Hotel King Episode 6 Recap


I like this episode more than the last one.

Don’t trust anyone, no matter how good he seems but you would hurt the one who cares really for you.

Episode 6


Chae Kyung finds Jae Wan at his house. As for Jae Wan he is listening to something with his eyes close. It might be 101 ways to keep an expressionless face. She leans in this close and he opens his eyes. He asks her one thing and she says the other. Why does he keep telling her to leave? What if someone sees them together? Yup, her reputation would go down. She asks him whose side he is on. Joong Goo’s or Mo Ne’s because she is on Jae Wan’s side. Jae Wan gets a call.

Woo Hyun comes to his house but gets the news of the fire and Mo Ne trapped. He goes back. The fire department can’t come in there are busy somewhere else. Woo Hyun trying to be a hero, splashes the water on himself and dives into the fire. Jae Wan and Chae Kyung arrive together. Jae Wan also wants to go in but is stopped.  He uses the other door. This time Chae Kyung stops him saying, he could die but he doesn’t care. Woo Hyun is trapped too, as he can’t seem to fight the flames and save the two lives. Jae Wan comes with a fire extinguisher clears the way and reaches the three of them. Flames keep bursting and a rack is about to come down Jae Wan and Woo Hyun get to their positions. Woo Hyun becoming the shield for the bodies and Jae Wan stops the rack from coming down. Jae Wan orders Woo Hyun to keep quiet about him and the sweeper guy being there and take Mo Ne with him. Finally the rescue team arrives. -Don’t ask me why the sprinklers didn’t work and why didn’t the rest of the staff take the fire extinguishers to put the fire out maybe there was only one extinguisher that Jae Wan took and one bucket of water that Woo Hyun pour on  himself.-


Joong Goo gets the news, but he couldn’t care less. Mi Nyeo finds him and says he seems to be happy. Joong Goo says he needs her. After he leaves, she curses him. – Mi Nyeo, I just want to be sure that you are not working with him right?-
Ciel’s call center is busy receiving calls. A caller kinda flirts with a lady.


Jae Wan checks on the sweeper guy he has left the hospital. Mo Ne is asleep and Jae Wan is sitting beside her. She seems to be having a nightmare about her dad leaving. Her hand just wanting to hold him rises and Jae Wan holds it and says thanks for being alive. She momentarily opens her eyes sees Jae Wan and closes again.

Chae Kyung is waiting for Jae Wan with a medical kit. He says she knows him better he won’t let her in but when the door opens, she is the first one to enter saying he knows her as well. She tries to help him undress and he commands her, don’t. -Yeah girl, don’t, my turn.-
She asks why he tried to save Mo Ne on the cost of his own life. His answer sounds more like an excuse. He saved her because it hasn’t been that long since chairman has died and Ciel would be affected. Chae Kyung is smart to pinpoint that it doesn’t seem like Ciel was on his mind then. She leaves. Jae Wan says, he doesn’t want his sister to die like the chairman.


Mo Ne is complaining to Woo Hyun about not a single electronic device in her room. She thinks she had a bad dream where she saw Jae Wan. She asks if anyone else was injured. He plays along and says didn’t she say she was alone. He tells her to rest and he will watch over her because he got a vacation for saving her. She leaves the room saving she is going to the washroom. She wonders if it’s Jae Wan, who was behind the fire. – Girl you can’t be more wrong. -Woo Hyun thinks back to his conversation with Jae Wan.  He thinks he is deceiving Mo Ne by not telling her that Jae Wan was the one who saved her. Jae Wan tells him he was the one who saved her and not to let anyone meet her. Woo Hyun asks why is he protecting the sweeper guy Jae Wan says that’s what chairwoman wants. Woo Hyun asks which is Jae Wan’s real identity. The one who drowned Mo Ne or the one who saved her risking his own life. Jae Wan answers, maybe both or maybe not. – Oooo a diplomatic answer.-

Jae Wan arrives at the sweeper guy’s house and sees a car leaving. Sweeper guy is looking at the money and hides in his pocket when he hears Jae Wan. He asks Jae Wan to take him to the police as he was the one who started the fire. Jae Wan puts another charge, attempted murder as there were people in the hotel. He gives the sweeper guy three days to give the name of the person who is behind him.

Ciel’s directors pour from the cars for the meeting. A director named Yoon is concerned about Mo Ne. Joong Goo says to Jae Wan if is close with him. All the directors are complaining about Mo Ne’s fashion sense to the losses and everything related to it. Mo Ne leaves the hospital. She gives back Hyun Woo the harmonica saying it must be her father’s way of telling her to trust him. Jae Wan stops Mo Ne from going inside the meeting, saying no one is one her side and she ask if he is. The moment Mo Ne enters Mi Nyeo voices everyone’s opinion in a summary. Mo Ne says she will change everything but won’t give up.

Another lesson on speaking English between the new and the old staff. Chae Kyung also speaks English with someone and all the maids are in awe. They think it would be better if Mo Ne had some of the elegance Chae Kyung has and Mo Ne hears everything. Chae Kyung gets a visitor and its Mo Ne. Mo Ne doesn’t understand where the elegance is in her that the people see. Their conversation turns into business and Chae Kyung mentions her restaurant which Mo Ne has no idea, but pretends she does and soon leaves. Chae Kyung sees through her.

Funny guy again sees Mi Nyeo hiding something behind the painting. He and the maid open it, hoping to find some money only to see candies and stuff inside.

Mi Nyeo and Mo Ne’s session. – Mi Nyeo asks if Mo Ne found the way of using Jae Wan, but Mo Ne doesn’t want him to be associated with her. Mi Nyeo asks if she still thinks it was Jae Wan who drowned her. Even if he did, why would he leave the evidence on her table for her to see? – Thank you, Mi Nyeo-

Joong Goo’s family meets Jae Wan. Joong Goo says he is just following his sister these days. –Oi, he just said that out loud in front of his family and the driver.-


Spy girl comes in the morning and finds her sleeping on the table. Mo Ne asks her what kind of person is Jae Wan and wants to know about his personal life. Spy girl won’t say anything just that he cares for the hotel more than anything else.


New staff guy, okay, what was his name again, the one who keeps flirting with the female concierge. He tells Jae Wan something is going on with the shares. Jae Wan tells him to look into their suppliers and partners old and new just for the chairwomen.

Mi Nyeo’s training session- Maid and funny guy keeps laughing.  Mi Nyeo asks funny guy if he and the maid had a “secret” meeting. She deducts the points of the maid for having a relationship in the hotel and for badmouthing about chairwomen.

Director Yoon tells Mo Ne that Jae Wan stops the media reports and wishes her to make the hotel Ciel like her father wanted. Jae Wan helping her makes her think of what Mi Nyeo said and she sees the drowning footage again. This time closely and finds that shoes are different. –Finally, one misunderstanding is solved.-

Mo ne asks Woo Hyun to be the driver and they go to sweeper guy’s house. He is planting and is rude to Mo Ne. Woo Hyun loses his cool and tells him to be grateful since Jae Wan saved his life. Mo Ne hears this and can’t believe it. Woo Hyun tells her the truth.

Jae wan finds a usb on his table. It is an audio file. He plays it and sweeper guy and some other guy’s voice can be heard. Jae Wan stops it when there is a knock on the door and it’s the spy girl who brought the findings on Mo Ne’s cell. She asks if she still has to keep an eye on the chairwomen.  Jae Wan says she is not spying on her, but protecting her and if she doesn’t like she can stop.

Jae wan is taking a bath. -Just that, don’t be happy we never got to see anything. – Someone is finding something in his house. He leaves after hearing Jae Wan comes out. Joong Goo meets with the arsonist. He is wearing the cap just for us to know he is the same guy. He is the guy called Yoon, he is one of the directors.

Instead of taking Mo Ne to her house Woo Hyun brings her to Jae Wan’s. He knows she wants to apologize to him. Mo Ne realizes that she seeing Jae Wan was not a dream. Mo Ne lets herself in and sees Jae Wan half naked and stops in her tracks. She didn’t stop because he was naked but because he is injured. He has some old scars as well. Oooo Jae Wan has a tattoo on his back. Wings, wings mean freedom, but the wings are tied to each other. Why am I reading into it so much? – Her tears and my drool are threatening to fall. Jae Wan sees her reflection in the glass. She says she just came to apologize; he turns around and looks at her.





One thing is good, misunderstandings are getting cleared up. I don’t know if she still believes that the dead bird was Jae Wan’s doing. Jae Wan please clear this main misunderstanding that Mo Ne is not your sister.

Joong Goo is a bitch, even though Jae Wan warned him he still is after Mo Ne.

It’s still not clear who was chasing both the girls, in the previous episodes.

The voice is the same who was flirting with the call center girl and the one whose voice was on the usb, the one who was ordering the sweeper guy to do his work. By the way who gave the usb to Jae Wan?


15 comments on “Hotel King Episode 6 Recap

  1. cayl says:

    i want morrrrrrre. . . .. .


  2. Heartoppaya says:

    Oh, the beautiful upper body of Lee Dong Wook. . . . *drools* How can that wound and tattoo be so damn sexy on him. . . . .?


  3. Jenn says:

    Can someone please explain, she is or is not his sister?


  4. Lola Paloma says:

    Look at that bod .. hmm understood why everybody drooled 😀


  5. I’m at episode 16 alr but this part “The voice is the same who was flirting with the call center girl and the one whose voice was on the usb, the one who was ordering the sweeper guy to do his work. By the way who gave the usb to Jae Wan?” it’s still not resolved yet or am I kinda blur? 😛


    • Miss Khan says:

      Mi Nyeo of course gave the usb and the voice was of the creepy pervert. That’s the name I gave to that guy, the one who used to be Jae Wan’s superior.


  6. ok, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so up untill the last minute and a half of the episode the only thing on my mind was… weren’t the METAL door knob and the METAL shelf in the kitchen hot?? how come LDW didn’t burn himself when he touched them with his bare hands??… Last minute and a half, my mind went blank *drooooollll*…


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