Hotel King Episode 10 Recap


Yay girl power

Finally like finally like thank God the cat is out of the bag and running along in the fields enjoying its freedom.

Episode 10
Mo Ne wants to hold Jae Wan’s hand. Jae Wan gets a call from Joong Goo and Mo Ne doesn’t want him to go. She leans in and he moves his face away. He asks her to never come near him and to die. Mo Ne apologizes for knowing the secret. (Joong Goo beating Jae Wan). The sun is setting and he leaves her there. Spy girl comes and Mo Ne is literally crying.

Jae wan goes to meet Chae Kyung. She is a substitute of Mo Ne. He kisses her and Chae Kyung knows she is not the one he is kissing but Jae Wan insists it has to be her. Chae Kyung asks if its love and why can’t he be together with Mo Ne. Jae Wan doesn’t reply and leaves.

Jae Wan jogs at night and meets Joong Goo. Joong Goo asks if it’s his doing (the audio file).  Oh is it Jae Wan? Joong Goo angry holds his cane to hit Jae Wan again but this time he stops it and takes the cane forcefully and throws it. He asks Joong Goo not to come near his sight. Joong Goo tells his dog that Jae Wan will come back to him. Jae Wan once again alone thinks back to Mo Ne’s declaration of love and Chae Kyung asking why he can’t be together with Mo Ne. He thinks back to the time when he came to Korea; Joong Goo gave him the paternity test in which was proved that Jae Wan and the chairman are father and son. Oh Joong Goo already faked it and showed it to Jae Wan. No wonder Jae Wan was hell bent on taking revenge.

Mo Ne is at Jae Wan’s door apologizing and asking if he is still angry. Spy girl tells that he is not at home.  Jae wan has gone to meet the last chairman’s doctor. He didn’t hand him over the police but asked him to testify against Joong Goo and Jae Wan will make sure he won’t go to prison. He wants him to live his life feeling guilty. Jae Wan says a week is left. Doctor wants to tell him something but will tell him when he will fulfill his promise.

Woo Hyun’s friend sees an envelope, Woo Hyun has signed the papers of going to the other hotel. Woo Hyun meets the creepy pervert and tells him his decision. Creepy pervert is happy. New team leader is again at Woo Hyun’s throat. Mo Ne asks if it’s one of his duties and from there she gets to know Woo Hyun is leaving Ciel. She thinks it’s a joke but Woo Hyun’s face tells a different story. All the employees who have agreed to go with creepy pervert have a meeting with Mo Ne. Mo Ne wonders how he knew about the staff and both the receptionists enter. The girl blabbed about the staff after getting the earrings. Mo Ne decides to teach creepy pervert a lesson. Spy girl and Chae Kyung help her. All of a sudden everyone is going cycling three girls and creepy pervert. Mo Ne deliberately pushes him in a ditch. He comes back dirty and limping. Woo Hyun was just playing along he never wanted to leave Ciel. Creepy pervert leaves the hotel and Mo Ne warns him not to bother Jae Wan again. Jae wan stops creepy pervert on his way back and threats him not to come after him again.

Jae Wan has come back to the hotel the first thing he does is meet Mi Nyeo. She is the one who was behind creepy pervert coming to Ciel and bothering Jae Wan. -Oi Mi Nyeo you are testing my patience.-
Both are hiding something from the other. Mi Nyeo mentions a thief going through her things. Jae wan asks her to put back the security cameras in her office and Mi Nyeo catches him saying she never said the thief went to her office. -Sneaky bitch. –  Crazy girl again tells Jae Wan about the bracelet and he doesn’t pay any attention.

To get praise on what Mo Ne has accomplished she wants to go to Jae Wan’s place but remembers his harsh words.  Jae Wan is looking through his window and it’s like he heard what she said, he praises her.
Mo Ne is asleep her cell rings she replies in her sleepy voice but jumps when she recognizes its Jae Wan on the other side. He is waiting for her outside. She hurriedly gets up and looks at the clock its 5 am. She asks if something happened in the hotel but Jae Wan starts to run. He asks her if the option is still valid for helping her. She is more than happy.  He says he will train her for a week and gives her schedule. Mo Ne thinks it’s hard but Jae Wan tells she must not give up, must not say no and must not touch him. Maids see them together.  Mo Ne tries to run but Jae Wan holds her wrist and tells the maid the new schedule of Mo Ne. -But I thought no touching. – Jae Wan clarifies that they are not chairwoman and general manager but teacher and student. He teaches her about the management and stuff but she is in no mood and starts her childlike habits. Jae Wan says they can’t be able to do anything and Mo Ne apologizes playfully. Funny guy is finally falling in love with his maid.

Joong Goo introduces a new guy to Mo Ne and Jae Wan a chairman of some place. Seems like Woo Hyun and the chairman recognize each other. -Oh great now what’s their relationship-.
Spy girl goes to visit Jae Wan. Jae Wan is leaving his general managers position. He asked her to help Mo Ne. Spy girl says if it’s Ciels chairwoman she can’t do it but if it’s Mo Ne she can help her. It’s understandable as Jae Wan loving her. He asks her not to mention it again.


Jae Wan decides for a night session and Mo Ne asks why they have to go to the hotel for lessons. Creepy pervert has gone berserk and breaking things with his baseball bat in front of the hotel.  He sees Jae Wan and charges at him. Mo Ne comes in front of Jae Wan like she is some sort of superwoman. Jae Wan manages to move her. The chaos brings the staff outside and they hold the creepy pervert. He keeps blabbing that he will tell everyone what kind of person Jae Wan is. Jae Wan beats the crap out of him and its Mo Ne’s voice that stops him. Jae Wan asks Mo Ne is she is crazy.  Mo Ne cries and says that she doesn’t want him to get hurt.  Jae Wan sees a minor bruise on her hand. He drags her away. Chae Kyung and Woo Hyun looking at them helplessly. Jae Wan takes her to his house and applies medicine on her she asks if he is angry and tells him to apply on his wound as well. Tears dripping from her eyes she asks if he really hates her and is about to touch him again but stops. Jae Wan too cries he touches her and says no, he likes her and if he doesn’t we would die. Mo Ne smiles and so does Jae Wan. Chae Kyung is looking at them. Woo Hyun puts the medicine bag in front of Mo Ne’s house, Chae Kyung tells him she is not at home and looks at Jae Wan’s house.  -You guys can be together but I hate Chae Kyung so Woo Hyun can get the crazy girl.-


Jae wan takes some super important files from his safe. Doctor calls him in a panicky voice with some background noise the call is disrupted. Jae Wan hurries to the doctor’s place but can’t find him. Joong Goo calls him and Jae Wan asks him about the doctor. Joong Goo tells him he should have protected him. Jae Wan tells the game is over but Joong Goo says he will only go in for money laundering.  Jae wan throws his phone in anger and sees an envelope. It’s a paternity test result of Jae Wan and the late chairman. The original one, they are not related to each other. Jae wan can’t believe it and again the flashback of Joong Goo showing him the fake paternity test in which Jae Wan and the chairman are related to each other.


The secret is out sooner than I expected. Now Jae Wan and Mo Ne are not siblings can they be together from now on and then happy end? No, okay I agree we are just 10 episodes in. Thinking about happiness is too much.
The new chairman guy of somecompany who is he? Why he and Woo Hyun recognize each other?
Mi Nyeo I think I will go crazy because of her.

Maids love line, sometimes I even forget to mention about it because it has no connection to the main story.

17 comments on “Hotel King Episode 10 Recap

  1. lynnysaputra says:

    Thank you for your recap… love Hotel King, their emotion on this episode are brilliant. great acting really


  2. lidy says:

    Thanks for recapping. Seems like you’re the only drama blogging hotel king, so thank you again. Loved the confession scene, wish I.could switch places with mo ne


  3. Lola Paloma says:

    Yeay finally .. Read your ep 9 recap and anxiously waiting for your 10! 🙂 Thank you (100x) for recapping this .. Very few blog does it. 😉

    Yup that Mi Nyeo lady is surely with a strategy for something, it irks me. We are only at 10 with 22 or 23 episodes to go but we already had a love confession and ‘real’ DNA test result (Gosh I was smiling ear to ear at this point) .. wonder how this drama is going to run. CJW must feel so used and guilty.

    Another character that somehow knows more is that ‘weird’ girl who always dropped good hint to them but nobody listen. But then again what keeps me smiling would be ‘I like you hair, eyes, nose and lips … if you don’t love me, I would die ..’ .. Arghhh so jealous of Mo ne

    Thanks Miss Khan .. can’t wait for your next recap.


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome

      The drama is creating so much hype about Mi Nyeo that I think the end result would be total blah.-hope not- If she is a spy she needs to die asap but if not then show your true intentions and stop me from pulling my hair already. Confession was indeed sweet. *in la la land*

      The crazy girl will make everyone go crazy. She pops up from time to time and then she will disappear. One day she will come back, haunting the people who never listened to her. -oh, I’m writing a horror story.-

      I’m not jealous of Mo Ne, she is a fictional character.That’s what I keep saying to myself to remain calm or I would be screaming OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD.


  4. Lola Paloma says:

    Just sharing the new OST debuted with this week episodes for confession scene .. enjoy 🙂


  5. Marisa says:

    Thanks.for ur recap..
    I love this showww, and we know that JW and Mo Ne isn’t siblings 🙂


  6. Lynne says:

    Finally I found a website that recaps & have pictures in it. Thank you Miss Khan. I’ll be following you also on FB & Twitter! Daebak summary! I love Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae my favorite couple! Excited for Episode 11! Jungmal Kamsahamnida!


  7. I couldn’t believe it’s just 10 eps but the truth is already revealed! Come on, there’s still 22 eps to go T_T i was expecting the love story will begin at the very end eps. Because if they give the truth and the love story begin in the early eps i become easily boring hehehe


  8. kiki says:

    thank you so much for all of the recaps. i love the couple LDW and LDH. and this show is awesome. please keep writing for the recap miss khan. cant wait for the next recap. thanks again. ^__^


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