Hotel King Episode 8 Recap



Need to take some calming pills. Don’t panic at any account even if you believe someone is staring at you. *stares*

Episode 8

The little boy leaves, he is not told about his father. Mo Ne hugs him and Jae Wan gives him one of his robots. Little boy says Jae Wan is the best hotelier Mo Ne agrees saying he is a nice guy. Jae Wan looks at his hand and remembers about last night.

Maids time- They find Jae Wan’s bed messy and a woman’s jacket and a strand of hair. Their verdict, Jae Wan is dating someone.


Flirty guy gives updates of the upcoming events to Jae Wan. A waiter passes by, he is a new guy. Jae Wan’s spidey senses tingles when he smells the cologne on him.

For the customer who has dementia Woo Hyun and his partner act as Santa Claus. Woo Hyun has no idea that the customer gave them money and new staff reprimand them for not following the rules. Mo Ne tries to solve the misunderstanding but Jae Wan says the new team will handle it. Jae Wan asks her not to take anyone’s side because the rest of the employees would treat him as an enemy.

Mo Ne finds Woo Hyun and asks if he is sulking. Finally she asks that was bothering the most of us. Why did the chairman gave Woo Hyun the harmonica? There must be some reason and Woo Hyun too has utmost respect for the chairman. She jokes if he is her half brother. Woo Hyun says the chairman saved him. -oi why is this pointing to the little boy who was with Jayden?- Mo Ne’s phone rings and she leaves. Woo Hyun takes the harmonica and says may be that’s why he cares for her. Jae wan watches her leave and sees the same cologne guy watching Mo Ne. Though he quickly takes notice of Jae Wan’s stare on him.

Joong Goo meets Mi Nyeo and asks for her expertise. He has a cat and it thinks that it has grown into a tiger and is clawing at him. What should he do? Mi Nyeo says to take the most important thing of his and control it the cat will come back to its nature. -oi Mi Nyeo you do know who Joong Goo is saying that about?-


Funny guy finds an anonymous diary and reads it. The diary is of his maid who has written her wild romantic fantasies. Spy girl gives Mo Ne files to read. For Mo Ne to understand it Jae Wan has put the sticky notes.
Jae Wan takes his new team for fun. You betcha someone is following them but he runs away. Jae Wan smelled the same cologne on him. Jae Wan gets a video message eepp someone is monitoring Mo Ne. Jae Wan runs.
Mo Ne looks out the window wondering why Jae Wan isn’t home and suddenly feels the chills. Finally at Mo Ne’s house, Jae Wan hears a crashing sound. He bangs on the door and a calm Mo Ne appears. Mo Ne tried to boil eggs in the microwave. While cleaning their hand touches Mo Ne makes an excuse and leaves the room. Jae Wan starts the searching for the camera and finds it in her flowers. Mo Ne asks him if he knew and came for this. He asks her to leave for the hotel and he would ask the spy girl to stay with her. She asks if he can’t stay. She asks him why didn’t he said anything when she kept accusing him for the bird and drowning incident and even blamed him for murdering her father. He calmly responds she wouldn’t have believed in him.



While mo Ne sips on whatever she is drinking Jae Wan prepares food and she keeps staring at him. Mo Ne says even though she sees him everyday she doesn’t know anything about him. She asks if he was the one holding her hand in the hospital. Jae Wan’s hand stops and that means yes. After preparing food for her Jae Wan leaves and Mo Ne asks him to protect her like he is doing already. She says she can’t trust anyone. Jae Wan asks if she trusts him she nods and says she does. Woo Hyun see Jae Wan leaving Mo Ne’s house and Mo Ne looking at Jae Wan from her window, Woo Hyun leaves.

Joong Goo’s daughter calls him and reminds him of his meeting with Jae Wan that he forgot. He hurries to home and Jae Wan is there to warn him again not to bother Mo Ne. Joong Goo says does he think that is he the only one who wants Mo Ne to be removed. Mo Ne and Jae Wan think about each other. Jae Wan remembers Mo Ne saying she trusts him. He mutters “don’t trust me”.

Maids find the same jacket in Mo Ne’s room and spread the rumors that Jae Wan and Mo Ne has something going on. Jae Wan is super attentive towards all the staff. Chae Kyung asks him why is he so anxious? She is dressed prettily for her restaurant’s opening and Jae Wan didn’t notice. He says he would be there with the chairwoman. Mo Ne is distributing food to the staff and this is reported to Jae Wan. He leaves Chae Kyungs in mid sentence. Jae Wan just watches her and sees the cologne guy again but he leaves. Jae Wan follows his scent but Mi Nyeo intercepts him. She says it’s time to leave for the party.

Crazy girl meets with Jae Wan and Mo Ne. She has a ribbon tied to her wrist and says the same line that was written on the unnoticed ribbon. But Mo Ne and Jae Wan doesn’t pay any heed to it. -Oh, so it was crazy girl who picked up the ribbon finally some place for her in the story.- Jae Wan escorts Mo Ne to her office and it’s a mess.

Jae Wan and Mo Ne arrive at the party. Chae Kyung is of course their. Joong Goo tells Mo Ne to sit with him but Jae Wan refuses. Joong Goo asks Chae Kyung is she is here because of Jae Wan. She doesn’t reply. He says Jae Wan is an ambitious guy but he is falling behind. Chae Kyung guesses that the reason is Mo Ne.

Someone calls Jae Wan and he leaves the hall to attend the call the caller is on the second floor watching him, once Jae Wan is out he hangs up. We don’t see his face. Jae Wan again smells the colon and runs in he can’t find Mo Ne at first but sees her and the colon guy approaching her while taking something out of his pocket. Jae Wan pushes the cologne guy and saves Mo Ne from the handkerchief? Because thats what cologne guy was taking out from his pocket. Though to other people it looks like he hugged her. Jae Wan asks him why did he avoided him. Cologne guy says he thought Jae Wan disliked him so he left the scene. Spy girl escorts Mo Ne and Jae Wan looks at peoples questioning eyes and leaves.


Mi Nyeo is sitting in Mo Ne’s garden. She says to herself that the smell was nothing he was engulfed by his own uneasiness. The bottle of cologne is with her. -Bitch-

Joong Goo is having fun. He says to Jae Wan a scandal with his sister but Mo Ne has no idea, she could have other feelings for him. And when she will know ghat the person she loved is her brother and a murderer named Jayden. She would feel such an enormous shock so he thinks why not he should tell her so the impact would be less. Jae wan is about to break. He regrets saving Joong Goo. Mo Ne’s words that she trusts him rings and he asks Joong Goo to stop and apologizes saying he was wrong. Joong Goo says then he should he punished and hits him with his stick. Jae Wan takes the beating silently. Mo Ne comes upon the scene and can’t believe it. She remembers the scars on Jae Wan’s body.



Paranoia, Jae Wan is paranoid and why is Mi Nyeo taking advantage of that?
Is this Mi Nyeo’s plan to tell the person to get hold of your weakness before anyone uses it against you. Mi Nyeo remains a mystery.


Why does Joong Goo holds such power that everyone is scared of him? Joong Go please stop saying the name Jayden, when you say that it totally creeps me out and seriously you seem like a pedophile when you say it.


Chairman saving Woo Hyun like Joong Goo saved Jayden. So is Woo Hyun the little boy who was with Jayden?


I apologize no, I’m not stopping the recaps. I’m apologizing because I wrote Woo Hyun’s name wrong in the previous recaps. I wrote Hyun Woo instead of Woo Hyun.



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  1. Lola Paloma says:

    The layers of complications has started … ahhh Saturday and Sunday is so far away arghh 😀


  2. aaa says:

    saturday cant wait…………..


  3. nickie says:

    Joong Go please stop saying the name Jayden, when you say that it totally creeps me out and seriously you seem like a pedophile when you say it. LOL… so true!


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