Is it possible?


Can this happen? You haven’t met this person but when he comes in front of you, you recognize him immediately. No, I’m not talking about soul mates.

My parents first child was a girl but she died after three days. Then God gave my parents a boy but before my brother was born my mom had a dream. She saw herself and my father sitting and an old guy comes, hugs my dad gives a precious and a beautiful watch to my mother and leaves, without saying a single word. My mom knew that the old guy was her father-in-law. My mom never met him. He died when my father was a student and theirs no picture of his.

Couple of years back I had a dream. I saw my sister. Yes, my parents first child. The moment I saw her I knew who she was. We chatted like we were friends who have met after a long time. We don’t have any picture of her either.

Mysterious? Maybe me and my mom recognized them because they were similar. My father resembles my grand dad and my sister resembled my younger sister. That’s how we knew who they were. Just a theory of course.



2 comments on “Is it possible?

  1. susan says:

    somehow, i can relate to you, not to be exact the same story, but it’s pretty much was several days after my dad passed away, i was a teenager back then. I couldn’t help but have been missed my dad so much that i cried until i fell asleep, and in between, i remembered that i thought i’ve seen a globe of light reached me down, and caressed my face. I cried silently, coz i knew it was my dad, i couldn’t really explain it, but i knew it’s him telling me to be okay.


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