Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 11 Recap


I like the new girl

Seems like, we won’t be seeing old faces anymore. Such ominous words, I should be punished by having them in the next episode.

Episode 11

Jang Tae fights with baddies, Ok Ryun interrupts and Jang Tae goes down, nice girl helps Ok Ryun. -I will call the new girl, nice girl. She seems nice and scary- Jae Hwa stops her. – I think he likes her- Jae Hwa –damn me, I couldn’t think of a nickname for him- asks minion to bring funny guy.

Another sleeping session for our sleeping beauty- Nice girl is a doctor? She even has a food place that she runs. She is jack of all trades- Ok Ryun is worried, nice girl says, he is just unconscious. Ok Ryun thanks her; nice girl asks if he isn’t the one she was waiting for 5 years. Ok Ryun stays by his bedside, as usual. Mysterious guy upon buzz cut’s orders goes to fetch Jang Tae.


Jang Tae is still out. Nice girl is doing her stuff; Jae Hwa silently approaches her and holds her waist, without flinching she pokes him with the empty syringe and says what did she said would happen if the syringe was empty. He answers, the air would go in the blood stream and he would die. – I like this couple but Jae Hwa is a baddy, turn into a goody, please- I think their voices wake Jang Tae or it was about time he woke up. Jae Hwa quickly places himself by Jang Tae’s side. Jang Tae doesn’t recognize him –dude your memory is worse than mine- Jae Hwa reminds him that they have met. His minions arrive and Jae Hwa says yes they are the one who attacked him but they did because they were worried, after Jang Tae’s father’s death everyone wanted to take over Bangsamtong.


Jae Hwa tells Jang Tae to come with them so they can bring his father’s body but Jang Tae is not interested, he says his father died a long time ago. Jae Hwa gets angry at him but Jang tae is stubborn. Though Ok Ryun gets through him, she tells him about how they had to leave Shineuijoo and her mom and assassin died. This is all news to Jang Tae.


Gaya gets the notice of the funeral that will be held at Hwanbang. Minion tells that Chirinbang will be there too. –these chiri chiri people are super strong, they are head of almost everything and people abide by their rules- The minion, Yamamoto assigned to create disturbance in the party is waiting for his punishment. Gaya comes, takes the sword from Yamamoto, swings at the minion, cutting his cloth and tells him, the next time will be his heart. She asks for the name of the person who was behind him. Yamamto is sweating bullets, minion is tight lipped. Gaya says, one who ordered him might have promised to protect his family, so she makes a promise too, she will send his head to his family and in front of that head she will kill them. Frightened, minion looks at Yamamoto and says he will tell her but before he can say the name, Gaya kills him. Gaya says to Yamamoto, she killed him because she doesn’t want to be suspicious of any of them, does he understands what she said. Yamamoto kneels and bows to Gaya and once again he says he will be loyal to her, Gaya asks him to show his loyalty.


Mysterious guy receives the news that Jang Tae has gone with Jae Hwa to take the body. Mysterious guy tells his minion to deliver this news to buzz cut and hurries himself to morgue.

Jae Hwa’s plan is to take the body and have the grand funeral and tell the people after Young Chool, Shanghai is his and his club and Bangsamtong will be safe too, no need to say buzz cut won’t be able to do anything.

Gaya gets the news about Jae Hwa, she gets interested and wonders who will get the body first. Jang Tae and Jae Hwa get to the body first. Jang Tae receives his father’s belongings. Mysterious guy reaches too and tells Jang Tae to leave first. Jae Hwa and mysterious guy verbally fight on who will take the corpse, Jae Hwa’s minion attack mysterious guy but they are no match for him. Jae Hwa suggests settling this outside. Cut to the chase- mysterious guy wins but I think Jae Hwa is a step ahead of mysterious guy; his minions have changed the body.


Buzz cut tells his butler to tell everyone at Bangsamtong that the funeral will be held at Hwanbang, and tell mysterious guy not to be late, and inform Chirinbang –chiri chiri people- about the body.

Gaya gets the latest news about mysterious guy transporting the body. She asks about Yamamoto, minion tells her, he is guarding the road, mysterious guy has to take. Gaya decides she will meet the chiri chiri people and tells her minion to send a wreath under Ill Gook Hwae’s name and tell buzz cut that she will be coming.

Ok Ryun won’t talk to Jang Tae but tells him to wash up before the funeral. Finally Jang Tae decides to see his father’s belongings. There is a wallet and in it is a picture of three, Jang Tae, Chung Ah and their mother’s, a letter that Jang Tae wrote when he was a kid and a bank book. He cries and says his father should have come when they all were together. He all along thought his father forgot about him, how can he, leave when he didn’t even tell how much he hates him.


Buzz cut gets the news about Gaya’s boldness. Suddenly it hits him and he asks his minion for the map, he looks at the route and knows Gaya’s minion will be there. Truly that is the case- mysterious guy’s car is stopped at a check point and Yamamoto is in a police’s disguise, he says they were waiting for him. The driver gets killed and mysterious guy single handedly man handles the baddies. Though Yamamoto succeeds in taking the body, mysterious guy follows him. Buzz cut gets the news about mysterious guy being attacked, he yells at his minion to take their people, they can’t lose the body.


Gaya is getting ready to go to Hwangbang minion gives the news about Yamamoto succeeding. She says to his minion, to give a message to Yamamoto, not to touch a single hair on the body and to take the body to the safest place in Shanghai.


Ok Ryun escorts Jang Tae till the France street. Jang Tae says that he never forgot about her, once he comes back he wants to know what happened in Shineuijoo.


Mysterious guy catches up to Yamamoto. Yamamoto tells his minions to finish mysterious guy but they are finished instead. Yamamoto unsheathes the sword and throws the sheath away, mysterious guy says if he is admitting defeat, he says, he will use his body as the sheath.


Thief girl sees Jang Tae at the funeral and asks him why he is here and thinks may be he is a thief. Jang Tae says he is his father, thief girl asks who, he says Shanghai’s owner. She thinks he is bluffing but a guy confirms it for her.


Chiri chiri people have arrived and buzz cut says to his minion to put the fake casket and find the real one quickly. Minion says he they can’t find then, buzz cut says they will be destroyed.

The fight is still in progress between mysterious guy and Yamamoto. At one point Yamamoto loses his sword and decides to fight with bare hands but then remembers he has a dagger hidden in his sleeve though he still doesn’t win. Buzz cut’s minions arrive and mysterious guy tells them to take the casket. – will someone check inside the casket please-


Jang Tae is changing and thief girl comes in and sniffs him, she tells him that he stinks. She asks him if he is a fake son, how come he is not in Bangsamtong but in Hwangbang. Most of the people in Bangsamtong can’t come here.


Gaya arrives at the funeral. Chiri chiri people are present too. Buzz cut introduces them. Gaya uses her charms and sweet talks with chiri chiri people and they sure are pleased. After paying respect and praying Gaya asks if it is not in the Chinese tradition to look at the deceased’s face. Chiri chiri people are impressed by her knowledge of Chinese tradition. Gaya admires the casket, which is made of high quality and says how, can a weak woman like her open it. Chiri chiri people help her, the casket is empty. Mysterious guy is bringing the original casket. Chiri chiri people get angry and demand an explanation, Gaya butts in but mysterious guy appears in time. Gaya whispers to her minion to check on Yamamoto and report her back.


Buzz cut apologizes to the chiri chiri people and tells Gaya that, it is the Chinese tradition to pick a good day for the funeral and sometimes due to the fear of the corpse rotting a fake casket is made. But there was another reason he was worried that the people who killed the decease may dishonor him again. Gaya asks if this one is the real casket, buzz cut says if she wants to take a look. Mysterious guy removes the cover and there is some random dead man in it.



I really have no idea where this is all going. Jang Tae came to Shanghai to look for his sister and not to forget it was weird voice, who told him to come, so where the hell is he. What about emo guy and Shinichi and Aoki, where is everyone. Am I still watching the same drama that I was watching from the 1st episode?

I don’t know I want emo guy and what about Dobi gang and emo guy?

What happened to the revenge that Gaya was so hell bent on. She still has no clue who the real murderer is and where is my emo guy?


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