Hotel King Episode 2 Recap


Surprisingly, I like it. We are in the second episode and things has started to get dark. There’s always someone chasing after someone. And I apologize for the wrong number of total episodes I stated in the recap of episode one. There are 32 episodes not 50.

Episode 2


Chairman’s voice is heard trough the speakers and techs can’t seem to turn it off. Above all, the chairman’s desk is as it used to be. Its Mo Ne who did all this, she quietly slides from her the chairman’s room, packs her gadgets and runs into Mi Nyeo, but Mi Nyeo doesn’t care and Mo Ne hurries to her room where Woo Hyun comes in while she is getting rid of her evidence. Jae Wan storms into Mo Ne’s room. There she is playing games. Jae Wan checks the chairman’s room; he looks at the open window. He thinks about reading in Mo Ne’s file that she likes to ride horses and mountain climbing. He notices the open window and in Mo Ne’s room the window was open too, and she was still wearing her shoes.


I like her dress/costume it gives somewhat Turkish or Arab vibes. May be its just me. She walks while swinging keys on her finger and runs into Jae Wan. He says he will catch the culprit and decides to check the security footage. Scared of getting caught, Mo Ne tags along. But the evidence is gone. Someone deleted it.


Rumors have started to spread that chairman’s ghost wonders. Mi Nyeo deducts points of those who spread such false rumors. Mo Ne has a feeling that it was Mi Nyeo who helped her by deleting the footage. Mi Nyeo says the camera footage can be manupilated but you can’t manipulate a person’s eye. She tries to talk to her and they end up disliking each other and telling the other what they are called. In Mo Ne’s case she is a JS, a bitch and a psycho. Mi Nyeo is a witch, a femme fatale and someone who has a whip fetish.


Joong Goo asks Jae Wan if it was Mo Ne who did this all alone. Jae Wan thinks someone is helping her. Joong Goo praises her for finding allies this quickly. Jae wan says he will take care of her. Joong Goo creepily says he always trusts Jayden. –Shivers-


Mo Ne and Jae Wan bump into each other again and she doesn’t like it. They both go on their way. Mo Ne’s scream makes Jae Wan stop. Mo Ne is squatting, scared, because of the birds. She asks him to make them go away. He flies them and asks if she is afraid of them. She says no she hates everything that has wings.


Jae Wan addresses the staff that it’s taboo to speak of chairman for a while. Woo Hyun isn’t happy about it. what is wrong with this guy. Was he that attached to the chairman or what?


Mo Ne visits the shopping mall and listens the staff bad mouthing about her and they get caught. She decides to buy clothes, but doesn’t like the fashion/style. She drapes a coat around her and at the same time Song Chae Kyung appears wearing the same coat. They start off on the wrong foot. Chae Kyung takes a bunch of clothes and throws them on the floor making it look like Mo Ne did. Mo Ne walks after her, but Chae Kyung’s bodyguards stop her. Mo Ne calls her two faced. Jae wan enters and it seems like he and Chae Kyung have a history together. He apologizes on behalf of Mo Ne.


Jae Wan changes the painting that the chairman liked. Mo Ne asks him why. He says he is going to remove everything one by one just because the culprit keeps reminding them of the chairman. Woo Hyun is against for removing the painting so Jae Wan suspends him for a week. Chae Kyung calls Jae Wan to her room. She says being a widow makes people talk behind her back. They know each other for 10 years.


Mo Ne is up to something again. The hotel is installing a cinema system and some high profiled guests are coming Jae Wan gives instructions to the staff. Mo Ne steals a uniform and almost gets her identity revealed when she bumps into Jae Wan and drops her keys. But she runs away to the toilet so he doesn’t know who she is. The important guests arrive and are impressed by Jae Wan. He has a movie played that the guest liked. Soon the movie changes to the speech chairman gave. Jae Wan runs to the broadcasting room and there Mo Ne is. She mumbles to herself that she needs just few seconds more, but Jae Wan breaks the lock and stops the feed. Though he hears what was about to be played. She pieced together the clips of the chairman’s speech saying, he didn’t commit suicide. Jae Wan gets angry at her and asks if this was what she wanted people to listen. He tells her that, yes, her father committed suicide. He died on the day of the grand opening.  The day, Jae Wan most waited for. Mo Ne says that’s more the reason he wanted to make Ciel hotel the best hotel in Asia then how come he committed suicide.  A tear rolls down and something changes on Jae Wan’s face. An expression never seen, a moment of weakness or was it sympathy. To release the pent of frustration, Mo Ne goes rock climbing, but can’t seem to calm down.


Hyun Woo goes on a bike ride. How come he can afford to buy such a bike?  In the meeting of the directors. Some are with Joong Goo to be the chairman and some oppose. Jae Wan gets scolded for the mishappenings in the hotel. Joong Goo changes the mood and the subject saying that Ciel hotel is given an award. Mo Ne just barges in and starts her immature and childish behavior. Chairman’s loyal people agree that Mo Ne should receive the award, but Jae Wan is against it.


Jae wan tells Mo Ne that chairman’s room is being cleaned she runs to stop them. Jae Wan says he did say that every time she does something absurd one thing of the chairman will be removed. Mo Ne lies on a table and won’t let them take away anything.  Jae Wan gives her an hour if she is still there she will be taken away as well. Mo Ne’s foot accidentally hits a vase and a pack of pills catches her eyes. She inquires about them. There are two kinds of pills one is an antidepressant and the other is for schizophrenia patients. She checks in with her father’s doc, but he is unavailable. Woo Hyun stops by her on his bike. She tells him to step down and wears the helmet herself Woo Hyun sits behind her and she flies away. She goes to the temple where her father’s altar is and talks to him like he is sitting there. Woo Hyun enters and sees her crying, he leaves quietly. Mo Ne comes out like everything is fine and tells Woo Hyun to drive.


Jae Wan is walking with Joong Goo and his dog, which runs away after something. They talk about Mo Ne and her behavior. Jae Wan defends her and says it is her way of denying that her father didn’t commit suicide. Joong Goo points out that it looks like Jae Wan is hesitating. The dog comes back with a pigeon in his mouth. Joong Goo goes again with a metaphor that this dog is loyal to him because he trained him, but sometimes he gets angry and does whatever he wants. He tells him that he is Jae Wan’s owner. Jae Wan walks Joong Goo to his house. Joong Goo tells him to leave the matter about Mo Ne to him.  Jae Wan looks at Joong Goo and his daughter and feels lonely. As he sits in his car, feeling the emptiness of his life, Chae Kyung sits in while hiding herself from her pursuers. She asks for his help.


The receptionist’s bicker with each other. The girl believes in horoscopes as hers says she will meet someone today. Hello new characters, introduce yourselves as I m lazy to check what you will be doing.


Chae Kyung and Jae Wan are at the seaside. Woo Hyun and Mo Ne arrives there too. Mo Ne notices them both first and speeds before them. Jae Wan dramatically saves Chae Kyung. Mo Ne asks if they are dating. Chae Kyung leaves saying Mo Ne to apologize later as she is an impatient woman. Jae Wan tells Woo Hyun to go as he will take Mo Ne himself. He gets a text from Woo Hyun saying not to scold Mo Ne she cried in the temple. Their coming together is reported to Joong Goo.


Mo Ne alone in the house hears someone and checks, but no one is there. Jae Wan comes back to give Mo Ne her cell phone, she forgot in the car. He is about to press the doorbell when he hears her scream.  He uses his master card to enter. Mo Ne is shivering and there is a dead bird on her bed. He remembers the bird Joong Goo’s dog killed. He comforts her saying it’s alright.




So why is she scared of birds sure enough I will scream like hell if some dead thing was on my bed too.

Chae Kyung eyes kinda look weird to me. I already hate her. She is really a two faced bitch like Mo Ne said.

I love Jae Wan’s expressionless face. The stoic face, he always keeps.

Woo Hyun just tell me what’s wrong with you?  His over-ishness about chairman gets on my nerves.

Every time Joong Goo calls Jae Wan, Jayden, my skill crawls.


8 comments on “Hotel King Episode 2 Recap

  1. deki says:

    thank you! i love this ep. so many good emotional scenes as well as the funny ones


  2. Crazynoona says:

    I’d guess that WH is the real son of the deceased CEO and not JW..but we still have a long way to go to reveal the truths and thats just my two cents. Mean while im just having such an eyes feast looking at sharp and smexy Lee Dong Wook.


    • Miss Khan says:

      If Woo Hyun is the chairman’s son then he and Mo Ne are siblings and for now he likes her as a woman. Mo Ne and Jae Wan can’t be siblings, just no, I won’t let that happen. My OTP T_T
      and of course Lee Dong Wook……*wipes drool*


      • cinthy says:

        they are not siblings!! right?? but they are going to do the old “you are my sister I can’t love you” don’t they know that dna exists??


        • Miss Khan says:

          They are not, that’s what I’m gonna believe. Yes, they will do the same “sister love” thingy. dna exists? not in drama land.
          Drama land: A place which defies logic until the last minute and somehow in the last episodes or so the characters brain starts to work and they do logical things.


  3. aegisshi09 says:

    i think WH is the other kid who is with Jayden on the first episode. I dont think he is dead yet.


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