Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 23 Recap


Hahahahaha I have gone crazy. No, seriously after watching the episode, I thought the hell I am doing with this drama. You are gonna scream April fool in this episode. Anyways, 1 episode to go.


Episode 23

Jung Tae puts the ring on Ok Ryun and kisses her. Buzz cut orders mysterious guy to bring drinks. Ok Ryun recognizes the bottle and the dude that was with him. Buzz cut pours the drink, but before pouring the last cup he kinda like shakes the bottle and gives the cup to Jung Tae. Ok Ryun stops him and without anyone knowing switches it with her own. Buzz cut says if she is afraid that there is poison in it? Anyways, everybody drinks and Ok Ryun literally drag Jung Tae saying she wants to go home. Before they can even reach home, Ok Ryun starts to get sick. Jung Tae carries her to the room. She doesn’t let him go to search for the doctor as it is already late. She thanks him for everything and dies. -Great, just great. Mind you, it’s only been 10 mins since the episode started; they couldn’t wait to kill her in the last episode. Sigh.- Jung Tae cries and cries. He decides to go to buzz cut everyone stops him, but Jung Tae in rage fights everyone. No one is able to stop him, not even emo guy. Ok Ryun’s mom’s words rings in his ears as she doesn’t want her daughter to live like her and asking him to look out for her. Jung Tae stops when he is hit by a plank of wood by Jae Hwa. -Yay, you came back. – Jae Hwa calls him hyungnim. He tells him about why his father left his family because he was afraid that they will be taken hostages by Hwangbang. Jae Hwa kneels and tells him to be someone people can lean on. All the minions kneel. Finally, coming back to his senses. Jung Tae kneels too, and keeps apologizing.



Buzz cut gets the news that Jung Tae is alive and it’s Ok Ryun who died. Buzz cut hopes that Jung Tae to make a mistake now that he has lost his mind, so that they can finish him.


Meeting- Jung Tae asks nice girl about the poison. She tells him it was the same used on his father. He asks her to get a lot for him. He asks Jae Hwa for help, he needs the information about the Hwangbang’s guards. Thief girl produces the map Ok Ryun has drawn for Jung Tae. Once alone, nice girl asks Jae Hwa if he came back for good. He says he came back for Jung Tae. -Can you be the happy couple since the main couple can’t be together?-



Buzz cut is keeping tabs on Jung Tae though his minions. Mysterious guy says Chiri chiri people send buzz cut the gold Jung Tae and gang stole. Buzz cut says to mysterious guy, give half to military and use half for drugs. Weird voice comes to butter buzz cut with some liquor as to get rule over the Shanghai club. A cook runs to buzz cut and tells about the trouble in the kitchen. All the staff is dead. Buzz cut gets scared and asks weird voice where he got the liquor. Duh! From the kitchen. Buzz cut runs for his life to get the liquor out of his system. Jung Tae comes with his father’s memorial tablet in his hand as he has decided to take it with him. Buzz cut ends the father son relationship. Jung Tae says he will take his revenge now on buzz cut and will kill buzz cut slowly and painfully like how his father died. All the guards of Hwangbang are dead. Buzz cut tells mysterious guy to behead Jung Tae. Full of confidence mysterious guy tells buzz cut to go and by the time he will come back, Jung Tae will be beheaded. Jung Tae and mysterious guy fight. Jung Tae tells him to use his special technique, but Jung Tae beats him before he can use it. 



Jung Tae is at the memorial altar and apologizes to Ok Ryun’s mother. Gaya visits too. She says Ok Ryun once said not to hurt Jung Tae and now she is the one who gave the scar. She tells Jung Tae that Chung Ah is alive. He asks about her. But she is not willing to tell him as he won’t be able to protect her.


The buzz cut is enjoying himself in the club with some people. Jung Tae comes and congrats buzz cut. -Wait, what for, Hmm for getting the gold from Ill Gook Hwae? – Jung Tae pours a drink in everyone’s cup and on purpose before pouring for buzz cut shakes/swirls the bottle like buzz cut did last time. Jung Tae lastly pours for himself and drinks in one gulp and takes his leave. Buzz cut is too scared to even hold his glass. He tells weird voice to call Hwangbang. No one picks there. Panicking buzz cut calls Chiri Chiri security guy, but he hangs up as he is busy himself.  


On to the chiri chiri security guy.  He has a sword to his neck, by someone. Gaya is there too. An officer brings Aoki and he gets released. Gaya warns the Chiri Chiri security guy not to touch the money of Ill Gook Hwae again.


Buzz cut and Jung Tae meet again. – right after the phone call – buzz cut tells Jung Tae to kill him now or he will come to regret. Jung Tae mentions buzz cuts granddaughter and buzz cut goes crazy. Saying not to touch her or he will be shredded to pieces.  He runs to his granddaughter. She is completely fine.

Buzz cut looks for mysterious guy, who is not dead. Why? Going crazy, he takes a sword and tells Jung Tae to come out. Jae Hwa and Jung Tae watch from the shadows. Jung Tae says they have to divide Hwangbang so that people of Bangsamtong can live.


Gaya, Aoki and Yamamoto differ with each other. Gaya wants to go back to Japan. Yamamoto wants to bring the mori plan into action. Aoki says it’s do or die.
The envelope that Gaya left Jung Tae is about mori plan. Thief girl reads it to him. It’s about circulating the fake money.


Buzz cut puts down the sword and holds a gun. He asks mysterious guy about the gold, but gets the bad news, Jung Tae stole it again. Buzz cut loses his mind once again. – Seriously, how many times has he gone crazy in this episode? – He raises the gun to mysterious guy’s head as he lost to Jung Tae. He tells him to get the money from their banks and casino. And asks about the drugs, which will arrive in four days. Buzz cut tells mysterious guy to send his granddaughter to Hong Kong. The final fight is about to begin.




Yeah, I mean I know that Jin Se Yeon was not the lead, but that doesn’t mean you can kill her even if you don’t have any second male lead. S
he died in Gaksital too.

Seriously- Then that means Gaya and Jung Tae loved each other since childhood, their love will prevail?

I thought when Ok Ryun died; they are going to scream April fool, but no. They made fools of themselves because her death isn’t justified. She could have said that there is poison in the drink or drop the damn cup but no she had to drink.

Damn I m getting angry because emo guy didn’t appear much, heck he only had a scene or two.

Finally Chung Ah will come into the picture. It was about time. No, we are already late.

Let us see who else dies in the last episode.

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