Hotel King Episode 15 Recap



Finally an episode that I liked after some dull ones. Though Mo Ne is still clingy and won’t budge no matter what.
It’s about time you choose who you want to partner with before you are alone all by yourself but choose your partner carefully.

Episode 15

Mo Ne thrashes Jae Wan’s house and finds the gun. Jae Wan covers her eyes, she asks him who is he. Too scared himself he tries to make her understand by touching her but Mo Ne runs from his house. Jae Wan follows him but they both stop as Joong Goo is outside tapping his cane. Joong Goo bla blas he was worried where they went bla bla thanks Mo Ne for the gift bla bla. Having heard enough of Joong Goos babbling Mo Ne calls him a murderer and plays the audio. Jae Wan snatches the recorder and smashes it. Joong goo says it’s all a misunderstanding and puts all the blame on Jae Wan. Mo Ne tells him to shut it and Jae Wan says it’s the truth. Joong Goo tries to comfort Mo Ne by touching her but she spits on him. Angry, Joong Goo can’t do anything to Mo Ne so he hits Jae Wan with his cane. He raises the cane again but Mo Ne comes between them. Joong Goo tells her to go ahead and tell the police everything it wouldn’t matter because Jae Wan would be with him as well. He laughs like a crazy maniac and leaves.


Jae Wan too leaves and Mo Ne follows him to his house. She knows Jae Wan had to do all the bad things because Joong Goo threatened him. Jae Wan says if she can forgive him. Mo Ne is sure there must be reasons but Jae Wan says otherwise. Mo Ne curses him and says she will call the police and Jae Wan provides her, his cell. Calling her on her bluff. She dials the number and tells that this person killed her dad and wants tp ruin the hotel. She throws the cell and leaves. She had dialed an unidentified number.

Mo Ne comes back to her house. She looks at the robo Jae Wan gave her, she smashes it and then realizes what she has done. She tries to mend it but can’t. She starts crying saying sorry and how she can’t fix it anymore and tells it not to die. Why does it feel like she is saying all this to Jae Wan. She is apologizing for the harsh words she said to him and she can’t mend the relationship and please stop saying such ominous words like dying.


Jae Wan looks at the gun and flashback young Jayden is in the car with Joong Goo, they are at the gangster’s funeral. Joong Goo tells him if he will go back there, he will be a murderer so he should live with him. Jayden says he has to bring Ji Won too but Joong Goo doesn’t let him go. He says Ji Won is not his real brother. Jayden says he promised to be with him forever. Joong Goo says murderer Jayden is dead for them. His name now is Cha Jae Wan and shows him the gun and tells him not to forget what he has done and caresses his cheek. -creepy, shivers *pedophile alert*-

Jae Wan himself has a pile of broken robots. Joong Goo calls him and says who gave the recorder to Mo Ne and is not bothered because it’s just a recording and nothing will happen. Jae Wan looks at the empty wall where once his beloved painting was, he says to Joong Goo that the cruelest thing he has done to him is not the threatening or the beating but he has kept him all this while.

Next morning – Yes everyone can feel the tension between Mo Ne and Jae Wan. Mo Ne keeps chewing Jae Wan and he lets her do it. She tells the staff to bring every matter to her and not to Jae Wan. Hotel is preparing for an event.

Jae Wan asks her if she wants his resignation. Mo Ne says no she wants him to suffer. Concierges chitchat what’s going on between Jae Wan and Mo Ne and this is how rumors start.

Mo Ne is sitting like life is sucked out of her. Mi Nyeo says, she told her not to trust anyone and even now it seems she trusts Jae Wan. Mo Ne says he is hurting more. – I don’t understand this girl, she keeps crying and is clingy and now I’m hating myself for repeating it now and then.-


Jae Wan proposes to Joong Goo to have an event using his wife. The casino would make a negative impression on people so they need to have a good image of Ciel.

Spy girl informs Mo Ne about the meeting that farm chairman is going to have with Joong Goo and Jae Wan. Mo Ne storms out. Spy girl is calm and has a satisfying smile on her face. Mo Ne asks her not to tag along. Jae Wan stands next to spy girl and yes spy girl was following his orders. She knows they both won’t do anything to hurt the other.

Mo Ne confronts the farm chairman but he won’t budge so Mo Ne works in his farm to win his heart. Farm chairman calls Woo Hyun to take Mo Ne and Woo Hyun too ends up helping her.

Jae Wan arrives with Joong Goo at the farm and Mo Ne blocks the way from the front and Woo Hyun from behind. Farm chairman tells his lackeys to throw Mo Ne out and Woo Hyun threats to even touch a single strand of her hair and the consequences will be that he will only have the money and no son. Mo Ne is thankful to Woo Hyun.


Farm chairman says it doesn’t matter to him who gets the land. And both the parties start bidding higher and higher. Joong Goo puts a stop to think it more rationally. Mo Ne tells Jae Wan to stop and back off. Jae Wan tells her to do the same if she wants to keep the hotel. Mo Ne is even willing to let something slide but Jae Wan didn’t let her finish the sentence.

Joong Goo is fuming and getting angry at Jae Wan for rising the bid. Farm chairman has told him to make the new contract with the higher bid. Jae Wan says they had no other way to get the land. Joong Goo asks about the charity event, Jae Wan says everything is going well.


Mo Ne is reliving when Jae Wan ran to her. She starts to cry again. -Goodness this girl.- Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan throws the female robo slaps him twice but the third time he holds her hand. He tells her to go if she has vent her anger. She asks him to do the same. He asks if she has gone crazy she says yes she has because she couldn’t call the police even though she knew he has killed her father. Jae Wan talks to someone on the cell, and asks him to do what he is told. And ta-da he has fixed the female robo.

Mo Ne jogs and Chae Kyung joins her asking about Jae Wan. Mo Ne pretends she doesn’t know him. Chae Kyung tells her if she has dumped him she will have him again. She tells Mo Ne that Jae Wan loved her and find comfort in her and was happy, she better not regret. Jae Wan can hear Joong Goo and his family laughing. He is there to bring Joong Goo to the hotel. Mo Ne looks at them from far. A voice gets her attention and its Loman. She right then and there asks boldly and bluntly what would he take to come to her side. Loman decides to chat on lunch.


Jae Wan has arranged a magician for the show and he does the slicing trick with Joong Goo inside the box. Magician guy asks Jae Wan to insert the sword as most people don’t believe in it. Joong Goo gives the permission as well. Jae Wan wants to know what would happen if he tilts the sword, would it kill Joong Goo and inserts the sword into the box.


Jae Wan looks at his trembling hand. -Please tell me this is not related to any disease what so ever.- Jae Wan calls the spy girl and then says it’s nothing. Spy girl on her own tells about the meeting going on between Mo Ne and Loman at Chae Kyung’s restaurant. Without a delay he goes there and Chae Kyung covers for him. They sit right next to Mo Ne’s table to eaves drop. Mo Ne again proposes her question and what Loman needs is trust. How Mo Ne will be spending his money if he invests. Mo Ne says trust is nothing, it’s meaningless. They both decide to go on a date.
Jae Wan follows loman and he knows it and they both confront each other. Jae Wan asks him what his reasons are to approach Mo Ne when he told him not to. Loman says, personal interest and tells him not to follow him because he doesn’t work with someone who doesn’t trust him. Mi Nyeo tells them it is a staff only area and to leave and gives Jae Wan some pointers on Loman that he is smart and to be careful.

Mi Nyeo scolds Loman for letting Jae Wan follow him. He tells her Mo Ne is giving him, her shares for his investment. Mi Nyeo tells him to take it. Loman asks when to start with Joong Goo and she says it has already been started.

Joong Goo finds a note on his table and it’s a greeting by Baek Mi Yeon. Joong Goo yells that this can’t be as she is dead and asks who it was but the walls remain silent. Isn’t that Jae Wan’s mothers name? I too had a doubt her and Mi Nyeo’s name were similar. Is Mi Yeon, Mi Nyeo or were they sisters?

Event – the concierges and the staff perform for the guests. The main performance is the magic show and Joong Goo is dressed like, I don’t know, I laughed so hard looking at him. He does magic tricks for the kids.

Back stage Joong Goo curses the kids and Jae Wan asks if he doesn’t like children. Joong Goo goes on they are poor, filthy beggars who cling like dirt and all they want is money from him. The twist is all this can be heard in the hall where the guests are. The children start to cry and the people start to leave. Joong Goo peeks in the hall and sees everyone leaving. His wife calls out to him, what the heck jerk -my words of course.- Joong Goo has no idea what is going on but as he speaks he hears his own voice and then realizes that he is doomed. His daughter can’t believe and leaves the hall too. Joong Goo tries to stop her but stumbles on the stage. Mo Ne is watching and so is Jae Wan with his devilish grin.



Now this made my day and I literally laughed from the bottom of my heart. Joong Goo being humiliated, now that calls for a party. Hooray. Jae Wan turning the tables and protecting Mo Ne on the other hand and doing all of this alone. A round of applause for this robotic guy. but this will cause a huge blow to Ciel’s image.I’m sure Jae Wan will think of something. 

It’s of course Mi Nyeo who put the note in Joong Goo’s room but what is her relationship with Mi Yeon, is a new mystery for us to solve. Again, is Mi Nyeo, Mi Yeon then that means she is Jae Wan’s mother. If that’s true that does she know this? How come Jae Wan never recognized her? Where did she find Loman? 

So the love triangle is going to start because Chae Kyung is upping her game and Loman is interested in Mo Ne, though his mom told him to do it but I think he is gonna fall for her for real. Poor Woo Hyun.

My screen caps why are you so crappy today?



10 comments on “Hotel King Episode 15 Recap

  1. Benny Sonia says:

    Loved this episode. Joong Goo your colors are showing. His look as he peered out of the stage was pure genius.

    Mone never ceases to stop impressing me. Shes knows her Man and knows that he is hurting just as much as she is if not more. Shes toughen out a bit to get her fathers dream and to also not be Jae Wan’s Achilles heel. If they are at odds then she can’t be used against him. Shes trying hard to figure out his game plan.

    Jae Wan working so hard to be indifferent to Mone and it’s tearing him up because he loves her. Thats why he takes her set downs in public as penance for his wrongdoings. He’s trying to keep her safe and bring down Joong Goo.

    Cant wait to see today’s episode. Miss Khan your recaps are awesome.


  2. miss ada says:

    thanks for your recap! loving it!!! wahh.. >_< cant wait for the next episode!!


  3. IFFAG says:

    Thank you for the summary!
    I’m going to watch it soon, and I hope the angsty stuff will end soon :3


  4. kiki says:

    finally I’ve got this recap. thank you miss khan.
    please keep writing the recap of this drama bcoz I do love it. its unpredictable story that makes me feel excited to follow.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^
      I will try my level best not to disappoint you guys. Yes, the story is unpredictable even though the secrets are out but the mystery remains the same.


  5. Lynne says:

    Ms Khan can we share your recaps on the HK forum? You really explained it well and sharing this might enlighten HK supporters 🙂


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