Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 6 Recap


Sorry my dear lurker’s, this episode was a bit difficult for me to recap, no worries I still did what I had to. The reason it was difficult was I kept watching some scenes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over well you got my point. There should be a limit on how many good looking people one can cast in a drama.

Episode 6

After the evil’s gathering a dude that I don’t recognize but Gaya does is there to escort her and Shinchi to devil’s den. They bump into Jang Tae and surprisingly both recognize each other. Jang Tae apologizes and I think it’s because he couldn’t find her father’s killer, she accepts and apologizes in advance for she is going to find his father and kill in front of him and if she couldn’t, she would destroy everyone he loves and those who love him.-so basically she is going to destroy herself- and even threats him if he interfered, he won’t be safe either. Jang Tae says it doesn’t matter what she does to him but don’t touch the shadow of the one he loves or she will she see a side of him she has never seen and would regret it. Gaya gets offensive and says his father took her only thing and tells him to see that, “someone who has nothing to protect, how strong that person can become,” and walks by him. Shinchi gives a tip, “If you don’t cut something off completely, it’s bound to reattach itself like this.”  Gaya the master of evilness says, “The only reason to reconnect is to disconnect it more brutally.”


Jang Tae goes to meet emo guy and why is Poong Cha not going with him? Jang Tae is greeted by a dagger. –sweet-  Emo guy asks back for it, Jang Tae pulls the knife from the wall and throws back and it  sticks in the table. Emo guy teaches Jang Tae about killers, how they seem and how they approach, how one has to be on alert. If not, then he will be injured like last time. Freaking hell emo guy throws the dagger at Jang Tae which passes by his ear of course injuring it. He says to Jung Tae to be on guard, there is no guarantee that he will not kill him. Emo guy stands up, three steps far from Jang tae and tells him that is the life’s difference, without a sword, it is difficult to attack the critical point from this distance. He takes another step and says two steps it is known as life and death; you can or will be killed. He takes the final step saying that is the death sentence, can you kill me? Jang Tae says he is not here to fight. Emo guy fakes punch at Jang Tae and he reacts to it. Jang Tae wants to stop this meaningless stuff and wants to know what happened three years ago. Emo guy provokes him if he is afraid and if that’s why he is running away and that angers Jang Tae, he takes his chance and attacks emo guy. –awesome, can you guys keep fighting kung fu style? Is emo guy wearing heels, I love high heels too- Emo guy tsk tsks and says this is what happens if he puts emotion in his fight. He gives some tips, when to fight how to keep his posture and stance. Jang Tae says that he talks too much attacks him again. –wohoooooo- before going down Jang Tae says, he moved 10 steps back.


The head Japanese guy gives Aoki (the guy who gave tips to Gaya about how to fight with Aka) some evil tips and tells him that he is his hope and orders him to go to Shineuijoo and open up a path to China.


Jang Tae, who is still out, wakes up to Pooch Cha’s voice. Poong Cha talks about Gaya, she was a smuggler and now in Shieuijoo she in the head of Ill Gook Hwae and warns him about Shinchi. Poong Cha is so kind hearted that he got a ticket for Jang Tae because he is in no condition to jump trains thanks to emo guy. –I wuv him-


Ok Ryun is waiting for Jang Tae and gentleman is hiding at a corner, looking at her. It seems he wants to play hero so he has hired some goons. He nonchalantly sits beside her, he makes small talk and she flatly refuses him saying she is not interested in him. –woah this is the first time the 2nd lead gets rejected this early usually its 2nd last or the last episode, when the 2nd lead gets dumped.- Time passes and then some more  time passes, Jang Tae is nowhere to be seen and Ok Ryun won’t talk to the gentleman.- She asks him to leave but he is a gentleman, how can he leave a lady here, what if something were to happen. Gentleman says Jang Tae is not coming due to some circumstances but she says he will. Hired goons come with their cheap talk, Ok Ryun tells them to run away now or the consequences will be worse, she actually does a countdown 3, 2, 1 and Jang Tae’s punch come flying and within 3 seconds all of the 3 goons are down. Jang Tae is about to hit the gentleman and the gentleman actually closes his eyes in fear but Ok Ryun stops him. Ok Ryun and Jang Tae worry about each other and totally ignore the gentleman, he calls him and fakes a punch but Jang Tae doesn’t even flinch. Jang Tae asks him what is he doing, gentleman wants to become friends by exchanging punches, Ok Ryun says it will tear him apart, she thanks the gentleman as she wasn’t bored, and goes her merry way with Jang Tae. Gentleman says he is jealous of Jang Tae and looks at his hired goons lying down.

On the way home silence is surrounding them, Ok Ryun says she forgot how his clean face looked; he says this is a tough job. –my question, does she know that he jumps train?- Jang Tae tells her that Gaya has returned to Shineuijoo. She tells him not to let his wounds turn into scars. She changes the subject gives him a piece of paper, she has planned a date on her birthday which I think he forgot, though he wishes her before parting ways.


Ok Ryun enters the giseang house and asks why it’s so quiet; the maids tell her that the Japanese soldiers are here. Aoki and his superior are having some serious chat, his superior says Aoki is a brilliant man and even got a badge from emperor then why is he working under him, he won’t accomplish anything here and tells him, he knows yakuza are backing him and to work quietly and take his leave, they both understand each other but Aoki is not going down with a fight, he tells his superior if he would stop embezzling military funds, stop using soldiers to embezzle materials and stop taking protection money then he will stay quiet as if he is not there. Aoki matter of factly says that Shineuijoo to Dandong will be under him and the superior can remain quiet as if is not there and then he will let him keep his title. Aoki takes his leave and the superior roars saying, does he think he will remain safe after threatening his superior, he will complain about him. Aoki turns to him and says was that a threat, sure enough Ill Gook Hwae is backing him and the moment you will complain about him, his family won’t be safe and if he can’t believe then he can go ahead, he will be crying in their blood. This deflates the superior‘s anger Aoki asks if he is afraid and says this is a real threat.


Assassin from before is at giseang house and Aoki takes interest in him and tells a guy to keep an eye on him. Ok Ryun’s mother is tending to his wounds and is worried about him. He is fighting to get back his country. Ok Ryun is standing outside listening everything.


Ok Ryun has told Jang Tae to meet him wearing a suit; she wants him to look dandy, he wears a fedora but thinks not to. –noooo, fedora I like fedoras-Seems like Jang Tae is causing trouble so other gangs are looking to settle the score but good boss is so good and one minion doesn’t like it (is he the pessimist dude? or is he another guy) Good boss spots Jang Tae going to his date and tells Poong Cha and Jjang Dol not to bother him. Jjang Dol also wants a day off with his girlfriend good boss grants him and even gives him money. –I want to join this gang, wait but I m already a part of it- Good boss and Poong Cha too decide to enjoy themselves.


The next thing to do on the list is to get a gift, Ok Ryun has written it doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive or not, it has to be a present that shows his heart, well of course if the gift is expensive she will be able to see his heart better, Jang Tae smiles. Jang Tae has taken his next month’s payment beforehand but the other minion is not happy and punches the third guy. –you guys have not forgotten, who I call third guy, have you?- Angry minion says because of Jang Tae’s trouble they are living on the edge while he is dressing up and going on a date. Jang Tae says he won’t let human smuggling pass, the angry minion says do whatever he wants but don’t drag the gang in it, if he wants to die he can die by himself. Angry minion is looking for a fight and he provokes Jang Tae using his sister’s name. News reaches to Pooch Cha and the good boss about the fight.

On the other hand, looking pretty Ok Ryun goes to meet Jang Tae and keeps waiting for him. Back to the fight the boys has taken the fight outside the house, angry minion keeps attacking while Jang Tae keeps his defense, finally he has taken enough and starts to fight back. Angry minion goes down and that’s the moment when good boss and guys arrive, good boss punches Jang Tae for hitting his hyung and tells him to get lost, Jang Tae leaves.  –hyung? what hyung, he was the one who started, hear my side of the story too, stupid Jang Tae won’t say anything.-  Good boss chews Poong Cha too and tells him to stop Jang Tae from jumping trains.


Aoki is practice shooting. Gaya arrives and Aoki seems surprised because a woman is allowed to enter the shooting range. They are on friendly terms, Aoki asks her what she wants, she wants his gun and all her hits are bull’s eye. Aoki is impressed. She asks him to walk with her. Gaya says when they use to meet once in a while in the training room, she felt comfortable. She reminds him that when they used to get meat filled rice balls once a month, everybody had one and she had two, she later realized someone else gave his to her. Aoki says he doesn’t know who he is, he must be full. Gaya asks a favor that she needs the names of the people who visited Shineuijoo in 1928, October 18, anyone and everyone’s. Aoki asks the reason and she says she doesn’t want to create a reason to regret. I didn’t see Shinchi behind lurking but there he is.


Ok Ryun is still waiting for Jang Tae, he didn’t show up for the play; she looks at the next thing together to do, skating. Gentleman is writing music while whistling the tune. He is sitting and eating in the sham guys shop and he comes with two minions. Oh so the sham guy has embezzled his money and he asks the gentleman if he has any proof, he says the gentleman himself has taken money from people making them believe they he will produce a record for them. Gentleman loses it for a while and asks how come he hasn’t been caught yet because he is good at running or begging mercy, he says all this while punching the minions. Gentleman calms down the next moment and asks the sham guy to get the information about Ok Ryun’s boyfriend. Sham guy uses formal tone saying he doesn’t know who she is how come he can find about her boyfriend. Gentleman gives him till tomorrow. Gentleman looks at himself in the mirror and catches a glance of Ok Ryun outside the window.


Wearing skating shoes Ok Ryun again waits for Jang Tae. She starts skating by herself and looks back, it’s gentleman with a horn record player, walking behind her. They ask each other why they are here. Gentleman says he is here to seduce the girls while skating on waltz. His skating skills are how not to skate. Ok Ryun smiles on his goofiness, they happily skate and gentleman asks if she has fallen for him, she asks him don’t dream he says he hasn’t started yet. –who write these dialogues-


Jang Tae goes looking for Ok Ryun, one place after the other; he sees the skate marks on the ice rink. Gaya is in the car, she asks Shinchi if he knows where Jang Tae’s father is, he answers, no.  She wants this to be the truth for his sake.


Weird voice is eating god knows what but whatever it is his facial expression tells it’s not worthy for us to know. A minion is there he asks what Nae Sun Ill Chae is. – I don’t know, what does that even mean, is it a thing, a place or what, did he explain it before? Whatever, moving on- Shinchi enters, he wants a rickshaw and weird voice is totally scared but the minion is stupid, he tells him that they are close and look somewhere else. Weird voice knows better and he asks Shinchi where he has to go, he pulls the rickshaw himself. They talk in code word, I don’t know if he is planting people or buying people. Weird voice wants to join Ill Gook Hwae and mentally kicks himself after saying it. He faces Shinchi lowers his head and says he is living a dog’s life; wouldn’t it be better if the master is rich? Shinchi tells him to bring Jang Tae and make him fight with him and that would be enough.


Jang Tae is back at the giseang house waiting for Ok Ryun. She arrives with gentleman in his car, she is about to open the door when he stops her, he gets out of the car himself and opens the door for the lady. –see, a gentleman.-  To make Jang Tae feel guilty or jealous Ok Ryun says to the gentleman that she enjoyed the day, and to add fuel he reminds her of the lesson at 2 o’clock tomorrow. Gentleman drives away and Ok Ryun without saying a word passes by Jang Tae but he calls her name and she stops, she asks if he fought again and that’s why he didn’t come. He apologizes and she says she is tired of those words. He asks her out on a date and she answers, didn’t he hear she has an appointment tomorrow; she is going to take singing lessons. He understands and is about to leave, she calls him saying don’t be late this time and sets the time of 6 o’clock for tomorrow. –awww damn you first love.-


Jjang Dol is all excited because he is going to watch a movie “love parade.” –what, this movie is still playing in cinema, it’s 3 years old- The title makes Jang Tae remember the time when Gaya asked him to watch the same movie and he kissed her. –damn you again first love-  Jjang Dol thinks his mind is out somewhere because of the good boss. -ahhh, no- but Jang Tae says yes. Jjang Dol takes heap of gel –if that’s what it is- and tries to put on Jang Tae’s hair but gets a kick instead, though Jjang Dol still succeeds. Ok Ryun is having an every girls dilemma, what to wear. Her friend comes and Ok Ryun says she wore her prettiest clothes yesterday and has no idea what to do. Girls have solution to everything they trade clothes. Jang Tae buys a ring for Ok Ryun. Ok Ryun arrives at the restaurant first.


A random guy is dragging a random girl and Jang Tae goes to save her, she tells him that they are going to sell them. –and I think it’s a trap to lure Jang Tae- The random guy takes out a knife and the next second goes down, well yeah thanks to Jang Tae. Jang Tae asks if there are more children, the random girl tells him the location where they are being kept. –now I m full time sure it’s a trap.- He tells her to go at the end of the street, tell them he sent her and they will help, he gives his coat to her. –wait, she doesn’t know your name, how is she gonna say who sent her, do you have a name card or something in your jacket’s pocket.- Ok Ryun once again is waiting for Jang Tae, whole restaurant is empty and it’s time to close, she leaves with a heavy heart. Jang Tae is running and I m sure he is not going to Ok Ryun. Well yes the hero he is, he alone goes in to a warehouse and weird voice closes the door from outside and says Jang Tae was fooled once again and will be fooled until he dies. –I m sorry, but I think he is right. – Headlights go on of the cars standing there and minions come out from them. Jang Tae wraps the cloth on his knuckles, which he usually does when he fights. A minion asks if he is Jang Tae. Jang Tae says to remember it because it will become a name they will never forget. Minion laughs, Jang Tae tightens the cloth with his mouth and Ok Ryun will soon I think will have a change of heart.



Once a person becomes famous for his righteousness people start to take advantage of him. This is the case with Jang Tae. He is too soft hearted, someone who has led a difficult life should know better.

Sometimes a fighting style or fashion trend or something different comes may be a building, or a car model or whatever comes in a scene and I have no idea if that was in that era, so I apologize for not knowing and yes for sure I won’t be searching for it anytime soon.

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