Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 22 Recap


You need tactics to win the war.

Episode 22

Jung Tae and buzz cut leave for the funeral. Jung Tae asks buzz cut to release Ok Ryun once they win over Ill Gook Hwae, buzz cut agrees. Gaya meets Jung Tae and tells him to leave; the fight does not include him. Jang Tae declines. Aoki is there too, as someone who knew the head guy because no one knows he is with Ill Gook Hwae, or else he will be removed. Jang Tae tells buzz cut that they will be attacked right here and now and Aoki is going to attack Shanghai club and Hwangbang. True enough Aka enters and buzz cut hides behind Jang Tae. They fight and I am speechless because that Aka the best swordsman of Ill Gook Hwae goes down without putting up a fight. One of the reasons would be Jung Tae attacked Aka’s vital points. Shanghai club is attacked as predicted. Aoki tells his minions to search for the documents. Hwangbang is attacked as well. The officers have a search warrant. They have news about opium hidden. Mysterious guy says what if there isn’t. Both teams won’t surrender. The rest of our gang arrives at the telephone company and emo guy leads them.  He gives out commands to attack the branches first. They make dummy calls to Ill Gook Hwae and Yamamoto keeps sending minions for help. Half of our gang steals money from the main bank. Gaya faces Jung Tae but soon backs off as she hears that main bank branch has been attacked.



Aoki got nothing but a map of Ill Gook Hwae in the club. Jung Tae calls him and says that’s his present. Jung Tae then calls  Hwangbang’s minions to get ready. Gaya calls Aoki to tell him the situation. He says he will come. Gaya stops him. Gaya takes the rest of the few minions left with her and fights with Hwangbang’s minions. Soon she is cornered and injured.  Aoki comes to help and tell his people to attack, but the Chiri Chiri security guy arrives at the scene and stops them. Aoki says he knows it was he who allowed Jung Tae to use the phone company, and that will mean Hwangbang wins. Chiri chiri guy arrests everyone except Gaya.


Our whole gang gathers at the club and decides to celebrate the victory. Emo guy and Jung Tae have one of their usual meetings. Buzz cut sends dancers as congratulation to the club.  Everyone dances around the girls. Emo guy’s minions want to go too, but emo guy wave at him to sit down; he looks at his master with puppy eyes. –Watches the scene x times-


Jung Tae says buzz cut has to die in the fight to be over completely. He tells emo guy he is going to propose Ok Ryun and tells him to invite chiri chiri people. Buzz cut gets the news and says Jung Tae is using him once again. He tells mysterious guy to put drugs in the drinks. Ok Ryun can’t sleep because of the happiness. She takes a stroll and sees mysterious guy meeting someone with a bottle in his hand.


Engagement day- Everyone be seated. She says Jung Tae kept his promise and has come for her.At the main table where important guests are sitting Jang Tae says he wants to say something and asks buzz cut the permission to exchange vows with Ok Ryun. Buzz cut can’t say anything but yes. Ok Ryun enters with thief girl and nice girl. Jung Tae takes her hand puts a ring on it and kisses her.



The end made me think if this was the last episode. But no, 2 more to go. Buzz cut has to die for the drama to end and Chung ah has to be found. Jjang dol has to be released and we need to see dobi gang for one last time before the curtain falls.

If Idon’t put the screen caps later than that means I m just lazy X.X

I am not lazy ^_^


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