Hotel King Episode 18 Recap



A wise man said “keep your friends close and enemies closer” but how would you know the person you trust is a friend or a foe?

Episode 18

Mo Ne’s confession and her promises ring in Jae Wan’s ear as Mo Ne standing in front of him asks not to meet each other. Jae Wan is standing in the waves yes I got the metaphor or maybe it was just a beautiful shot.


Loman is with his mommy. He asks why is she helping Joong Goo. She says because she needs him to divert Jae Wan’s attention.

Spy girl is at Mo Ne’s house helping with the concert plans. Jae Wan comes home and Chae Kyung is waiting for him as she heard he was fired. She looks at him and asks if he is alright. I think Jae Wan has a habit of keeping the door unlocked. Chae Kyung follows him in. Jae Wan just lies on his sofa. -See something happened to the beds.- Chae Kyung checks his fever and decides to call the doctor but Jae Wan stops her. She knows he is like this because of Mo Ne. She tells him to either run away with Mo Ne or leave her, just don’t be in pain. And who would have guessed that Jae Wan is a masochist. Chae Kyung gets angry she wouldn’t even care if he died and goes directly to Mo Ne’s and asks for her help. Mo Ne pretends she doesn’t care. Chae Kyung threats her she won’t give Jae Wan back to her. Mo Ne says she already heard that before. Chae Kyung then tells her why they broke up because they were too similar. -You girls sure are taking your time. Poor guy in the next house is half dead.- To divert her attention from the obvious Mo Ne asks spy girl to stay the night with her. Mo Ne has taken Jae Wan’s stray cat in, she has given her a house. She is with the kitty while Chae Kyung is with Jae Wan.

Next day and Jae Wan is miraculously cured. What does the people in drama land have that cures them instantly, I need too. Is it the air? Jae Wan asks Chae Kyung why is she here. Yup that’s what you get after nursing Mr. Robot.

Mo Ne sees Jae Wan and Chae Kyung the next day leaving for work together. She asks Jae Wan when will the change over be complete. He asks for a week. Mo Ne goes to Joong Goo and asks him to empty the company house as he is no more the vice chairman of Ciel. He says Jae Wan would be upset and she informs him that he was fired thanks to his father. She asks if his daughters knows that she has a brother. Joong Goo says not to tell her. Mo Ne agrees and gives a gift to him a caged bird saying she will give the love that she got from him and tells him to leave Ciel forever.

Joong Goo calls a reporter and tells him to write two stories one fake and one real. He has a date with Mi Nyeo and she as usual is harsh with him. She calls Joong Goo’s supporters and he yells at them and they leave. Mi Nyeo says his friends became loyal to her once she showed them some money. She is disappointed because she thought he would do what she will say. Joong Goo totally becomes a dog and wags his tail saying he will do what ever she says. She tells him to take care of Jae Wan and she will take care of Mo Ne.

Jae Wan’s team asks Mo Ne to reconsider her decision to fire Jae Wan but Mo Ne has made the decision and wont budge no matter what. She tells them to leave as she does’t want people who work for a person but not for the hotel but she needs them. So it’s up to them if they want to work or not.


Mo Ne personally goes to receive Yoo Jin. He asks about Jae Wan as he has heard praise from his staff and behind them lurking is a reporter which spy girl notices. He says he is here to talk to Jae Wan. Jae Wan seems to know who is the reporter guy. He is the one who writes article to damage Ciel’s image. He shows Jae Wan a blurred video. Which I had no idea what it was until the report says it is of the day when the late chairman apparently committed suicide. Jae Wan calls his contact to look for someone who knows how to fix the video.

Mo Ne sits in her garden and talks to her father. She says she is thankful that Mi Nyeo is there for her and speak of the devil she is behind her but decides to leave her alone. Mo Ne sees her and calls out to her and the naive Mo Ne goes on and on about how thankful she is. Mi Nyeo takes her leave and looks at her from far saying she told her not to trust anyone.

Jae Wan is waiting for Mo Ne in front of her house. She ignores him and he grabs her wrist and puts her fathers watch on it. He says he is late but he found the owner of the watch and Ciel. He tells her to be brave and even if her resolve shakes remember what he and Joong Goo did to her and her father.


Mi Nyeo instructs someone to create trouble. Yoo Jin is at the final rehearsal so is Jae Wan. Mo Ne comes too and asks why Jae Wan is here. He says he just came to check one last time. Yoo Jin sings for Mo Ne and she closes her eyes to feel it and Jae Wan got the chance to stare at her. Trouble arouses one after another on the stage. As the light bulb pops out like a fire cracker. Mo Ne tries to save the equipment and Jae Wan stops her but she wants the concert to happen she asks Jae Wan if it can’t happen now and Jae Wan apologizes. He looks around and Mi Nyeo is standing in the door. Yoo Jin is angry and nothing can calm him down. Mo Ne kneels to apologize. Spy girl says he has decided not to create trouble if he is compensated. Woo Hyun plays harmonica for her and tells her about her sister. Mo Ne resembles her, she was afraid but pretends to be brave but now he can see she truly seems brave.

Jae Wan goes to Mi Nyeo’s office and God knows what he is searching for. He opens the suspicious closet and there is a door behind it and behind it is a room. He again searches and looks at a jewelry box which has a pendant, a bracelet and a ring. Not finding what he was searching for he decides to call a day. He gets a text from Mi Nyeo to but everything back together. That’s when he notices a small camera in one of the books. He stands in front if it and bows, Mi Nyeo watching from her cell. Mi Nyeo is with Loman and the are driving to I don’t know where. Mi Nyeo finds Jae Wan pitiful and I find her a bitch.


Jae wan looks at Mo Ne going to her house. He counts till three but the lights are still off. He hears her talking to the cat. He congrats the cat for finding a home.


Jae Wan is getting ready for the day and he gets a call about the trouble at Ciel, he calls spy girl and tells her not to bring Mo Ne at the hotel. Jae Wan enters the meeting with the directors. Ciel is under inspection for using cheap material and the late chairman taking the money. Mi Nyeo says if he has done it they wont be able to find it that easily as he must have covered it up.


Spy Girl keeps giving excuses to Mo Ne because she can’t take her to the hotel and Mo Ne gets to the conclusion that something must be wrong at the hotel and that’s when Mi Nyeo calls her. Mo Ne barges in to Jae Wan’s room and yells at him. She tells her father was not that kind if person and Jae Wan says he knows. She says then why she was not told. Jae Wan tells her the directors would have eaten her alive if she had stepped in the room. She accuses him for treating her as a puppet like the rest of the people. She decides to go to Joong Goo the mastermind behind it and Jae Wan says it’s not him. Mo Ne has to rub it that of course, Jae Wan must know because he is his father. She asks who else would do it and Jae Wan tells her about Mi Nyeo. She has bugged the hotel. He asks if she got the recorder from her. It was him who recorded it and played in his room and then it ended up in Mi Nyeo’s hand.

Joong Goo is throwing darts at Mi Nyeos picture. It would be so hilarious if she walks in but its Jae Wan. Joong Goo denies that he has anything to do with Mi Nyeo and what is happening at Ciel. Jae Wan says Joong Goo’s name and Joong Goo says it feels weird. Jae Wan tells he can’t call him vice chairman anymore or does he want to call him father. He says Joong Goo’s family may have given him a chance and if he doesn’t get away from Mi Nyeo he will tell them what he did to him and his mother.


Mo Ne faces Mi Nyeo and she tells that after the death of the late chairman she kept an eye on Joong Goo and Jae Wan because she thought they killed the late chairman. She shows Mo Ne the pictures saying to defend her love she released the guy who is now creating trouble for the hotel. Mo Ne says there is nothing between them anymore and Mi Nyeo shows her the recent picture of Joong Goo and Jae Wan together.


The broken video is ready for Jae Wan to view. He looks at it and tech the guy says it’s a woman and Jae Wan looks closely and sees a pendant. -I swear I couldn’t see anything.- He remembers seeing the same pendant in Mi Nyeo’s jewelry box.

Mi Nyeo is getting off from work with her son when Jae Wan grabs her wrist and drags her to his car for a rash drive. Loman following them. Jae Wan asks why she did that and she asks him to stop the car. As the speed rises Mi Nyeo starts to have a panic attack and she yells to stop the car, Jae Wan stops. Loman gets out of the car, takes off his jacket and throws at Jae Wan to blind him momentarily so he can have an upper hand. Both guys punch each other and at the second punch did Jae Wan twirled? Loman tells him he won’t leave him if he ever troubled her mother. Jae Wan says he will unmask them and their plans. Mi Nyeo has a nightmare about a car crash and she wakes up screaming. She changes her shirt just to show us the scar on her back and did the scar grew or what?


Jae Wan and Mo Ne rush to the hotel. Chae Kyung told Jae Wan about an emergency meeting. When the reach the hall everyone is clapping and Mi Nyeo is sitting on the chairwoman’s seat. She gets up and tells Mo Ne that she has been dismissed as the chairwoman. Mo Ne stumbles and Jae Wan holds her.



Where to start? How about Mi Nyeo is a bitch. I don’t believe that Mi Nyeo still has no idea that Jae Wan is Joong Goo’s son. Which means if she is Mi Yeon, he could be her child. I mean lady do you forget to press the record button when you are not listening. The last picture she showed to Mo Ne is when Joong Goo was throwing darts at her picture. Were her ears blocked?

Mi Nyeo killed Seung Won. Poor Mo Ne she will be living a nightmare. The person she trusted and was so thankful is the one who took her father from her and moreover she has taken over his father’s beloved possession.

So now Mi Nyeo will destroy the hotel or will she take it as a compensation for her disturbed and destroyed life. Her scar I swear it was a small patch. How did it become this big. Or is it not a scar but some sort of disease. Her scar is first shown in episode 4.

In the last few minutes of the episode Jae Wan was looking Jae Wan. I mean without is usual suit booted persona and perfectly set hair. In short he wasn’t looking like a robot.

Mo Ne lost the hotel the moment she fired Jae Wan. Great now both are unemployed. Maybe they will start working in the hotel but at a lower position.

I swear Jae Wan has some super extra pixel eyes because I couldn’t see a thing in the video except for a figure and he saw the pendant? I watched the scene three times and still noting maybe it’s because I was not wearing my glasses.


21 comments on “Hotel King Episode 18 Recap

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Miss Khan

    Thank you for posting this preview super fast!!😁😄😄I think the true action will happen now since all the true plotting has been revealed to Mo Ne and Jae Won! Will be time to see how the good guys fight back😊Thanks again for posting!! ❤️Keep up the great commentary for episode 17 too! Love it when we are not alone cussing the bad guys😄


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      The main part of the story hasn’t been revealed yet, at least yet to Mi Nyeo. She is going to destroy her own son. NOoooooooooo
      Its about time the good guys learn to fight. Then again is Jae Wan a good guy? Yeah he was manipulated and all but apple doesn’t fall from the tree. but apple has fallen in love and has changed. So yes anything can happen.


  2. Jo says:

    Hi Miss Khan

    Did you see the preview for Episode 19? 🙂 the video I saw only had recap shots of episode 18 but no preview.If you did see the preview could you share it too? So exciting and hard to wait another 5 days😁😁


    • There was no preview for this ep sadly 😦 Anw I guess since mone now only has jaewan our otp can have more otp moments 🙂


      • Miss Khan says:

        Yes, no preview as of yet.
        Otp spending time together is good but for now they need to get the hotel back. Jae Wan need to use his brain and contacts and Mo Ne should should be there for him. to cook food? No, thanks.


  3. Sillee says:

    Thank you so much for your recap, I always come here after an episode is posted to read your recaps because the subs take a while to load all the way and I’ve been dying to know what Mi Nyeo said to Mone at the end. I feel so sad for Jae Wan he never catches a break, if they get back together to fight Mi Nyeo and then later Min Nyeo turns out to be Jae Wan’s mom what will she do? Both his biological parents are somehow responsible for her father’s death and both played a hand in taking away her hotel…cannot wait for next week!! Keep up the good work and thanks again!! 🙂


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      Poor Jae Wan, at this point I just want him to be a random orphan Joong Goo picked up. After learning that Mi Nyeo is the mother maybe Jae Wan will push Mo Ne again. He won’t be able to bear that his parents are the reason Mo Ne’s father died. The question is how will Mo Ne react? She did forgive Jae Wan after learning his hand in her father’s death. Though I found that ridiculous.


  4. Me thinks that jae wans lifr isnt going to be any easier and he will suffer till the last minute and that will be his mother’s grratest torture ! I think she thinks loman is her son while jae wan is oh I wishes JW stripped loman and saw his tatto ! Anyways this is one hell of a melo that will surly not end happy but logically !!
    Thanks miss khan ! You rockkkkk ! LOVE U UNNIE


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      Stupid Mi Nyeo needs to learn that Jae Wan is her son before its too late then there would be nothing left but regret. I think she knows that Loman is not her real son. I too wanted Loman’s shirt to rip, either he take it out himself like he did with the jacket or Jae Wan uses his strength and finally get the damn secret out, but NO. What are they going to show in the last dozen of episodes then?


      • Sillee says:

        I think Mi Nyeo knows Loman is not her son because I remember in one of the episodes (can’t recall which one) but Mi Nyeo said something to Loman like “ever since you came to me you always do what I ask you to and not misbehave like other kids…” so perhaps they are both aware that Loman was adopted by Mi Nyeo.


        • Miss Khan says:

          I think It’s episode 17 and Mi Nyeo’s line can be interpreted in both ways. Loman being born from her or her adopting him. He comes in to her life. Of course it’s my theory.


  5. Lynne says:

    Miss Khannn wonderful recap as usual!!!! I really love how you summarize it!!! Love also every picture. Too bad for Mo Ne for trusting Director Baek and it’s too heart breaking for Jae Wan if she was really her mother. But what I am curious of is who Jae Wan is calling every time he needs help or whom he updates of the current situation also Dir Baek she also calls someone for execution of her plans. Who are these mysterious persons on the phone. Hope it’s Loman for Jae Wan hehehe Thanks again Ms Khan until the next episode. God bless!!!


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      Mi Nyeo told Mo Ne not to trust anyone. God knows why didn’t she listen. The mysterious helper of Jae Wan, I like your theory it might be Loman. Jae Wan found him after some time and they made a plan and this is how the story is progressing or we could be totally wrong. Mi Nyeo’s helper is not Loman because she wouldn’t let her son do the dirty work.


  6. Joy says:

    Thank you for this recap, I have been waiting for you to post it. I have been stalking your blog for quite sometime now, LOL!

    In the pixelated picture of the video, there was a star shaped sparkle on the woman’s chest, just like the sparkly star pendant Jae Wan saw on Dir Baek’s jewelry box, so Jae Wan concluded that it was Dir Baek that was there on the room with the Chairman.

    Also, I have a theory.. Remember when Loman asked Jae Wan if he would be willing to sell him the Vice Chairman’s stock if he is to help Jae Wan, and Jae Wan said that it is reserved for somebody else? I think he would give it to Mo Ne, so she might still have controlling share with the company, or at least she still has a big portion of the shares, so they can’t really take over the company completely.

    I can’t wait for the next episode. I wish it’s Saturday already. 🙂


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      Jae Wan didn’t saw the woman it was the tech guy who pointed it out and the video was damaged its too far fetched that he recognized the pendant and how convenient that it was the same pendant that was just lying in Mi Nyeo’s jewelry box in her secret room when her whole room was empty clean.

      Oh, I thought he was talking about himself when Jae Wan said the shares has its owner. He can and he will give the shares to Mo Ne to save the hotel if that’s the case. Nice

      Let’s all pray for the Saturday’s episode to be good.


      • Lola Paloma says:

        Yup .. I thought so too, that the share was his(Jae wan’s) and will use it to help Mo Ne but now nobody can help her except maybe Woo Hyun … Saturday pls come soon 🙂


        • Miss Khan says:

          If Woo Hyun is to help Mo Ne then he would have to ask his father. By the way what happened to the land of farm chairman’s. Loman, Joong Goo and farm chairman made the deal which was a trap for Joong Goo then what? Is the land still with the farm chairman? Am I making any sense?


  7. Lola Paloma says:

    lol .. I love reading your recap. It always make me feel at ease especially after the turbulence of this particular episode;)

    Yup .. I can’t see the sparkles of Mi Nyeo’s pendant too ..

    Anyway Mo Ne being Mo Ne .. her naivete caused her another heartbroken news. Luckily Jae Wan was there to hold her when she stumbled. I am just not sure how you can dismissed someone with large portion of the shares without her presence in a meeting. Of course she can be dismissed considering Mi Nyeo has more shares now but Mo Ne has to be present too since she is not just any shareholder but holding a huge shares too. She should be present during the voting .. at least .. I think

    This must be a revenge for Mi Nyeo, for the betrayal caused by both of her men. I thought in one of the episode, someone told Mi Nyeo her baby has passed away right? So most probably because of that too .. losing her baby and almost losing her life made her a woman with a vengeance. Scary! And the one who will be most hurt either way is ‘our’ Jae Wan- a sociopath dad and mom. Pity you love ..

    Again .. thanks Miss Khan for recap & comment.. as usual it makes me smile everytime 🙂


  8. Miss Khan says:

    You’re Welcome ^___^

    I don’t know how these share holder’s meeting goes but no one ever wanted Mo Ne to be the chairwoman. It was Mi Nyeo who gave the three month ultimatum and that was a part of her plan.

    Just who the hell told Mi Nyeo that her child died? How can you say that to a mother and above all a lie. If she is truly Jae Wan’s mother then I don’t want to think anything T_T


    • Lola Paloma says:

      Hmm someone did told Mi Nyeon or Mi Nyeo about her baby died .. I think it’s in episode 15 or 16 .. it has to be in your recap .. Where else could I get a memorizable detail of HK if it’s not from Miss Khan 😉


      • Miss Khan says:

        It’s in episode 16 yes , but what I’m trying to say is why would anyone lie to Mi Nyeo/Yeon?
        Oh, thank you ^__^ such praise. I’m in seventh heaven, one mistake and I will be back to mother earth cursing myself for being an idiot.


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