Hotel King Episode 11 Recap


This scene was so amazing I was completely speechless. Why drama why, just now both of them, Mo Ne and Jae Wan have confirmed their feelings for each other and you have to drop the bomb. And the most awaited thing happens.

Episode 11


Jae Wan drives back after finding the truth. He still has Mo Ne’s coffee cup.  He takes it in his hand -hmm are you going to take a sip, indirect kiss.-

Jae Wan goes to Joong Goo’s some sort of party. Oh Joong Goo’s wife wrote something bla bla bla not interested. Joong Goo’s daughter asks Jae Wan to keep a secret from her dad that she works in Chae Kyung’s restaurant. Joong Goo doesn’t like them talking together.
Cutting the rest of the bla bla- Jae Wan reveals here that Joong Goo supported an orphan like him and this is news to everybody. Mi Nyeo is present too. She later asks for the ride to the hotel. -I do wonder what her motives are. Yup, I know I keep saying this in every recap. – She says to Jae Wan, why he is thinking about going down with Joong Goo, only the target should go down.

Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan at his house and tells the cat about the confession. She is totally giddy about it. Jae Wan comes and she is super happy to see him. She speaks politely in jondae with him. He asks if she waited. She confidently says no she was out for a jog and stopped by, and then she remembers and looks at her clothes. He takes her inside aww he bought a cake for her. Mo Ne acting all lady like, is so awkward, looks like she is possessed.  Jae Wan leaves the table and Mo Ne starts to gobble the cake. She pulls a piece of paper out her bag. It’s an article on Jae Wan about what kind of women does he like. A feminine like person with a bright smile- Jae Wan is again looking at the real test results and thinks back to when he went to the chairman’s altar to tell him that he knows it is a sin but he loves his daughter and not to forgive him. By the time Jae Wan comes back Mo Ne is watching Charlie Chaplin.  She shows him a bright smile. He sits with her and OHMYGOD wait this is so sweet. She asks how many times he has watched the movie. He replies countless times why because the main character doesn’t speak much.  Mo Ne is watching tv and Jae Wan is watching her actually he is sneaking glances at her. She holds his face, and tells him to look for all his heart’s desire.  -Brb Melting. – He asks will she trust him no matter what. She answers she knows about him and she trusts him. Once again alone Jae Wan thinks back to Joong Goo’s lies and the sweet confession. Jae Wan is determined he will not let Joong Goo take anything from him anymore.

Exercise time. Mo Ne’s birthday is coming near. She wears her emerald bracelet again. Jae Wan waits for Mo Ne in front of her house and they go for a run. Mo Ne shows him her bracelet, which he responds he already knows about it. She wants to tell him about her coming birthday and asks if he knows what month does emerald belong to. Jae Wan says May and she is impressed. He tells her he remembered for the VIP guests and tells her to do the same. Chae Kyung joins to ruin the mood, but Mo Ne isn’t backing down.  Jae Wan runs straight while the girls change their positions to be near Jae Wan.

Jae Wan instead going to his house stops somewhere else. -It’s a secret but should I tell you now and ruin the surprise? No. – Mo Ne asks Chae Kyung if she knows about Jae Wan and she does every single thing. Mo Ne doesn’t like losing so she blurts about Jae Wan’s tattoo. Chae Kyung is surprised and Mo Ne remembers Jae Wan asking her not to tell anyone about it. She jokes about it don’t know if Chae Kyung bought it or not, but she tells Mo Ne not to trouble Jae Wan. Mo Ne says she doesn’t care about her and Jae Wan’s past relationship and if this isn’t the Jae Wan she used to know then that means he didn’t love her. Jae Wan wants to quickly retire for the day as he has something to do later. He wants to know about his birth parents and everything but they can’t find it.


Mo Ne joins the dots of Jae Wan’s story. Jae Wan was 7 and was taken in by Joong Goo who still beats him. Spy girl comes with Joong Goo’s file and says he has been doing the investment dealings all along and legally. Even now investment dealing is going on and Mo Ne decides to take charge.


Mo Ne texts Jae Wan to which he takes this long to reply so she calls him. Mo Ne and Jae Wan’s teaching lesson- They have a bet if she achieved a higher score he has to do something for her.  She thinks should it be better if she keeps him as her general manager forever, but decides on a dinner date. Jae Wan thinks about Chae Kyung’s restaurant and Mo Ne is quick to say, no. -I’m with Mo Ne on this one. – Mo Ne kisses Jae Wan on the cheek and goes in. He counts till three, she switches on her lights. He again counts till three and her squealing is heard.


Mo Ne gets a surprise visitor, a swing. -Oh, hello Mr. Swing how do you do?- Jae Wan made the swing and he even names it “Mo Ne’s swing”. He has one of his robos and a note which says he used to love this robo but now he loves someone more. Jae Wan approaches and asks if she doesn’t like the present Mo Ne is so overwhelmed that she cries and he pats on her head like we do with cats. Maids are the witness to the whole scene Jae Wan passes by them, he doesn’t care about anything. Jae Wan is looking for the doctor, but he is vanished.

Mo Ne is looking for what to wear.  With her wardrobe filled she says she has no clothes. It’s Woo Hyun’s time to wish Mo Ne birthday. -Seriously dude do something with your character, be the chairman’s real son and shock everyone though most of us will be like hahaha we predicted that.- Woo Hyun looks at the swing.  Mo Ne told him, Jae Wan made for him. He too had a present for her a hair pin? But he doesn’t give her.

Woo Hyun finds the painter. He tells that the late chairman gave him a hefty sum and shows Woo Hyun a picture, the painting is a replica of it. Woo Hyun lets Jae Wan know and shows him the picture while standing at the same spot. He says chairman’s death was not a suicide. Jae Wan asks him to close this chapter, but later texts Woo Hyun to meet him in the parking. Woo Hyun says the chairman had wrapped the picture with a ribbon and regrets it for not noticing it. Jae Wan asks him why he is doing this. Woo Hyun just wants to do something for Mo Ne.


Mo Ne texts Jae wan not to be late and he responds with a yes. Mo Ne is totally disappointed. Mi Nyeo brings a gift for Mo Ne. -Does Mo Ne not know how to open it? She literally plucked the ribbon. It’s a box just open the cover/lid. Anyways, seems like its empty, oh wait its ice. Mi Nyeo reminds her only 2 months are left. Mo Ne says she is doing it as Mi Nyeo instructed, using Jae Wan. Mi Nyeo corrects her; she said to use Jae Wan not to fall in love with him and to trust him. Mo Ne says she trusts him. – What is Mo Ne wearing, no seriously? Should I give up on her fashion sense?-

Jae Wan looks at the painting and something strikes; he runs and sees Woo Hyun with the crazy girl. Woo Hyun wants to trade the ribbon with a candy. Jae Wan runs to the bridge and finds a boat, after searching he finds a recorder. Woo Hyun connecting the dots reaches there, but Jae Wan has beaten him to it. Jae Wan lies there was nothing on it. Woo Hyun searches but can’t find anything.

Jae Wan is about to play the recorder when he gets a call from the doctor and he asks him to meet. Jae Wan drives to the doctor while Mo Ne is getting ready for her date. God knows why Jae Wan decided to listen to the radio and hears the news about the doctor’s death. Orphanage department sends a message to Jae Wan that they found something on him. It was Joong Goo who sent him for adoption. Not able to believe anything Jae Wan calls Joong Goo and says why did he do that and calls him a murderer.  Joong Goo laughs.


Finally Jae Wan plays the recorder and there is late chairman’s message for Mo Ne. He says he is in danger and so is Mo Ne and to beware of Joong Goo and Jae Wan. Jae wan is Joong Goo’s real son. Jae Wan just can’t believe what he heard and plays it again and again.  Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan.

Jae Wan goes to his house. He looks scary. He hears someone sobbing.  It’s his younger self looking at his favorite painting and crying. Older Jae Wan walks to him and asks him not to cry if he cries, then it means all is real. He hugs his younger self and yells at him to stop crying. His younger self disappears.  Jae Wan takes his favorite painting down and stomps on it, he yells and screams and destroys the picture. He cries.

Its night and Mo Ne still waits for Jae Wan to come. Jae Wan is standing looking at her from afar. She unbeknownst to that shouts Jae Wan’s name and tell him to come and she will forgive him. Dejected, she decides to leave and Jae Wan comes in front of her. She looks at his tired and troubled face and asks if something happened.  He hugs her and kisses her.
See I told you happiness is far, far away. It was wrong of me to even think about happiness. I can’t be even happy about the kiss when Jae Wan is hurting so much inside.
Yup, somewhere in our minds, we had suspicions that Jae Wan might be Joong Goo’s son and the truth is here.  Now what is left to know is about Woo Hyun or the little boy who was with Jayden.  What was the little boys name again, Ji Won?


The scene where he sees his younger self crying is done so beautifully that I’m still speechless. Showing little Jae Wan crying was showing older Jae Wan a mirror. When you are younger you can show and express your feelings more clearly than when you are older. It’s after his younger self vanished that he starts to scream and cry. I think that’s what they wanted to show and they succeeded.


In all of this I completely forgot about one thing, you guys might have already learned, about Hotel King changing the directors and what not. We can’t do anything except pray that the drama doesn’t lose its pace, though I know the drama is going pretty fast so please drama gods I don’t need any speed bumps please.


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  1. Omg I loved the ep thank you aloooooot I keeep refreshing !


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    wow what a nice recap… i love it… really not hoping for speed but more love love love in this drama 🙂 thank you again… waiting for episode 12 recap God bless!


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    thank you miss khan. looooooove every scene of LDW & LDH…. >.<


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    Thank you ms Khan for all the recaps. I found out about this series when it was at episode 8 and went online and happened to find your recaps so I read all of them and got caught up. This series has me captivated now I anxiously wait for every Saturday and Sunday to watch new episodes and read your recaps. 🙂


  8. kaye ^^ says:

    .,thank you for this nice recap. I was not able to watch episode 11 fully because when I was watching it online, it just stopped and didn’t continue anymore. I am grateful for this, I am well informed even without watching the whole episode. Do you know any link that I can watch this drama without hassle? I will appreciate it a lot ^^


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