Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 19 Recap


Got a declaration of love from two people and no not from whom you think. I think it’s time to start the countdown psshh not about who is getting what but the countdown towards the finale. 5 more to go

Episode 19

Buzz cut tells Jung Tae to dispose Jae Hwa, on the other side Aoki tells Jae Hwa to join him. Ok Ryun is chummy for someone who has seen a massacre. Weird voice shows off his kung fu skills, but gets beaten by Jung Tae in one punch.


Aoki tells his minion that Jae Hwa will contact him. Head Japanese makes his entry with Aka, Gaya and Shinichi. Time for some scolding, but before, let’s do business. Head guy has a strategy called Mori strategy and it’s about counterfeit money and how to take over Bangsamtong, with some boring talk about the economy and politics bla bla. Head guy asks what they have been doing. Me: nothing, I swear they were not even some episodes. He asks Gaya and with much confident she declares that she loves the Joseon guy, Jung Tae. She asks if he is going to do the same, he did with her mother?


Head guy is super angry; he unsheathes his sword and asks if she loves Jung Tae. Gaya answers YES. Woohooo girl got guts. Head guy now asks Shinichi if it’s true. Shinichi says no, it’s her way of punishing him for killing her mother. Head guy orders Shinichi to kill Gaya, even Shinichi rebels and says he can’t.


For disobeying him, head guy raises his sword to finish Shinichi but he blocks it with his sword. –mind it Shinichi’s sword is still in the sheath and he blocked the old guy’s sword with his own sword’s hilt. – Shinichi says only Gaya can kill him. Head guy again raises his sword but this time Aoki steps in and tells to demote Gaya for now because they will need her and Shinichi’s help. Head guy still goes on whoever ignores Ill Gook Hwae must be dealt in the same manner. Aoki takes the sword and says he will do it and slices Shinichi’s shoulder. Gaya cries and asks for help. Head guy makes an announcement whoever meets Shinichi, should kill him and Gaya is not anymore the owner of Shanghai Ill Gook Hwae. Shinichi and Aoki look at each other and Aoki nods. Aka gets the order to bring Jung Tae to head guy, but Aoki says he has another plan and needs Aka for that.


Jae Hwa is getting drunk. He tells Jung Tae a new word that he learned “bro”. Jae Hwa informs Jung Tae about Aoki’s proposal, to crush Hwangbang and to his surprise Jung Tae agrees to it. Jae Hwa is against it so Jung Tae has no choice but go against him. People of Bangsamtong cry and curse Jae Hwa for not protecting them. Ah, I think he will take the offer for the people. He looks so heartbroken.


Buzz cut and mysterious guy gossip about what is going in Ill Gook Hwae. Jae Hwa joined hands with Aoki. Jung Tae opposes it. Jae Hwa tells him, he is not his underling anymore and tells him to come here tomorrow. –to fight I guess, well duh, to fight of course.-


Someone walks right behind Jung Tae, its Aka. He asks Jung Tae to follow him if he doesn’t want the people to get hurt. Time to break some bones- the efff is Aka made of? Iron or what or maybe it is the sound effects, what the THUNK, yeah, that’s the voice you will hear. Aka lets Jung Tae beat him first and one move from Aka is enough to finish Jung Tae. Aka is strong. He picks Jung Tae in the air, hmm is it a dream, Jae Hwa punches Jung Tae in the face and he wakes up all bruised, by emo guy’s side. Emo guy tells him to delay the fight as he is injured and can’t win but Jung Tae is persistent. Nice girl is there too, and I think she is going to do something.


Buzz cut and mysterious guy talk about the fight and people betting who will be the new owner of Bangsamtong. Weird voice brings Ok Ryun and thief girl per buzz cuts order. Ok Ryun sees a guy at the next table with the same tattoo mark, the murderers had. Once alone, she tells the thief girl about the tattooed guys. They decide to tell the Bangsamtong people, but before they can do something those murderers are at their door. They do notice Ok Ryun’s flowery hair band.


Jae Hwa has something sharp metal-y thing in his hands, he gets a visitor, its nice girl. She slaps him and tells him to stop, didn’t he promise he won’t use them again. Jae Hwa says he won’t beg anymore.


Time to do some exercise- funny guy says Jung Tae won’t be able to defeat Jae Hwa now thathe is using his metal claws. He boasts only two people have defeated him, Jung Tae’s father and himself. Jung Tae asks to teach him.


Start your bidding. Jae Hwa or Jung Tae? Buzz cut and mysterious guy talk about who will win and who has the advantage.


Training time- Jung Tae trains with funny guy’s minion. The dodging game, minion has a bamboo stick, funny guy brings a fencing sword for Jung Tae’s practice. Some more training. Jae Hwa trains on his own.


Murderer guys decide to kill Ok Ryun but she is not in her room. The girls sneak out, but alas, they run into murderer guys, emo guy to the rescue.


Jung Tae gets his treatment. Nice girl asks him not to fight fiercely with Jae Hwa. Emo guy comes bearing presents, murderer guys. Jung Tae recognizes them.


Gaya practices her sword techniques on her own. Aoki visits her. She says, he said that he would help get her revenge, will he change his answer if the opponent is the leader of Ill Gook Hwae. Aoki says, his answer won’t change no matter who the opponent is. Aoki asks her a question, if he will help her with her revenge will she give what he wants? –People you do know what he wants right? – He wants Gaya.



The ending is kinda unique. I think Gaya will die or Aoki will die saving her. Jung Tae and Ok Ryun’s love story…no comments and thank you I will be taking emo guy, hands off thief girl and the eyes too.

Gaya’s declaration of love was amazing, but Jung Tae doesn’t feel the same. Poor girl, though she has Aoki and Shinichi and some people think emo guy will suit her but he is MINE.

Is emo guy the only one left to rescue people? Emo guy saving people left and right from the start.

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