Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 15 Recap


Back, back. Look at the back.

He came back.

Episode 15

Jang Tae watches Shinichi and mysterious guy fight which Shinichi is losing. Ill Gook Hwae’s minion comes on Gaya’s command to take Shinichi. Mysterious guy worries about Jung Tae, Jung Tae says he will repay this debt. –eeep he knows, who killed his father and he is angry-


Gaya is having dinner with buzz cut. They talk about Ryoko, Gaya’s mother. Gaya asks who killed her. She comes back at the club and we hear a voice over, buzz cut saying that Gaya’s mother was a beautiful and elegant lady and people loved her. The room she is staying in now belongs to her mother and it remains the same as it was. She looks at her mother’s picture and cries. Minion has brought Shinichi. Gaya praises him for being fine after fighting mysterious guy. Shinichi reports that Jang Tae knows about his father’s death. Curious about the meeting Shinichi asks Gaya about her meeting with buzz cut. She asks why he is interested about her mother’s death.


Jang Tae replays the fight in his mind between Shinichi and mysterious guy and imagines how to defeat him -mysterious guy- He trains some more, to make himself stronger. Bath time- Jung Tae is dressing himself and thief girl just nonchalantly walks in and she even says, is there anything worth seeing, when he tells her to move back. Ok Ryun enters with nice girl. Thief girl says she is taking Ok Ryun to an audition.


Thief girl comments on Ok Ryun’s clothing style and thinks they should have gone for a bolder style. She puts her hands on Ok Ryun’s chest, Ok Ryun pushes her away and guess where thief girl lands….in someone’s  arms. IT’S EMO GUY. Thief girls’ heart beats rapidly, she thanks him. We didn’t see his full face but it’s him. She tells to Ok Ryun that it felt really nice.


Buzz cut, chiri chiri people and some random guys are having a meeting where Aoki introduces himself as the in charge of the security. He wants to take some measures which are already put into effect.


Jae Hwa is having a headache; he can’t find the performers for his club. Thief girl brings Ok Ryun and well obviously she gets a green signal.


Gaya meets Jang Tae by coincidence. He asks about his father, how he died and did he went peacefully. Gaya says yes she gave him the freedom from the unbearable pain and he went peacefully. Gaya tells him to leave; he has a place to return to and someone to live with. As for her she is the leader of Ill Gook Hwa in Shanghai and if anyone stands in her way, they won’t be able to get away.


Jang Tae visits buzz cut. He asks him for two favors in front of this many people. 1) he wants his father’s memorial tablet at Hwan Bang, with much difficulty and having various expressions on his face and carefully locking peoples expressions buzz cut  agrees. 2) make Jang Tae his own son, déjà vu on buzz cuts face and he answers yes again.


Jae Hwa gets the news that buzz cut made Jang Tae his son. Jae Hwa says he still has the ace card, the autopsy report.

Official ceremony of becoming son and father.


Buzz cut and mysterious guy yell and yell and shout at each other. Mysterious guy says to kill Jang Tae but buzz cut says not now, bla bla bla bla bla. Jang Tae enters to take his leave from Hwang Bang and to return to Bangsamtong. Later, buzz cut tells mysterious guy to give Shanghai club to Jae Hwa and not to Jang Tae, to teach him a lesson.


Aoki and Shinichi fight over Gaya. –eep Aoki likes Gaya- like that was some news.-


Jang Tae comes to meet Jae Hwa. Jang Tae wants to work under Jae Hwa, his reason; at least he didn’t back stab his father. Jae Hwa just wants one thing, follow his rules. He gives Jang Tae a test. Boxing, Jang Tae has to box with a random guy. Jang Tae loses at first but then notices his opponents foot movements and defeats him. Jae Hwa tells Jang Tae, he has a rule and that is to win at any cost. He gives Jang Tae his wallet to get gangsta clothes.  –once upon a time Poong Cha gave Jang Tae his wallet T_T oh by the way what happened to Jjang Dol, Jang Tae’s best friend. Is he still in jail? I miss dobi gang.-


Thief girl, nice girl celebrate for Ok Ryun becoming a singer, actually a stand in singer, Jang Tae joins them in a suit. Laurel and Hardy –Jae Hwa’s two minions- aren’t happy with the ranking. Jae Hwa has made Jang Tae second in command and after Jang Tae is weird voice and they can’t stomach it. They get weird voice first and beat the crap out of each other.


Before leaving the club, Gaya tells Jang Tae about her mother’s room. He assures her the room will remain the way it is. Gaya runs into Ok Ryun and we get a lesson that for every person there is a lifestyle that suits them and that is their fate. Shinichi asks the permission to speak. Gaya says to put his life on the line if he is going to teach his master. He tells her to get rid of the burden; she is carrying of Jang Tae. Gaya asks him to kill her if she ever seems overwhelmed because of the burden. Of course that is impossible for Shinichi.


Ok Ryun and thief girl arrive at the club and so are some random hoodlums. Both the girls hide. Random guy says he is the new owner since there is a rumor going on that Shanghai club has no owner. Jang Tae says Jae Hwa is the owner. Jang Tae fights and Jae Hwa joins to help.



Emo guy is back finally.


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