Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 12 Recap


Don’t trust anyone.

Nothing happens much except a big surprise that I think no one would have thought, other than that, the fight at the end was awesome and it was between Jang Tae and a random guy, who I have no idea is whose minion. Yup that’s it, oh yeah Jang Tae is pretty wounded and can’t stand literally and metaphorically. So he might sleep some more in the next episode. I do wonder the hell he knows how to fight. He, who? Jang Tae, keep up with me people. He learned how to fight from many people and still sleeps in the end. I almost forgot Shinichi makes an appearance with a new hair cut. Not going anywhere with Ok Ryun and Jang Tae or Gaya and Jang Tae. Gaya has forgotten about her revenge. Jang Tae is busy handling his daddy issues, so no time for Chung Ah yet. The surprise that I was talking about, don’t tell me you forgot, sigh, read the first line again. Do you want me to tell you now; if yes then I will be skipping the recap if no, well then duh read my recap some more. Just read don’t skip.

Episode 12

Fake body- buzz cuts expression gives it away but chiri chiri people are idiots they don’t notice but Gaya has a vision of 6/6. Her minion tells that Yamamoto was defeated and the body is real but Gaya knows it’s not. A letter comes for buzz cut its Jae Hwa, he wants to meet. Buzz cut plays it’s smoothly, he excuses himself and tells mysterious guy to escort chirir chiri people out. Gaya won’t leave until she sees the body; buzz cut agrees and walks out. Once chiri chiri people are out of the room, Gaya and mysterious guy have a kung fu battle and Gaya succeeds looking into the casket.


The real body is with Jae Hwa’s minion who bring it to the nice girl and now she is a coroner too. She looks at the obvious wounds that were made by Gaya’s knives but then finds the bruises which caused internal bleeding.


Jae Hwa looks at his bruises caused by mysterious guy. Buzz cut wants the body and Jae Hwa’s conditions are, give Shanghai club to him and Bangsamtong too or else buzz cut will be embarrassed that he lost the body to someone like Jae Hwa and held a fake funeral. Buzz cuts minions are searching for the body at his club, Jae Hwa says he is not stupid. Buzz cut thinks its Daeha store –where Ok Ryun and nice girl work- and according to Jae Hwa it’s the base of the International Federation of Red Cross, so even buzz cut can’t touch them. Buzz cut says he can have Bangsamtong but he can’t say the same for Shanghai club. Jae Hwa says he can’t help and will tell the chiri chiri people about the autopsy result. Buzz cut’s ear stand’s up, Jae Hwa shows him his wound and says similar wounds were found on the corpse too and wonders why.


Thief girl’s words hit Jang Tae, he changes back to his own clothes and goes to meet mysterious guy who is busy with Jae Hwa who tells him to come with him because buzz cut has given the permission to hold the funeral in Bangsamtong. Once, alone buzz cut is furious.


Jae Hwa gives a high and mighty speech to the people of Bangsamtong. He celebrates with his minions in the club and tells that his parents sold him and now 25 years later he is the owner of Bangsamtong. Nice girl comes with the autopsy report and tells about the sword cuts and internal bleeding and that has Jae Hwa thinking about the fight with mysterious guy, he says it’s Hwangbang. Love story in progress, Jae Hwa says nice girl promised to date him once he becomes the owner, nice girl says try becoming the real owner. –hmmm see, turn in to a good guy and now I think he is kinda good guy but is greedy for power and wealth…. that’s what bad people are after, so are you good or bad?


Gaya tells his minion to send a message back; Ill Gook Hwae has yet to wield the sword. Long time no see, Shinichi and head Japanese- they get Gaya’s message and knows the Gaya is playing her cards skillfully. –its kinda creepy how head Japanese is smiling and praising Gaya.-


A long queue of people paying respect to Jang Tae’s father. I thought kids were consoling him by touching his hand but thief girl says there is a superstition that if they touch the Shanghai owner they will be strong like him and will not get sick, Jang Tae says it’s nonsense, thief girl says sure it is but it gives hope to the children. Two men bring food but fight with each other saying there’s best. Funny guy puts them in their place. Thief girl tells Jang Tae not to give any attention to this guy and it turns out she is his daughter and didn’t want Jang Tae to know about that. Father and daughter said the same think that Jang Tae stinks; he asks what does it means. Funny guy says, his hatred for his father is rotting his inside and says it’s time to let it go, be it hatred or love. It’s time to say the final goodbyes- Jang Tae says to his father that he doesn’t hate him and tells him to only take the good memories with him, he cries and says, if he doesn’t have one then take this one that he and his sister never forgot about him and they missed him and love him. Jang Tae and Ok Ryun scatter the ashes in the ocean, Ok Ryun says that if you met mother on the other side tell her that her daughter is living well and sorry for not giving her the proper funeral.


Buzz cut has decided to give the Shanghai club to Jae Hwa temporarily but mysterious guy is against it, this makes buzz cut angry, he says Jae Hwa has find mysterious guy’s handy work on Young Chool’s body. -Eeeep, so you are bad people?  Oh man, that means I’m not a good judge of character. – Buzz cuts says finish everyone who knows about this. Talk turns to Jang Tae; buzz cut says he needs polishing but he can fight but mysterious guy thinks otherwise. Buzz cut asks if he wants to test him, mysterious guy answers with his question, if he is allowing. Buzz cut says if he can’t pass his test how can he deal with Ill Gook Hwae, mysterious guy says what if he dies, buss cut replies with a smirk, nothing can be done; it’s good if he dies. –ok, hold your horses, where the heck are we going with this, are they truly the bad people and why the hell did they kill Jang Tae’s dad?-


Ok Ryun asks Jang Tae what he will do now, will he go back. He says no. –wait, what, no go back you have to, all the cast is back there, go T_T. he says he will take revenge for his father and asks if he can work at her store. She tells him to forget about the revenge but doesn’t say anything the other question. Ok Ryun hears the sound of the whistle and horses galloping, she panics and tells Jang Tae to hurry. He asks what’s wrong, she doesn’t say. –girl speak or I will fast forward it to the main point.- officers are beating people. Ok Ryun and Jang Tae hide behind a cart. Looking at the violence boils Jang Tae’s blood but Ok Ryun stops him. They are about to be discovered but are not. Ok Ryun tells that Bangsamtong is controlled by the French and chiri chiri people and they have to lie to protect themselves, Jang Tae asks what happens if they are caught, Ok Ryun doesn’t answer but her expression gives it away. Jang Tae takes her hand to comfort her but she removes it. She asks him, where he was, the people back Shineuijoo were they not important for him. She says her mom and the person who helped her died. –great they killed gentleman.- to find him Ok Ryun went back to Shineuijoo and stayed there for 6 monthes, hoping he would come back. She says as much she longed him, that’s not the case anymore so don’t except anything. Heartbroken Ok Ryun comes back and nice girl comforts her.


Jae Hwa changed the suppliers for his club, so they come for the reasons. Jae Hwa says everything will be done by his methods from now on. Jae Hwa is taking a stroll with his minions and spots Jang Tae, he asks if he hasn’t left, minion tells that he is working with Ok Ryun.

Jang Tae is running errands, he looks for Ok Ryun, thief girl says she has gone out. She thinks to herself if he loves OK Ryun but why not her, where does she lack. –yay I like her-  A man in the suit and a hat, looking good follows Jang Tae.


Jae Hwa gives back the silver he got from Gaya back, as they can’t stay there anymore. Gaya gives him gold and asks him, how much can they stay for this. Jae Hwa is persistent, he says he is going to remodel the club and this much money would be nothing once it opens again. Gaya asks a question, he saw the deceased’s body so how did he die. Jae Hwa says wound from the two swords. She says that’s not all, weren’t there internal injuries too? Jae Hwa asks how she knows. Does she know who killed Young Chool. Instead she congratulates him on becoming the owner of Shanghai club. He stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder and tells her to give the answer. She takes her double swords from her sleeves and attacks him.


The guy who was following Jang Tae finally attacks him. Jang Tae asks him, who he is. That smartass says only the winner will know. He slices Jang Tae here, there and there too. Jang Tae thinks to Shinichi’s fighting style but it doesn’t matches with this guy. –oh so he thought he was someone from Ill Gook Hwae. But I think, may be just may be its mysterious guy’s minion, who knows.



So buzz cut is a baddy but why, I mean wasn’t he a goody. He has to be so Jae Hwa can be a baddy. What is Gaya thinking by taking the blame? Does she think the real killer will reveal himself? Gaya hasn’t taken her revenge yet and now we have Jang Tae’s too.

Ok Ryun still loves Jang Tae but can’t forgive him because he was not there for her. So does he love her back and what about the love line between Gaya and Jang Tae?


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