Ghosts, Dreams and Maths

Math is a ghost that I don’t even want to dream about.

Let’s discuss about them separately.

First ghosts. aka Jinns. Do you believe in them? I do. I’m not talking about the dead ghost spirits. No, that’s fake. Jinns are created by Allah through fire just as angels are born from light and humans from mud/clay.
There are nice and evil jinns just like humans. I saw one, met one and talked to one. I was young and I was super scared. It happened like this. On one winter night I was asleep, I woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I saw my brother leaving the room. I whispered to him not to go as our father will get angry and I even tried to hold him, but just as I was trying that I saw my brother sleeping on the bed. Eeeppp.
Another one was, I was watching television with my siblings and we saw a shadow and we ran after him, trying to catch him but he vanished.

Me and my family have felt jinns presence many times. The jinn deliberately announce its presence, but we are not scared because we have Kalam Allah (Quran). I told you just a few of the counters with the jinn, I had many.


On to dreams- Dreams do come true. No, not that dreams that I want to be a pilot, doctor, husband or a wife. Dreams that we see after we sleep.
I don’t normally have dreams. Sometimes I do and it means something though I’m unable to decipher it at that moment. Once it comes true then I think back, that dream was an indication.

I once saw a dream and it came true. It was the most depressed year of my life and I hope no more comes in my way. I saw jinn in my dreams too. Once it appeared as my sister and once only his voice.


Math- I hate it. I’m the only one among my siblings who was so bad at it that my mum was worried about my future. At this point of my life I don’t care if 2+2=4, 8 or 6.

Now *ahem ahem* I’m a college graduate, MashaAllah.  I’m thinking about University. Let’s see what comes first in my hand, university degree or a marriage certificate.


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