Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 18 Recap


This is me whenever I see emo guy.

Episode 18

Ok Ryun gets released from the jail and its weird voice on behalf of buzz cut that has come to take her. He tells her to sign the singing contract with Hwangbang and Jang Tae will survive. They make it at the crime scene where Jang Tae and minions are climbing the wall to rescue Ok Ryun. Gaya arrives to help because Aoki told her that he was going to capture Jang Tae. She watches them from the window as they are about to fight. Jang Tae soon realizes he can’t win against Aoki like this. Jang Tae uses his brain and comes to the conclusion that because Aoki is so confident he will win his only weakness is his pride and viola it works but Aoki too knows how to use the brain. He wears his jacket back. Aoki tells Jang Tae that fight doesn’t always involve fists; he motions his guards on the rooftop. Nowhere to run, help comes in the form of fire explosions which is thanks to Gaya. Don’t ask me how she got the oil and how did she spread it without anyone noticing.


For some reason Aoki let Jung Tae leave even though he owns the gun and clearly has the upper hand. Gaya’s minion Yamamoto knows what she has done. Aoki sees Gaya’s car leaving. Buzz cut gets the news about Jang Tae from mysterious guy and he looks happy. Mysterious guy asks buzz cut why he agreed to Aoki. Buzz cut says he wanted to see Aoki’s potential and if Ok Ryun really is the bait to lure Jang Tae.


Shinichi chews Yamamoto alive for his incompetence. He warns him not to tell the head Japanese, too late Gaya told him, herself. She says she wanted to see how the head Japanese will react. BIG NEWS, she tells him, she knows Shinichi killed her mother and who ordered it. Shinichi kneels and offers her, his sword and tells her to kill him. Gaya says its head Japanese’s decision who to kill and who to spare. Shinichi says Jang Tae will die as well, and so will she. Just like Gaya’s mother liked a Joseon person, he had to die.


Jae Hwa managed to get the money to pay back. Weird voice and Ok Ryun bumps into Jae Hwa. Weird voice tells him Ok Ryun is a singer now. Jae Hwa brings the money to buzz cut. Buzz cut gives him a choice to make more only if he will deal in opium. Jae Hwa declines the offer and says he would rather take a loan from Ill Gook Hwae and help the people of Bangsamtong.  Buzz cut gets what Jae Hwa was implying that he will work with Ill Gook Hwae if the profit margin is not adjusted, but they can’t do anything because they are on the red line as well thanks to Aoki who is looking into buzz cuts money.


Aoki looks at a correlation chart made by his minion. Shinichi visits Aoki. They talk about Jang Tae being stronger and Gaya is reporting everything to head guy. Shinichi asks if he still loves Gaya. Aoki says yes, Shinichi asks him to protect Gaya as he is the only one who can do it.


Ok Ryun arrives at Shanghai club. Thief girl wants to know what Ok Ryun was up to and bitch girl needs a slap. Jang Tae takes her on a side and asks about her whereabouts. She is so smiley and happy for some reason I want to strangle her because Jung Tae, poor guy is looking worried.  Anyways, she tells him, his new father saved her and she is a singer now. I think Jang Tae didn’t hear what Ok Ryun was saying because he got shocked when weird voice told him buzz cut saved her.


Jang Tae thanks his new father for saving Ok Ryun. He tells him he wants to take Ok Ryun with him. Buzz cut says if he thinks she is a hostage. eeeepp. Buzz cut allows it. Without waiting he takes Ok Ryun with him. She doesn’t want to because they have no place to go. Suddenly an injured guy pops and asks for help. Random guys are killing people. They run away when Jang Tae shows up to stop them. Ok Ryun still waiting for Jang Tae to come back spots the killers and hides herself. OH did I mention she was sitting in the car. One of the guys is about to open the door when they hear the guards and decide to leave. Ok Ryun notices the tattoo on the guy’s neck. Anyways, she suffers a nervous breakdown after looking at the dead bodies. Jang Tae’s heart sinks looking at the injured people. He asks emo guy how Hwangbang can do this. Emo guy says they have no evidence, but it’s them, they did a similar thing before. Jang Tae asks Jae Hwa how to defeat Hwangbang.


Emo guys know the killers and goes to their hideout. He says they are Mongolians. He asks them simple questions, but they become agitated for some reason and attack him. hmph its emo guy, you think you can win? Mysterious guy has to butt in. Mysterious guy asks why the emo guy is here. oh so emo guy came to Hwangbang. I need to be alert, so I can understand what is going on. Emo guy says he is just taking a walk under the beautiful moon, nothing else and it was they who started the fight.


Jang Tae, Jae Hwa and emo guy tell us why Hwangbang wants Shanghai club so badly. Buzz cut wants money to support the military. The club is in the center of everything and once they start dealing opium, people will get addicted and money will start pouring in. Jang Tae asks a valid question, why buzz cut doesn’t operate the club himself. The answer is simple, his reputation will go down if people knew, he was dealing in drugs and clubs. So that’s why he uses Jae Hwa.


Jang Tae visits his new father. He apologizes for his rashness. Buzz cut asks him a favor, to become a knife and a shield for Hwangbang. Jang Tae agrees. Buzz cut tells him to operate the Shanghai club. Jang Tae asks what about Jae Hwa. Buzz cut says he didn’t protect his people and asks Jang Tae to kill him. Aoki goes to meet Jae Hwa and proposes him with a deal he won’t be able to turn down because he is the owner of Bangsamtong and Shanghai club.



I swear something happened to this drama, it started with such awesomeness and now I don’t know how it is going to end.

Ah, Jang Tae came to Shanghai to find Chung Ah. Still no news on her, don’t tell me they will say she died, but was alive in Jang Tae’s heart.

So, now Gaya knows who was the killer of her mother, what about her revenge?


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