Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 8 Recap


He is enough for me to go through any episode.

Episode 8

We start again from where Shinichi takes a wooden stick and has the upper hand against Jang Tae. He tells Jang Tae to come to Ill Gook Hwae and if Jang Tae wins, he will take the responsibility of not destroying Dobi gang. Jang Tae says he will come. Jang Tae tells the good boss that because of him Ill Gook Hwae is keeping an eye on Dobi Gang and asks a way of winning against swords.

Jang Tae and good boss go to meet Choi Po Soo –aka, the assassin- they want him to teach Jang Tae how to deal with swords as he was once a guard for the Korean Empire.

Training time- assassin is with a metal shaped sword/rod. He tells Jang Tae how to overpower a sword. While training Jang Tae accidently hits the assassin forcefully, assassin tells him someone else had this kind of fist. He says that Jang Tae has a death wish because he is going to fight someone who is stronger than him. He tells him there was once a person who was in that same situation and that was Jang Tae’s father. Assassin tells him to live and to win. Jang Tae trains by himself, well, of course half naked.


Jang Tae visits his mother’s grave. He still hasn’t read the letter that Chung Ah left. He buries it beside the grave and says he will read it once he finds Chung Ah.

Ok Ryun is practicing herself with the music sheet. She puts it away when Jang Tae comes. He asks her to spend a day with him, she senses that something is wrong but Jang Tae says its nothing. She complains they didn’t go to the places where she wanted to go and now he wants to spend a day. He is fine with it, if she don’t want to but in the end she agrees to spend the day with him. They ride a bicycle and at one point Jang Tae stops and asks her to get off and I thought he was going to say that she is heavy but instead he teaches her how to ride. They spend the day doing couples stuff.


Third guy tells the pessimist guy that he is thinking about opening a shop but the pessimist guy scolds him that Dobi gang isn’t closed yet. –tell me who was the one trying to survive and thinking to join Ill Gook Hwae?- Pessimist guy sees Jang Tae and he and third guy follow him to Ill Gook Hwae .


Gaya remembers Shinichi hiding something, to check what it is she goes to his room and finds the picture. Shinichi enters the room and asks her what she is doing. Gaya needs an explanation why is there a picture of him and her mother together. He tries to take it back but she won’t let him. In all that snatching, they twirl and spin –weeeee, it looks like they are dancing- In the end the picture is torn in to two, Shinichi gets Ryoko’s part and Gaya gets little Shinichi. Shinichi asks her does she know what she has done. –yeah pretty, much. She tore the picture and please don’t tell me you are Gaya’s half brother. – She answers she will regret later, after she knows what his relationship was with her mother. She orders him to tell, he roars, punches the table which breaks in to two may be three or many little pieces and denies the order and I’m quivering in the corner. A minion comes –read the atmosphere dude- and tells that Jung Tae is here.


Third guy is pacing back and forth thinking whether or not to tell good boss about Jang Tae. Finally he makes the decision and tells the boss, boss asks the gang to step out and places a call to someone. –and my phone rang, well yes it’s not from him it’s someone who wants to talk to my dad, he is not home and don’t disturb me.-

Back to emo guy in Dan Dong, China –finally- A man –who are you, were you in any episodes before, hmm I can’t seem to remember, whatever.  He tells that Dan Dong will be next after Ill Gook Hwae takes charge of Shineuijoo, emo guy says he knows. –me too this was so last episode.-  He –this guy needs a name, buzz cut?- tells, take care of Shanghai too, emo guy says as long as he is in Dan Dong he won’t let anyone barge in. Seems like buzz cut knows Jang Tae too, he asks emo guy not to hesitate and to help him if he ever needs. Buzz cut says it will be his debt to him but emo guy thinks he has a bigger debt towards Jang Tae. Emo guy gets a call too about Jang Tae. –hmmm I don’t think it was good boss, why would he call so far just to inform him that JangTae has gone to Ill Gook Hwae to fight, well yeah he was not invited on tea that’s for sure or it was good boss because he is going there and wants emo guy to look after the gang. I think it’s someone form Ill Gook Hwae, a spy of emo guy who called and informed about Jang Tae. I don’t know anything, just let me watch without ransacking my brain.-


Good boss decides he would go out to eat but he forgot that the gang was not born yesterday; they know where he is going.

Back to the fight, Gaya asks Shinichi why Jang Tae is here Shinichi is still pissed and says is there any reason why he shouldn’t be. –Jang Tae’s timing surely sucks big time. Shinichi knows Gaya and Jang Tae have feelings for each other, so he won’t be going easy on him anytime soon. –  So, Ill Gook Hwae has a rule that if someone comes in alive, would be send back dead. –nothing new, I knew you were evil.-

Wait, I need some clarification. Some time has passed, yes. It’s not like Jang Tae trained one day went on a date on the second day and came to fight on a third day, right?right.


Jang Tae tells Shinichi to take the sword he says he will if he needed. –all I hear is the rustling of the clothes and thwack, thwack, thwack <– the sound of both beating each other.- Jang Tae says to Shinichi that he depended on the sword all his life and haven’t been beaten often. Where as he, got hit for no reason at all. Jang Tae says protecting Gaya according to Shinichi is his duty but Jang Tae wanted to make her laugh. He doesn’t understand but watching her laugh made him smile too and was that a sin to dream. Shinichi says, it is a sin, because he dreamt of something he shouldn’t have. Shinichi takes a sword from a minion and hangs on his waist and takes another sword in his hand, and ask the minion if he loses, let Jang Tae go.


Good boss is followed by Poong Cha and he is followed by third guy, though Poong Cha shows himself to the boss. Good boss calls him Kang Seok Tae and tells him to go back. Poong Cha says he can’t just send him there alone; he thanks him for everything and holds him tight by the neck, pressing the pressure point, which makes good boss lose his consciousness. He places good boss under a tree and tells him to live for himself. Third guy shows himself too, Poong Cha tells him to take care of the boss. –why is Poong Cha going alone? Why? T_T


Shing, shang, theng- love the sound the sword makes. Shinichi asks Jang Tae for his last words, Jang Tae replies he will write it on his gravestone so be sure to check it. –wait again, I have heard this somewhere before, in the first episode I guess.- During the fight Jang Tae takes Shinichi’s other sword but is a minute too late, Shinichi stabs him first.


Ok Ryun has placed little pieces of twigs and pretends like she is playing a keyboard. Other side, Jang Tae is taking his last breaths. Gaya asks Shinichi to stop but Shinichi ask her to stop and abide by the rule or she won’t be able to get revenge. He tells the minion to finish Jang Tae and Poong Cha arrives just in time. He starts to punch and kick and slice the minions, in mist of all this he gets sliced too.


Emo guy’s minion, grumpy guy says it’s not the time to hesitate if Dobi gang falls they are next. Emo guy says the people who killed her mother tried t to kill him too. He was saved by Jang Tae’s father. Finally he decides he would go to Shineuijoo.


The fight is almost over and Poong Cho is too. Gaya and Shinichi are just standing, looking as Poong Cha is breathing his last seconds of life. He goes over to Jang Tae and tells him, let’s go home. He dies in Jang Tae’s arms–he is dead. I don’t want that, I don’t want that. I m gonna whine and cry. – Gaya asks Shinichi if has seen a death like that, she hasn’t. Gaya orders Shinichi to treat Jang Tae, he says even if he is saved he will die in the end, that is his fate. –okay, what’s with the ominous prophecies.- Gaya tells him not to decide other people’s fate carelessly. Jjang Dol is caught by the police, he was selling illegal stuff.


Gentleman visits Ok Ryun; he has brought a music sheet with him and tells her to hum the tune. –it’s the tune you hear in the background, the next moment. He drops her at the house and asks why it is so quiet; she says it’s because of New Year. Inside a man is standing guard at a door, Ok Ryun asks the maid about him, she tells some hot shot is here. That despicable son of a bitch is a bastard, Ok Ryun’s mother tells him, if he has some needs then he should go to a brothel. Minion at the door won’t let Ok Ryun in, gentleman comes to help. Ok Ryun smashes the wine bottle on despicable guy’s head and I think he dies -good riddance- Minion has a gun; the assassin appears from nowhere and disarms him. Assassin says they are leaving through the river and asks if gentleman will help, gentleman nods. Assassin assembles his gun and takes everybody to the river.


Aoki thinks about when Shinichi dared him to touch Gaya. He gets the sketch of the assassin, he knows who he is. He rushes out and takes his gun with him. Aoki arrives at the giseang house but its empty; he asks the fallen minion, he tells him they have gone to the river. Everybody is setting on the boat when a gunshot is heard and it hits the assassin, assassin tells them to go ahead. Ok Ryun’s mother gets shot too but no one knows. Aoki and assassin hide in the field, trying to find and finish the other. They come face to face and shoot each other multiple times and both go down. –so not sure who won.-


Head Japanese still has no news on Aoki but he says he is a survivor and tells Aka to find him no matter what. He asks about Gaya, Aka says she is taking care of Dobi gang and is waiting for head Japanese’s order. Head guy says show them the true strength of Ill Gook Hwae and destroy everything.


Jang Tae is still out but alive and is in Ill Gook Hwae under Gaya’s survillance. Shinichi is beaten up pretty badly too. Doc says he must be breathing with difficulty and will die if he didn’t treat it. Shinichi asks Gaya if she will let Jang Tae live and tells he has to report this incident. He looks at her and tells, she looks exactly like her. –talking about Ryoko?-


Emo guy arrives at Shineuijoo and tells grumpy guy to announce him. But the announcement is of a duel between emo guy and Gaya. Gaya accepts even though Shinichi tells her not to. She asks Emo guy, what is at stake/ what would he like to bet. He says everything she wishes for, she includes Dan Dong too. What emo guy would like to have is Jang Tae. – I need popcorn and cola. What, so nobody is taking orders? – Shinichi dismisses all the minions.

Gaya has two knives as usual and they were hidden up in the sleeves. Nobody is brutally injured yet but emo guy doesn’t like his pretty hands wounded. He is impressed by her sword skills and tells her he is going to get serious.



No, you can’t end there, oh well; I guess I have to save my cola and popcorn for later. Death toll in this episode was high. Poong Cha died T_T nooooo I liked him more than the good boss.

And Jang Tae needs to stop getting beaten up all the time. And I’m angry and sad because Poong Cha died. Why did he have to die?

So emo guy is not a bad guy? no weird voice in this episode.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for ur recap i will be reading them here bcos kbs world isnt fast


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