Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 20 Recap


Gone are the days when Jung Tae used to lose every single time.

Episode 20

Instead, starting from where we left, it starts from where the people are gathering to see the fight between Jae Hwa and Jung Tae. Aww nice girl worries about Jae Hwa. Arena is set and the fighters enter. Jae Hwa becomes Wolverine, well yeah because of the claws. Rules are not to stop until one of them dies. The fight is one sided with Jung Tae getting sliced up here and there. At one point Jae Hwa loses his claws to fight fair and square. Tattooed guys are missing; buzz cut says its emo guy. Find the guys and kill them before they become a nuisance, Ok Ryun hears it. Ok Ryun can’t bear to see the fight and leaves, thief girl behind her and they join nice girl.


Emo leaves the fight not because he can’t stomach it, but he knows buzz cut will soon move and sure enough mysterious guy and his minions follow him. Emo guy is one sly bastard according to mysterious guy because he fooled them. Fighting is still going on, both sides not backing off that is until Jung Tae gathers his strength for the last time and wins the match.


Buzz cut is not happy. Jung Tae tells emo guy’s minion to bring the tattooed guys. He says they are the murderers. He asks the people what to do with them, they say kill them. Jung Tae says to the Chiri Chiri security guy what to do. He says they should be dealt according to law, but buzz cut the biggest drama queen ever says they should be killed for the sake of people. Jung Tae says shouldn’t he ask them who ordered the kill. Before they can answer mysterious guy snaps their necks. He says they were wanted criminals. Buzz cut says he will treat everyone as his son has become the new owner of Bangsamtong. He warns Jung Tae not to do that again, Jung Tae says you too. Buzz cut threats this area falls under Hwangbang and his girlfriend is there too. Soon he won’t be able to find her.


Aoki’s plan flops even though he told Jae Hwa about Jung Tae’s injury. Head guy says what now. Aoki says he has another card to play and Shinichi enters. Head guy gets angry; Aoki tells him to calm down. He will use him. Aoki introduces weird voice as his spy in Hwangbang. Shinichi asks head guy to reinstate Gaya. Head guy says he will see after Shinichi’s performance. After Shinichi leaves head guy tells Aoki to tell beggars and muggers to finish him. Aoki visits Gaya and tells her about reinstatement.


Jae Hwa leaves. Where? He just leaves; nice girl says to come back as she will be waiting for him. Jung Tae is told Jae Hwa dealt with the loans. He goes to meet Jae Hwa. Jae Hwa bows Jung Tae as the new leader.


Shinichi gets cornered by the hunters, Aoki saves him and gives him the documents about the mori strategy and the invasion to lure buzz cut. Shinichi asks Aoki to protect Gaya. Jung Tae is thinking about buzz cut’s threat. Gaya reads the letter left by Shinichi with the other half of the pendant. In the letter he wrote that her mother died saving her husband. He felt guilt all his life until he met Gaya. He wishes her happiness.


Head guy gets the news that Gaya has gone to get Shinichi. He tells Aka to stop her or kill her if needed. Aoki decides to go, but the head guy stops him. Shinichi is again being targeted. This time buzz cut sees him and tells mysterious guy to help him. Mysterious guy takes Shinichi’s sword before his audience with buzz cut. Though he makes sure it’s true that Shinichi is not able to use his shoulder. The moment he enters the room, Shinichi feels something is wrong all thanks to weird voice’s smiling face. Weird voice betrayed him. Shinichi bows to buzz cut for saving him, but he calculates in his mind to attack buzz cut, which he fails but still runs for his life. Surrounded and defeated and about to be killed, Gays come to rescue but mysterious guy won’t let her take Shinichi. Ok Ryun is drawing the map of the building for Jung Tae. After hearing the commotion she leaves the room and sees Jung Tae hoping the wall. Jung Tae on the other hand takes the Hwangbang’s minions clothes and instead of going incognito covers his face.



4 episodes to go, still dobi gang nowhere to be seen with Jjang Dol and Chung Ah.

For some reason I am liking Gaya more and more. I like when she goes badass. Poor Shinichi, save him Gaya. Jung Tae we don’t have much time, take your revenge, but for now I think you are going to save your love. Emo guy help them, please.


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