Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 13 Recap


Look who is back


And yeah he came back too

Finally we are going somewhere with Gaya, Jung Tae and Ok Ryun. Jung Tae didn’t sleep.

Episode 13

Jung Tae fighting a random dude, thinks his style doesn’t match Shinichi but through Shinichi’s fighting style defeats random guy. He asks him, who killed his father, random guy would rather die than say anything and Jang Tae is about to fulfill is wish when funny guy stops him and getting the chance random guy runs away. Mysterious guy watches from far away.


Jung Hwa asks Gaya if she was the one who killed Young Chool. Gaya says it was a blessing rather than murder. Jung Hwa knows how to fight too yay, but he loses.


Jang Tae is getting fixed by the nice girl, thief girl is there to assist and she is a scaredy cat. Nice girl tells her to bring Ok Ryun. Ok Ryun won’t go; she says a mere sword cut won’t kill him.


Gaya looks at the autopsy report and says its Gook Ill Hwae’s signature. Ok Ryun burns the incense and prays for her mother and gentleman.


Buzz cut and mysterious guy talk about Jang Tae, how he is getting better at fighting. Mysterious guy asks what if Jang Tae knows about his father. Buzz cut says he will have to die.


Jang Tae asks Ok Ryun to come with him. He takes her to a temple where he has made memorial tablets for her mother and gentleman. He proposes her and kisses her.


Weird voice has come to Shanghai. He bumps into funny guy who asks him to pay money because that’s how it goes here if you bump into someone. Weird voice doesn’t believe the obvious nonsense. Thief girl is there to help and she bumps into funny guy and pays up. Weird guy goes on his way quickly.


Jang Tae and Ok Ryun are finally enjoying their date when weird voice meddles. Jang Tae grabs weird voices’ collar and asks about his sister but weird voice has no idea. Jang Tae can’t sleep because, of what weird voice said, Gaya killed his father. Jang Tae sneaks in the middle of the night and Ok Ryun runs to him, she asks him to promise her that he will come back, he says he will. He goes to Shanghai club to meet Gaya but first finishes of the minions. He asks her to draw her double swords. He says he came after knowing everything. She asks if he has seen the body and because of the wounds, he is accusing her. He says tell otherwise if it isn’t so. She asks him if he will believe her, if she said no. Gaya tells him when she saw his father killing her father she wanted to believe that there must be some reason for that and she believed in Jang Tae. She makes him remember the promise that he will find the killer of her father. She asks him again, if he believes her, that she didn’t kill his father, Jang Tae stays silent. She says she believed in him but he doesn’t believe her.  In rage she says, she killed his father like she said, this angers Jang Tae. He puts his hand on her neck to strangle her and she puts her double knife on his neck. She puts down the sword first, she tells him if he wants revenge then become the owner of Bangsamtong, he should become more cruel and evil. Jang Tae believing in her says, he hopes that he will be able to prove it himself that it wasn’t her.


Aoki comes to meet Shinichi; he asks how come Jang Tae was able to come out alive from Gaya’s place. Is it possible that she likes him? If this reaches head Japanese’s ear Gaya would be as good as dead. Aoki says he is going to Shanghai and he will protect Gaya. Shinichi says he will handle it, Aoki says his transfer is already done.


Jae Hwa tells his minion to get a loan from Standard bank (Ill Gook Hwae’s bank) if China bank (buzz cut’s bank) is not loaning it. Buzz cut asks mysterious guy if Jae Hwa knows that Standard bank is Ill Gook Hwae’s and decides to meet him. Jae Hwa says he is Jae Hwa so don’t worry. To teach who the real owner is, buzz cut tells mysterious guy to check the papers even it is chiri chiri people’s day to check. Looking at the commotion thief girl asks a guy what is happening, he tells her the checking is going on. She tries to stop the officers from beating people but her father stops her.


Jang Tae goes to meet Jae Hwa and asks him about his father’s autopsy report. He says Jang Tae’s father might be a hero to Bangsamtong’s people but on the other side hundreds of people wanted to kill him for taking their land. Jang Tae asks if there is a reason why he can’t know. Jae Hwa says is he suspecting him. He asks him which side he is going to choose theirs or buzz cuts or Gaya’s. Jung Tae says why he should live his life according to others. Jae Hwa tells his minions to attack Jang Tae; minions go down in a second. Jang Tae again asks Jae Hwa for the report. Jae Hwa offers him to take it from him.



Fastest and shortest recap ever; I think it’s a tie between the first episode and this one.

Anyways, finally going somewhere with the love, don’t eat me when I say I don’t feel any connection, any feeling, any love between Jang Tae and Ok Ryun.

Some of the old faces are back yay

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