Hotel King Episode 5 Recap


I will be like a broken record and say again once more, I like it and sometimes I don’t even know where the story is heading.

Life comes with responsibilities.  Be aware who you help and who is after your life.

Episode 5

Jae Wan is at Joong Goo’s house. He remembers Joong Goo saying that he is Jae Wan’s owner, and the doctor saying to save Mo Ne from Joong Goo.
Mo Ne thinks back to the hug. -No slapping or shoving. – Jae Wan lets her go. Mo Ne stops herself from whatever she was going to do when she sees Jae Wan with a sad expression.  Instead of telling what the hug was for he tells her father’s favorite flower.


Joong Goo is steaming because he can’t find his dog.  Jae Wan took it with him. Joong Goo gets a call from Jae Wan and meets him somewhere; he has to take the stairs. There he sees his dog. Jae Wan says he met with the doctor. He asks him is that is why he brought him, to make the chairman suffer through him. Joong Goo says it’s all a misunderstanding. Jae Wan’s anger rises as he says; chairman’s secretary left his position soon after chairman died and is now living a luxurious life. Joong Goo has answers to Jae Wan’s every question. Joong Goo says even if he has to go to the police for his wrong doings Jae Wan too will have to follow him. Joong Goo speaks the bitter truth that Jae Wan decided to be fooled because he wanted the hotel for himself. Joong Goo says if Jae Wan wants to go back to his old life he will follow. Jae wan says him going back to Jayden won’t affect him, but can it be said the same for Joong Goo as well?


Joong Goo’s daughter calls Jae Wan she has come to meet her father. Joong Goo gets angry and raises his stick to hit Jae Wan and he doesn’t even blink. -Jae Wan is not that kid anymore who was once scared, but has become a monster created by Joong Goo.-

Blackmailing- Jae Wan tells her what would happen to his daughter if she knows the truth about her dearest daddy. Jae Wan leaves, but Joong Goo stops him and tells him like that hotel was a heaven for Jae Wan so is Ciel for Joong Goo. Jae Wan won’t believe him anymore.  Joong Goo can’t live knowing that his daughter knows the truth about him so he decides to end his life on the bridge that they both are standing on.  Joong Goo bungee jumps without its gadgets. -Oi didn’t I tell you to take Chae Kyung with you? – Jae Wan runs and grabs his hand. -What are you going?  Oh wait its good; I think if the baddie dies in the first few episodes on whom am I going to release my anger and frustration? – Jae Wan remembers the first time when Joong Goo asked him to come with him and held his hand. He pulls him back. -Did you notice the hairstyle? Not even a single bang left its position. – Joong Goo says even if he gives the hotel to Mo Ne out of conscious she will be played by the directors. Jae Wan grabs Joong Goo by his collar, tells him to shut it and live his life as he was dead. Jae wan leaves and Joong Goo calls him selfish for not helping him up. He has an artificial limb. -How did he lose his leg?

Mo Ne comes back to the room. Spy girl lets herself in. She tells her to drink tea she has prepared and rest as tomorrow is the board meeting.

Meeting day- Mi Nyeo helps Mo Ne with her make up to wardrobe. As she has to cover the three things Mo Ne lacks, style, brain and trust. Mi Nyeo gives her a file to read and memorize.  Mo Ne wears the emerald bracelet her father gave her on the graduation.

Old staff minus Woo Hyun and his colleague, thinks what benefits would be if Mo Ne becomes the chairman and sees the new staff commanding Woo Hyun. Mo Ne saves him, saying she needs everything changed in her room so he can’t work for the new staff.

Chae Kyung walks behind Mo Ne, both going to the meeting hall. Chae Kyung says if Mo Ne asks her politely she may give her vote to her, but she would have to stay far away from Jae Wan. Mo Ne thinks Jae Wan instructed her.

Voting starts.  Raise your hand if you vote for Mo Ne. Very few members raise their hands, even Mi Nyeo doesn’t raise.  Joong Goo raises his and after seeing him some members raise too, Chae Kyung raises as well. Before raising her hand Mi Nyeo asks a question to Mo Ne. How is she going to cover up all losses, but isn’t satisfied by the answer. Mi Nyeo gives her three months to have the result of 100%.
After the meeting- Mo ne calls Mi Nyeo betrayer. Mi Nyeo says didn’t she say not to trust anyone. She asks to be suspicious of everyone and the directors are only helping Mo Ne so they can control her. Mo Ne asks if she can just trust her. Mi Nyeo asks her not to and to use Jae Wan to achieve her success and dispose him later when he has served his purpose.Joong Goo tells as Jae Wan as he wanted Mo Ne has become the chairman, but for three months because of Mi Nyeo’s condition. Jae Wan looks at Joong Goo and he is like it’s not my fault.

Jae Wan is looking at the hotel. Mo Ne watches him and remembers the hug. Jae wan silently passes by him. She calls him back and tells him she became the chairwomen. Jae Wan says yes, she just has the title. The vice chairman, the directors and he hold the rest of the hotel. He tells her to stop about her father’s death. She says she will reveal his wrongdoings he grabs her shoulders and faces her towards the hotel and says he is not her enemy, but the hotel is where she holds the position and to be attentive as he has not given up yet. Jae Wan leaves saying, to her in his mind to stay strong as they are but enemies, Mo Ne my pitiful sister. Mo Ne thinks to herself that she will reveal the truth about her father.


Woo Hyun tells Mo Ne, now that she has become the chairwoman, he can’t come to her room. Mo Ne walks closer and closer holds him and head butts him. She doesn’t want that employee, employer thing to come between them. Woo Hyun doesn’t agrees and takes his leave. Mo Ne is sad and says if he starts treating her like that who will she talk to?


New day as the new chairman- Mo Ne, Oh! What is she wearing as I m not the only one who thinks her outfit is crazy the staff thinks that as well. She visits the whole hotel and the staff of course Jae Wan her guide. Mo Ne gets lost and asks a sweeper guy for the directions. Finally back to Jae Wan’s side, she notices her bracelet gone and runs back to the sweeper. He runs after seeing her and Mo Ne after him. She gets him and asks for the bracelet.  Jae Wan reaches there as well. Sweeper guy pleads that he is not the one who stole. Jae Wan says he knows but wants to be sure. Sweepers superior take him. Mo Ne asks Jae Wan if he will be beaten. Jae Wan says the scar of humiliation will be bigger than being beaten.



Crazy girl- there is this crazy girl in the hotel and she is wearing Mo Ne’s bracelet.  Mo Ne asks her back. Crazy girl says no one owns anything. A human is so weak; the world would have been so different if Adam and Eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit. She just won’t give the bracelet.  Woo Hyun gives her lollipop and she gives him the bracelet.  He gives back to Mo Ne. Woo Hyun says she is not crazy but ill. Mo Ne is happy and thanks him but remembers the sweeper guy and runs to Jae Wan saying she found the bracelet but the guy is fired. Mo Ne is not happy. Jae Wan says don’t doubt your employees and it’s not because of the bracelet he was fired, but he killed someone three years ago was in jail and was released for good behavior. Mo Ne still wants to reinstate him and goes to him where he is begging his superior not to fire him. Jae Wan is right behind Mo Ne. Jae wan says they can’t keep a murderer at the hotel. Sweeper guy starts crying and says he is not a murderer, that guy deserved it. Jae Wan’s expression changes, these are the same words Jayden said to Joong Goo. Jay Wan says that sweeper guy is the murderer and so he is fired. Mo Ne says right, he was fired and now she has hired him back. He tells her he will be known as a murderer now.

Funny guy scolds a maid for spreading chairwoman’s nicknames. He tells her the first rule. You didn’t hear, see, smell or saw anything. He scares her that he will give her to Mi Nyeo if she did that again. Speak of the devil, Mi Nyeo is holding something wrapped and hides it behind a painting which looks like a circuit breaker. Maid and funny guy has seen her, but pretend they have not. Jae Wan and Mo Ne read the article on the sweeper guy. One of the directors meets with Mo Ne because of the sweeper guy. Mo Ne says as she is the chairwoman, she has made the decision for him to work here.


Break time, the staff is in the cafeteria.  Sweeper guy is eating alone. Mo Ne comes to have lunch and sits with him, but he leaves. Woo Hyun gives water to Mo Ne. He tells her nobody would have given her and she looks at the empty cafeteria.  All the staff has left as they were uncomfortable. He gives her hope and even though he has eaten his lunch, he lies that he is eating and sits with his empty tray, just to give Mo Ne company.

Sweeper guy is fighting with a cook. Jae Wan and Mo Ne arrive there. Because he is a murderer nobody is comfortable with him. Sweeper guy screams what he has done to them. Jae Wan holds him by the collar and tells him he is despicable and scary in the eyes of people. Jae Wan tells Mo Ne how much more he has to endure. Fire him as she was the one who hired him.


Mo Ne finds Mi Nyeo and says she has no idea what she did wrong. Mi Nyeo says doubting your employee and because of the guilt using your power and trying to prove yourself that you are different from others and the fact that you don’t even know it was your fault is what she did wrong.

Sweeper guy sleeps as someone’s shadow hovers over him. Sweeper guy is awake? -Wait…Who was the one standing? – Anyways, he uses the key and enters the kitchen. – Did the shadow guy give him the key? – Mo Ne follows him. He takes the lighter and the oil. -Just who was the one who put the oil there with the lighter? Aren’t these things stored away safely? – Sweeper guy takes the oil splashes it everywhere takes the lighter. Mo Ne enters and stops him, saying it was her fault. Sweeper guy is about to give her the lighter when someone’s hand ignites the lighter, throws it and leaves. Flames burst. The arsonist is wearing a cap. Flames everywhere and they both are standing instead of leaving. The exit is right there what are you doing?



Who was he, the arsonist? Is it Joong Goo’s plan again or is it Mi Nyeo? What did she hide, someone take a peek and tell me.
New staff is not doing anything except arguing every time with the old one.
Has it ever occurred to Jae Wan that the chairman is not his father? A stranger came and said he is the son of a millionaire and he agreed. Jae Wan is a logical person how come he never had suspicions?

Woo Hyun has no purpose in the story yet. Where does he fit, is he going to be the typical second lead with the unrequited love?




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