Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 21 Recap


A war is about to begin. Steady yourself and look out for your friends and enemies. Solve your conflicts before you meet your demise.

Episode 21

Jang Tae goes on ninja mode and Ok Ryun reaches him. They try to sneak out, but are upon the fight between Gaya and mysterious guy. Shinichi is badly beaten and Gaya is about to lose her life too when Jang Tae interferes, even though Ok Ryun tells him not to. Gaya recognizes him, he tells her to go away. Jang Tae fights with minions and then mysterious guy himself. Wanting to know the identity of the intruder. Mysterious guy uses his special technique force and is about to snatch his mask when Ok Ryun trips the switch board and comes back to her room where weird voice is waiting for her. Mysterious guy says he is not sure, but it was Jung Tae. Weird voice confirms it by bringing Ok Ryun and her drawings to buzz cut. Of course Ok Ryun denies everything and slaps weird voice saying he is not her manager any more. Buzz cut smiles and says she is like Jung Tae and says she is to be confined and figure out whether it was Jung Tae or not who sneaked in.


Aoki wants to save Gaya and tells head guy war was about to happen anyway. Head guy is not happy, he says he can get many Aokis he can and calls Aka, he is going to meet buzz cut…..excuse me didn’t you send Aka to take care of Gaya?



Taking his last breath Shinichi pushes Gaya away. Telling her to save her life. Gaya doesn’t want to.  Anyway Shinichi dies and Gaya cries. Buzz cut’s minions are looking for them. I think they are blind because they just keep running forward instead of moving in small groups and covering alleys. Anyways Aoki and Aka get to her first. She asks if head guy send him to kill her. He says no, he came to save her.

Buzz cut meets head guy. They poke at each other’s weakness first. Head guy saying buzz cuts opium trading will come to light. Buzz cut says Aoki will be revealed too. Both come to a decision of finishing Aoki.
Emo guy says to Jang Tae if he is worried about Ok Ryun he can use the documents against Hwangbang left by Jae Hwa but Jang Tae declines. Jang Tae asks for emo guys help, he is going to attack Hwangbang and Ill Gook Hwae simultaneously, in return for the help Jang Tae will make streets safe for Dandong’s people. Emo guy agrees. Thief girl comes in and asks if they are dating.

Jang Tae and emo guy are walking to the club when laurel and other minions are being dragged by the police. Jang Tae runs to the club and tells the officers, they can’t come in unless they are called. Weird voice says yes, that’s why they called the officers. As a matter of fact, this area falls under Hwangbang so they have the authority. Jung Tae asks the reason. Weird voice says someone came last night and helped the enemy. They just want to get him. Ah and Jung Tae is the prime suspect as well. Weird voice tells him to remove his shirt; there must be mysterious guys bruise. Jang Tae asks Mysterious guy, what if there isn’t. Though they both fight right then and there. Mysterious guy succeeds in ripping his shirt and phew, there is no bruise. Mysterious guy tells him to bring document’s to make Ill Gook Hwae fall or is girlfriend will be beheaded. Jang Tae agrees, but tells him to let go of his guys or he will use the information Jae Hwa left to deal with them. Mysterious guy backs off.

Jang Tae gathers his gang and assigns them their duties. His gang included Laurel and Hardy, funny guy his minion and thief girl, of course emo guy too. Emo guy and Jang Tae make plans that they are going to let Hwangbang and Ill Gook Hwae fight each other. Jang Tae says he will use the phone. Emo guy visits security chiri chiri on behalf of Jang Tae, he gives him double the tax that Jae Hwa use to give and asks for taking hold for the phone line for one day.


Aoki fumes all of the documents against buzz cut have been swiped clean thanks to Jang Tae’s gang. Laurel and Hardy bring the information they gathered. Jung Tae visits his new dad and asks for his minions. Mysterious guy says no, he is planning to make fight between Hwangbang and Ill Gook Hwae. Jung Tae gives the opium dealing documents to buzz cut to gain his trust. Buzz cut agrees to give his minions though later he says they can kill him after Aoki.

Aoki tells Gaya to join her because soon they will be disposed. The eff is thief girl and laurel doing which makes emo guy face palm literally.



There is someone who came to meet Jang Tae and its Gaya. She asks him to join Ill Gook Hwae. He declines. She hopes in their next life either they will be people of the same country or the people who have nothing to do each other. Gaya leaves Jang Tae holds her wrist, she cups his face and kisses him. She says now she can wield a sword at him, he asks her to be safe. She has left an envelope for Jang Tae.

Aoki meets head guy. They both go about swords. How samurai keeps many of them because they are unreliable they break easily and swords can be melted again. Yeah, yeah, it’s a metaphor for Gaya and Aoki. Aoki says he is going to end this and be a swordsman who will dream of a new Ill Gook Hwae, he takes out his dagger. Head guy calls Aka and orders him to kill Aoki buy Aka doesn’t budge. Aoki takes his knife and stabs head guy twice saying for the Aokis and Gayas who couldn’t do anything. Head guy staggers and falls. Gaya enters and Aoki stabs him for the last time. Aoki slumps down and a tear runs from Gaya’s eye. She says he didn’t regret till the end for making her live without her mother. Aoki thanks Aka. Aka says from now on he is going to serve Gaya.


Mysterious guy and buzz cut talk about going to head guy’s funeral. Buzz cut says he will take Jang Tae with him and if anything happens mysterious guy will be there for Hwanbang.

Gaya as the new leader addresses his minions for the war that is about to happen. Aoki tells her if she is going to kill Jung Tae, she says yes. Aoki tells her to step down for this time. If she will kill Jang Tae, he will remain, stay in her heart forever and Aoki doesn’t want that.

On the other hand, Jung Tae addresses his people. They will fight with Ill Gook Hwae as Hwanbang and later will destroy Hwangbang itself.



3 to go

War, war, war so is this how everything is going to end? With everyone dying?

Will they finish everything and go back to Shineuijoo in the last episode? Let’s see how this all ends.Head guy had a sword in his hand, but he never bothered to use it, so yeah that’s why he died. Poor Shinichi.

I am sorta busy so maybe recap of ep 22 will be late. Let us hope not.


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