing the uniform. Jae Wan helps her. They ask about each other. Mo Ne wants to ask what he wanted to tell and Jae Wan answers like he read her mind. He says he had the evidence that Mi Nyeo was with her father the day he died but he lost the evidence. Mo Ne is shaking and tries to hold back her tears. Jae Wan tells her to cry. He hugs her from behind and says that he is sorry.


Mommy is still angry at Loman because she didn’t say a single word to him. They drive to work and there is something under the car. BOMB nah it’s a tracking device placed by our Jae Wan. Mo Ne is at the chairwoman’s office. She asks Mi Nyeo that the window was changed when her father died. He must be in so much pain doesn’t she think so. -Girl why are you digging your own grave.- Mo Ne asks if Ni Nyeo doesn’t feel anything sitting at his father’s place. Nothing is Mi Nyeos answer. Mo Ne just wont give up. She asks that Mi Nyeo didn’t have any cameras installed in her last office and this time too she removed them. She tells her what Mi Nyeo once said to her that the images can be manipulated but not the eyes. So from now on Mo Ne says she is going to search for those eyes.


Customers for the first time in so many episodes finally arrive and I already smell trouble. They are some sort of bloggers. Mi Nyeo brings a guy and introduces him as her nephew.

So this new woman with the same fetish like Mi Nyeo is called Ms Hwang. I still don’t like her. She tells the maid she heard the rumors that one of them went out with their uniform and name tag attached. Mo Ne comes forward and they both hate each other. Mo Ne gets the punishment for cleaning four floors.

Mo Ne goes to the blogger leaders room as he called her. He asks her to have a drink with him. She politely declines. He then asks her to spend the time with him. She again declines. This crappy dude takes out the ice bucket and lifts Mo Ne’s skirt. Mo Ne goes kung fu on him and he calls the front desk to complain. Woo Hyun thinks it would be better if Jae Wan went but Jae Wan’s team leader says he will go. -To clarify one thing. I never memorized name of Jae Wan’s team. So I call them, spy girl, flirty guy, mr English and team leader. Team leader apologizes even though Mo Ne keeps saying that he harassed her first. She speaks informally with the team leader and he tells her he is her superior. Mo Ne apologizes. He asks her why did she came back. She is wearing the maids uniform but still acts like a chairwoman. They can’t leave like her on the whim and asks her to leave. Woo Hyun listens to their conversation.


Chae Kyung sees Mo Ne and she silently walks away. Chae Kyung call her and says other maids bow when they see her. Mo Ne bows and is on her way again when Chae Kyung asks what is she up to. Mo Ne asks if maids also tell what they are doing? Chae Kyung asks why is still here is it because of Jae Wan. If he sees her like this he will be worried. Mo Ne says yes, she wants him to be in front of his eyes all the time, that’s why she is here. Spy girl tells Jae Wan that Mo Ne ended her shift and went home. Aww she is still updating him. He pats her on the shoulder.


Mo Ne is at the rooftop remembering what team leader said. She says to herself that she is not the chairwoman anymore but a maid. Woo Hyun joins her and they decide to be friends. Wait were they not friend before? Friends as in talk informally.

Jae Wan is told the ridiculous complains the guests are making. Jae Wan says it’s their duty to make the guest happy. Team leaders face says that he wants to say something and Jae Wan tells him to go ahead. He says something happened with the guest and he was harsh on Mo Ne and told her to leave. Jae Wan says that he did good. Spy girl says Mo Ne was not entirely at fault.


Kitchen is busy as they are preparing food for the blogger customers. Mo Ne apologizes to Hwang for going out and being rude but she won’t take it because she can’t feel Mo Ne’s genuinely sorry. Jae Wan watches them.

vlcsnap-2014-06-22-11h37m14s88 vlcsnap-2014-06-22-11h36m14s5
Jae Wan decides to go outside and sees Loman who is busy with his cousin showing him the hotel. Spy girl comes running, there is trouble. Everyone has a stomach ache. Ambulances are called. Mo Ne asks Woo Hyun what happened. He tells that everyone ate the same thing, something was wrong with the food. Jae Wan quietly passes by Mo Ne. Mi Nyeo is literally looking down from the roof top. Someone comes behind her and she instructs him no one should die and she knows he never makes mistakes. The camera moves and shows the face and its flirty guy Nooooooooooooooooo. She tells him to spread rumors of Ciel’s bad reputation.


Spy girl tells that it was food poisoning and Jae Wan worries about what is to come. Blogger wants chairwoman to apologize. Flirty guy comes and gives his resignation letter to Jae Wan. Jae Wan tells him resigning won’t solve anything. Mi Nyeo leaves as she can’t do much. Loman says he never thought the people would get food poisoning and thinks this is for the better, the shares price will fall and he won’t have to do anything. He realizes what he said and mommy is staring at him. He apologizes for saying that he was happy people got sick.- So he has no idea that mommy is behind all this?-


Jae Wan is checking on Loman and Mi Nyeo’s location. Joong Goo stops Jae Wan’s car by coming in front of it. The drama queen pretends to worry about him. Joong Goo tells him that he has something that he wants to show to Jae Wan. Jae Wan says whatever he has, he still wont come back to him. Joong Goo says he won’t be able to deal with her alone. Jae Wan is ready to deal with both of them. Joong Goo is sure Jae Wan will come back.


Mo Ne is leaving for work when she gets a text message from Woo Hyun to have dinner together. She hears other maids talking how uncomfortable she felt cleaning the nephews room. She imitates him saying, “yes, I got it Loman.” The name strikes bells and Mo Ne asks for the room number.


Mi Nyeo meets his so called nephew. Who is actually a buyer. Jae Wan sees them.
Jae Wan is the first to arrive in the nephews room. He finds the fake mustaches and stuff. There is a laptop and it has files on Ciel. Jae wan pulls usb from his pocket. He hears someone and that someone is Mo Ne. They both came knowing he is not Mi Nyeo’s nephew. Before they can get out they hear the voices. Nephew asks Loman to have a drink with him. Mo Ne and Jae Wan were in the bed room and now they are hiding in the sitting rooms closet. Loman asks why is he taking so much time. Nephew tells him he wants to know what Mi Nyeo is planning on doing and he is thinking whether to destroy the hotel or give it another chance. Loman asks him to destroy it. Mo Ne is about to fly open the door and punch Loman in the face but Jae Wan stops her. Loman hears the shuffling and looks straight at the closet.



Meow, it’s a cat. Does Loman know about Jae Wan and Mo Ne hiding? I think he knows but won’t say anything.

Flirty guy being a spy was a cruel surprise that it shocked me so much. He is the only one who calls Jae Wan sunbae. What the hell Mi Nyeo has people everywhere.

Joong Goo having leverage over Mi Nyeo, lets see who wins.

Yay I win, I knew Lomam would not do anything to his hyung and damn you Joong Goo for framing him.

Does no one know that Loman is Mi Nyeo’s son? I mean the rest of the staff other than Mo Ne, Jae Wan and does Jae Wan’s team know? Forget the flirty guy.



23 comments on “Hotel King Episode 21 Recap

  1. I think the flirty guy being on minyeo’s side was the biggest shock for me…I actually liked him damnnnnnnn. I hope he wasn’t on minyeo’s side from the start but was bought over recently or something. He tendered his resignation out of guilt…? or something else? damnnnn. I liked him.


  2. And yeah I also think loman knows they’re in there…it’s pretty obvious and its quite bright i think. As for the loman being minyeo’s son thing…idk who knows haha.. and I find it weird though I mean all the maids said about the “nephew” was about him owning 5 phones and being a little difficult and that he knows loman thats it isnt it? He’s nephew of minyeo i.e. supposedly loman’s cousin. of course they would hang out, why would this be suspicious to mone o.o


  3. Oh and I would like to clarify something, when did lee joong goo know that jaewan is his son? I mean clearly he abandoned him and put him in the us and went to get him back again right? And then with the birth certificate too, jaewan found the paper proving his relationship with joonggoo at the doctor’s house. Wasn’t it joongoo who asked the doctor to switch the papers or something? Did joonggoo not know jaewan was his son right from the beginning?


    • Miss Khan says:

      Joong Goo had no idea that Jae Wan is his son. Jae Wan himself tells Joong Goo in episode 16.


      • Hmm but isn’t it very weird…meaning joonggoo took the son from baek when she “died” then thinking its baek’s and idk who else since he knows its not chairman ah’s, he put him for adoption but then feels guilty (doubt he has enough heart to feel guilt) so he goes on to find him and groom him instead. Meanwhile faking a fake relationship with dr yoon that jaewan is chairman ah’s son and dr yoon somehow for no reason at all decides to conduct a relationship check between jaewan and vp (or did jaewan ask him to? Did jaewan even ever suspect that his dad wasnt the chairman until he saw that paper?) I go into way too much detail but I feel like I’m solving a mystery also ^_^


        • Miss Khan says:

          Good thinking.Okay so Joong Goo thinks that the child is of Seung Won and Mi Yeon but after the dna test he realizes that it’s not true. Joong Goo wants to destroy his friend Seung Won. So Joong Goo tells Jae Wan that he is the chairman’s son. What better revenge then to get betrayed by the child of the person you once loved.
          Dr Yoon must have used his brain and did a paternity test or maybe Seung Won told him after all he was his doctor and trusted friend.
          Jae Wan only believed whatever Joong Goo fed him. He started to think himself when Mo Ne enters in the story.
          am I making any sense?


          • Haha I realised the paternity test only proved that jaewan+chairman was not related and had nothing related to joonggoo. Jaewan only found out through the voice recording and went to do a paternity test btwn him and vp to prove it after that I guess…But other than that yeah I think your theory on how joonggoo did really think the child is seungwon’s is true!! Never thought of that haha


  4. Lola Paloma says:

    Hi Miss Khan .. as usual, thanks for your recap 🙂

    I think nobody really knows that L(R)oman Lee is Mi Nyeo’s son. And yup, Loman Lee knew about Mo Ne and Jae Wan in the closet but keep it quiet because deep down inside he looks at Jae Wan as his hyung. He is very careful with Jae Wan in his action .. so I am pretty sure he cares and will probably help him out laaateeerrrr in the series … maybe episode 31 :p


  5. kiki says:

    thanks miss Khan as always for your lovely recap. I know that there would be a kiss scene in ep 22… cant wait for your next recap… ^_^


  6. Just says:

    hello, im a silent reader at your recap but i just want to say thank you for doing all this XD
    and want add that i already sense that flirty guy is a spy when the new-hire-perfume-guy appear in the last episode..idk why but it looks like his trying to hard to cover that guy..XD


  7. oladotun says:

    joong goo know from the start that jae wan is his son but because of ciel he has to abandon his only son. Because he doesn’t love his mother from the start.


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