Hotel King Episode 20 Recap



Noooooooooooo. Oh, wait this should be at the end not here. Are the characters in the drama ever going to rest. There’s trouble waiting the moment you turn the corner. Looks like someone is standing fine on her own, not her but her.

Episode 20

We start from where Jae Wan removes his shirt and Loman sees his tattoo. Awkward stare between two guys. Loman can’t believe JaeWan is his hyung. Mo Ne is with the maid squad. Jae Wan doesn’t notice her. She has her name plate of Ah Bok Soon. -Funny the maids didn’t recognize her.-


Jae Wan’s team worries if he will be back. Spy girl is the only one who is thinking of the hotel. Jae Wan praises her because they have to do something since the hotel is in red. Customers are not happy. Mi Nyeo is making her rounds and barking orders at everyone. Mo Ne sees her and then Woo Hyun notices Mo Ne. She says she wanted to come back and this was the only way to stay close to the hotel.

Jae Wan tells Mi Nyeo that he is starting his work as general manager again and asks about the new strategy about the hotel. Mi Nyeo says he is not the only one who thinks about the hotel. Jae Wan asks how Loman is doing. Loman is talking to his contact finding about someone. Mommy is right behind him. She asks if he is alright and did something happen with Jae Wan. He says nothing and wonders when mommy came to new York 15 years ago to find hyung if he was alive Loman wouldn’t be here today. Mommy says he is a gift to her from him. She asks him, can he change the way he talks coarse and remove the tattoos. He says he will. -So they knew they are not related to each other.-

Chae Kyung asks Jae Wan how come Mi Nyeo had that much money. So she decided to look and her husband was an arms’ dealer from Hong Kong. She wonders why did she took so much time to take control of the hotel when she could have taken it ages ago. Jae Wan thinks if its something else that she wants.


Mo Ne passes by her garden and asks her dad how does she look, she is going to get the hotel back. Gossip maids spot her and they think she is just a newbie they can scold her but the moment they see her face they bow in respect hahahaha. Mi Nyeo comes with some banks vice chairman. Mo Ne tells maids to gather some friends. She pretends it was a coincidence that she met them at the door. She begs Mi Nyeo to let her stay and with the bank guy watching Mi Nyeo has no other choice. Mi Nyeo praises her for using the opportunity. Mo Ne says it’s all thanks to Mi Nyeo. Mi Nyeo asks if her father wouldn’t be ashamed if he saw her like this. Bok soon you are doing a good job I’m proud of you her father would have said that says Mo Ne.


Everyone recognizes Mo Ne in the hotel. Mo Ne introduces herself as Bok Soon and says to act friendly with her. Jae Wan comes from behind and says the maid uses the employ only hallway. Jae Wan is already waiting for her on the other side. Mo Ne says didn’t she say they wont see each other again. It would be better if they act like strangers. Jae Wan asks why be a maid. Mo Ne has a simple reason she can be closer to the hotel this way

Mo Ne will live in the employees’ apartment. Woo Hyun helps her with the luggage. Maids give her a separate room through Mo Ne wants to share with someone. Woo Hyun has lunch ready for her and the time table.


Mo Ne gets the duty to clean Jae Wan’s house. Her partner says she can do it alone but Mo Ne doesn’t mind. Jae Wan is out jogging. Once she is in the house she looks at the empty wall where used to be Jae Wan’s favorite painting. She looks at the female robo but doesn’t touch it and starts cleaning the house. They are about to leave when Mo Ne notices the swing and the kitty calls her. She wonders if the kitty has gained weight and thinks that she is a female. Jae Wan is standing behind her. He says the kitty is a male. Mo Ne is shocked and scolds the kitty for lying. -Aww I though Jae Wan would give her a lecture a maid should not roam in toge owner’s house or something.-


This otheer scary lady has replaced Mi Nyeo and I didn’t get her name and I don’t think I need to know she seems a bitch. So why not name her that? She assigns Mo Ne the whole 7 floor to clean by herself. Mo Ne is full of energy and starts cleaning the room.


Joong Goo’s family has left for a week. He gets a call from someone telling him that Loman is looking in to Jae Wan. Mo Ne is assigned to clean his house as well. He laughs when he sees Mo Ne in the maids uniform. -Why is he still living in the hotel’s house?- He asks her to come to him if she needs any help. She tells him to live quietly without disturbing anyone. Joong Goo tells her he killed the bird that she gave because they were noisy. Mo Ne’s partner runs to her as a trouble has aroused.


A female customer has lost an important memo which will cost her millions. Mo Ne says she will find it and she goes to open every trash bag by herself.


Joong Goo visits Mi Nyeo and she is furious. How dare he come here. He says Mo Ne is working as a maid and wonders if she is needed to teach a lesson. Mi Nyeo asks what should she do then? Mi Nyeo says didn’t she said to stay back what if the people saw them together. He says he just came to know why Loman is interested in Jae Wan? This is news for her. She asks him to leave as she calls the escorts to DRAG him out. Jae Wan is with his team. He sees this but pays no attention even though Joong Goo asks for his help.


Jae Wan is updated by spy girl on Mo Ne though he said he didn’t want to hear but he moment he hears she is in trouble he runs to the customer and observes she was busy painting her nails. He tells his guy to look into her background if she was that worried she wouldn’t be doing her pedicure. Mo Ne is still finding the memo. Jae Wan finds her and tells her to stop it, there was no memo to begin with. She wont listen and he hugs her tightly saying he will get everything back for her but she pushes him and goes back in the trash. This time Jae Wan drags her out and Mi Nyeo finds them like that. She rubs in Mo Ne for saying high and mighty speech. She tells Jae Wan special treatment is not allowed and in the passing she mentions that the customer found the memo. Mo Ne says she was deceived again and goes back. Jae Wan asks where is she going. She says to clean the mess that she created. Jae Wan is angry and decides to give a call to the reporter and he is holding the usb.

Mi Nyeo gets a visit from the reporter. He shows her the picture and she smashes his camera and tells him to take his leave. Loman passes him and sees the camera. Mi Nyeo shouts to leave it and go

Woo Hyun finds Mo Ne and again gives her the jacket. It’s her own this time. To cheer her up they play basketball. -Why was Jae Wan standing in the dark hallway.- Anyways flashback time. The reporter is scared for his life from Mi Nyeo. He thinks she is hiding something from him. Jae Wan is leaving when Chae Kyung approaches him and tells him to take a walk. They pass by the court where he sees the two of them playing and laughing. Chae Kyung asks him to keep the promise.


Lomans contact tells him that Jae Wan is dead but no death certificate was issued. Flashback Ji Won is beaten up and Jayden asks him to bear some more, he will get them out of there. Loman now believes that Jae Wan is his hyung. He runs and stands in front of his house and Ji Won says why did he abandon him and a tear rolls from Loman’s eye. Jae Wan asks why is he here. Loman says for a drink. Loman watches Jae Wan and wonders why didn’t he recognized him. Jae Wan asks the reason to come. Loman says he is interested in Jae Wan. Me: O.o

Jae Wan asks if its because of the markings on his back. Loman says he has his share of that and he sometimes thinks about the past. Jae Wan says he does not think about it. Loman asks if the wings means something and Jae Wan says they mean nothing. Jae Wan tells Loman to get her mom on the right path. Loman goes offensive, his mommy is always right.


Jae Wan is leaving for work when he gets a call from the reporter. He is panicky because Mi Nyeo reported him to the police. Jae Wan calmly tells him to pay for his crimes. He sees Mi Nyeo and tells it was him behind the reporter. They both have started a game they will enjoy. Loman sees them together and hurries to reach them. -Why is he so jumpy and panicky?-


Joong Goo is feeling lonely and imagines his daughter calling without a second delay a flashback not related to his family. He asks Loman why is he looking into Jae Wan. And decides to keep a secret between them. -Oi who was the one told Mi Nyeo.- He tells him to ask anything about Jae Wan because no one knows him better than he does.

Mi Nyeo tells Loman to go ahead with the destruction plan. Loman gets a call from Joong Goo at first he is not interested but Joong Goo says his mother will be in danger. The reporter is sitting with Joong Goo. He tells Loman that he heard his mommy was with the late chairman the day he died. Loman calls his contact to take care of something.


Jae Wan calls Mo Ne but she doesn’t pick up. She is in front of Jae Wan’s house for cleaning. He calls again and this time she picks up. He says he wants to tell her something and touches his pocket. Jae Wan hears Mo Ne’s scream. He stops his car and two other cars come out of nowhere with goons inside. Jae Wan fights with them but it’s 1 vs 10 and the baddies take the upper hand and beat Jae Wan. They take the usb from him. Mo Ne has three of her problems standing in front of her and Jae Wan’s house is a mess.



Nooooooooooooooooo. Is the drama going to pull the amnesia card. Noooooooooooo again.

Is this Loman’s doing? Stupid, idiot he is your hyung. You useless bum. Did he thought that Jae Wan would tell the truth if he would ask about the wings. Dumbo you’re an enemy Jae Wan will not share anything with you. Loman stupid thinks Jae Wan abandoned him. What the heck I’m going to smack him on the head.

It was nice to see Mo Ne acting like an adult. Jae Wan wanted to tell about Mi Nyeo’s hand in her father’s death. Jae Wan should have more copies of the damn usb.

What is Joong Goo planning? Is it Joong Goo’s doing the attack on Jae Wan and Mo Ne?

How am I going to survive till next week?

Who is going to help Jae Wan and Mo Ne? Someone, anyone?

Is it Saturday today?

Loman knows Jae Wan is Jayden and mommy’s son then why didn’t he say anything to his mommy? He doesn’t want his place to be taken away or does he think Jae Wan doesn’t deserve mommy because he abandoned him.

Are their two different parties behind the attack? Jae Wan’s house has Loman’s people. Mo Ne was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jae Wan’s attacker is someone else, Mi Nyeo? Joong Goo? Or is it vice versa?

Loman was told Jae Wan is dead. Was there just one person named Jae Wan? Or the background Jae Wan is using of the person is dead but Jae Wan is an orphan and everyone knows it. What the heck I’m confused.

And why are they wearing black uniform, who died? There old uniform was easy on the eyes.



27 comments on “Hotel King Episode 20 Recap

  1. brilianacm says:

    yeah, thks for your recaps 🙂 i cant wait for next sturdy xD


  2. Amnesia card meaning jaewan amnesia? Haha I doubt so though..And I think it may have been loman’s doing but probably he was acting according to mama’s wishes. Since jaewan is smart he should have more copies but since this is a drama he probably wouldnt -_- And I think loman doesn’t wanna reveal that jaewan is minyeo’s son because yeah he doesn’t want his place taken. And the fact that he thinks jaewan abandoned him + he thinks jaewan doesnt care abt him (with the whole wings has no meaning thing) makes him feel like he shouldn’t care so much abt jaewan.

    Oh and the identity crisis thingy? I think this random human called cha jae wan died in one point in time but he did not receive a death certificate. So in official records, he is still “alive”. Jayden on the other hand probably called a death certificate even though he is still alive and so joonggoo gave the identity of cha jae wan to jayden.

    And yes omg the blue uniform was so much nicer and ciel = sky so blue fitted well. I saw a theory that black was kinda like hell. Since baek is trying to ruin ciel, I guess it fits too.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Yes, Jae Wan having amnesia. Nooo don’t even want to think about it. I don’t want to but I’m hating Loman.

      This other Jae Wan name thing was total confusing. Everyone knows Jae Wan was an orphan what are they going to find in his background?

      Just because Mi Nyeo’s heart is black, everyone will have to wear black. Logic?


      • Oh one thing though, who knows that jaewan’s dad is joonggoo? Other than mone and jaewan and joonggoo and that doctor who died of course?


        • Miss Khan says:

          Mo Ne’s dad, okay he died. Let’s see who else, spy girl, I think she knows. She knows the important stuff but decides to remain silent. Mi Nyeo? not sure about her though. Who else? We do. We know about everything but no one asks us.


          • Yeah hahah we know everything xD and I heard hotel king is filmed with a very tight schedule like they film 2 eps per week just nice to cover the screening…explaining the lack of preview I guess. Dahae mentioned in an interview that her and wookie only manage to squeeze 5-6h of sleep per week..i think wookie’s worse tho with his roommate filming as well


  3. kiki says:

    thanks lot miss Khan for the recap.
    the drama is really unpredictable from the start and still it always awesome for me.


  4. Dina says:

    Awesome recap , awesome episode as usual .but what do u mean by amnesia card ?


  5. deevee says:

    I doubt they will put the amnesia plot in since that’s too cliche however you never know with these kdrama. Hotel King is getting so darn amazing! I can’t wait until the next episode. When the goons came I was like ” oh shit son! She just got real!” love your recaps.


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^
      If it’s not amnesia then some horrible disease. The drama will not let Jae Wan go easily off the hook. Or for once drama can let Jae Wan be happy for the rest of his life of course with Mo Ne.


  6. Rica says:

    Wow…this episode is really heart breaking… i even don’t want imagine Jae Wan will have amnesia @_@
    Why so many bad people around Mo Ne? poor that girl…. If I were her, i would just leave from the hotel..LOL.
    Thanks miss Khan for the recap…awesome.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      Maybe Jae Wan won’t have amnesia, it’s just my theory. Mo Ne is really pitiful and these bad people around her are making her strong.

      Me too I would have left the hotel long ago and then would have learned black magic and then cursed all the people. Once they got what they deserved I would have my hotel back. hahaha


  7. Lynne says:

    wow i haven’t watch episode 20 but the recap is daebak as if i have already watched it! thanks Ms Khan as usual i love your recap…. i’m also not into that amnesia thing hahaha i hope loman and jae wan will be able to really discover their past and be able to talk and understand each other 🙂 4 more days of waiting….. fighting hoteliers!!!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much ^__^

      Yes, I want Loman and Jae Wan to talk. First Loman has to say who he is because Jae Wan thought Ji Won died like Ji Won thought Jayden died. Then they need to reconcile and stop mommy from doing more bad things and put her and Joong Goo in jail or Joong Goo can die for all I care. No, wait I care he needs to repay for all his sins. He needs to live.
      and please someone change Loman’s lines when he is with Jae Wan. It sounds like he swing that way or I need to clear my mind.


  8. Jo says:

    Hi Miss Khan

    Thanks for the great writeups!!😄 Hotel King is so nail biting it’s so hard to wait for a week to the next episodes!
    For your question,I think Loman was calling to take care of the reporter. Because Jae Won told Mi Nyeo that he is responsible, she could have sent men to handle him.
    Mi Nyeo kind of sounds like the insane type of character where they take revenge and go insane in the end. The attack on Mo Ne and Jae Wan could bring them together since Mo Ne is still mad with him 😁
    Thanks Miss Khan for the reviews! ❤️


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      not so patiently waiting for Saturday
      Loman would never hurt his hyung or so I want to believe. Mi Nyeo is so going to regret and will cry tears of blood when she will find out about Jae Wan.
      Mo Ne should be thankful Jae Wan is helping her behind the scenes but first someone needs to tell her that and this Chae Kyung needs to back off grrrrr.


  9. Miss Khan says:

    I hate this live shooting system. Does the writers in Korea has low confidence in their writings? They will change the story if the audience isn’t pleased? It’s okay if its done sometimes but….
    Actors has to suffer so much with the rest of the staff.
    If I don’t like the drama I won’t watch it. If the writers want to please the audience so much they should just post the whole script online and people can made amends in it and viola the script is ready for filming.


  10. Sillee says:

    Hi Ms Khan, the preview for episode 21 is out can you translate what they are saying? Thanks!! 🙂


  11. jolee12 says:

    Once again thanks for the recap.

    Few things I want to say…
    1- I don’t think the bash bashing was Loman’s doing, I am highly leaning towards Vice Chairman, his trying to start a fight between the two brothers.

    2 – Loman doesn’t know that Jae Wan is his brother, his just suspicious and is looking into it, except that now Vice Chairman knows what he’s doing and is trying to stop him from finding out the truth that Jae Wan is actually Jayden

    3- Lastly…. Nooooooo…. someone please, please save our Jae Wan….. it would be preferable if this certain someone was Loman, because then they can then become close and find that they are brother, reunion *YEAH*


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      Yes, maybe it’s vice chairman’s doing and he made it look like it was Loman because Joong Goo wants his pet back.

      Loman knows in his gut that Jae Wan is Jayden but he is heartbroken that Jae Wan doesn’t think about the past, about them anymore. Joong Goo should know that the truth will come out, if it’s not today then tomorrow is sure to come.

      For us to have bromance, Loman needs to show his tattoo to Jae Wan. and someone please help Jae Wan he is lying on the road for a week now, hahahaha


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