Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 4 Recap


Heroes are not born in a day or two. To become one, one has to sacrifice family, friends, love and one’s own self.

Episode 4

Gaya turns evil and swore vengeance on Jang Tae and his father. Young Chool runs and runs to find Aka, instead he finds the fortune teller who asks Young Chool to come with him. Young Chool doesn’t want it; fortune teller says he might not be able to see Jang Tae anyways. None the less Young Chool agrees but makes the fortune teller to promise him something.


Gaya is sitting by the river with her father’s ashes. Japanese guy is standing by her. She finds her parents pictures and a letter which says, not to trust anyone wearing the other half of the amulet/pendent, he is the one who has killed her mother and will kill her too. She touches her amulet. Japanese guy says it’s time to leave and Gaya says to where and by whose will. She asks him about her mom and why Jang Tae’s father killed her father, he remains tight lipped. Gaya screams at him asking about herself, he calmly answers to find it for herself.


With no answers and a pile of questions Gaya takes the bloody knife (previously used to stab her father) and tries to kill herself, Japanese guy grabs her wrist with an awesome one leap. She says she should thank him as he saved her life but will he be there every time?  Gaya cries and agrees to whatever path he wants her to take but she just wants to know one thing, is the person who killed her mother is on that path. He lowers her wrist which he was still holding and answers he can’t tell. (the way he kept looking at her, is it love, I wonder?)  but he promises her one thing that she won’t die before him. (love it is.)


Makeover time, Gaya has a tattoo of a flower on the back of her shoulder. Gaya is all dolled up and the Japanese guy just looks at her, we see a flash back. Little Shinchi (Japanese guy) is peeking at a woman. (I m going to assume its Gaya’s mother) He calls her Princess Ryoko and tells her he will protect her, flash back ends and Shinchi leaves with sad eyes, Gaya looks at him.


Nose broken guy has decided to become a minion for Shinchi. -Why is everyone giving life time lessons to this nose broken guy?- Shinchi says a coward dies thrice but a courageous dies only once and asks again which side is he going to choose, of course it’s with him. Once outside the room nose broken guy  says he would rather die 100 times than to live once and what people doesn’t know about him, is that he doesn’t wag his tail because he is Do Goo, he is Do Goo because he killed his master and ate him. –(literally?) What the what, nose broken guy is a two timer and a back stabber? hmm is he gonna gather minions around him and be the boss of his own club? Nose broken guy’s nose is not broken anymore, so I have to change that name. Strange voice or should I just use his name Do Goo, which is strange too.-


Ok Ryun passes Gaya who is dolled up and is sitting in a car, but she didn’t notice Ok Ryun. Ok Ryun hears that they are going to the train station.

Finally, Jang Tae, where have you been? Jang Tae is at the giseang house to meet Ok Ryun. She says she is ready to hear the excuses. He says he thinks about her when things get difficult and tiring, he apologizes and takes his leave. Ok Ryun knows he is having a hard time and asks him if it’s because of Gaya and she tells him, she saw her leaving for the station and Jang Tae runs.


Gaya is about to climb the train, she tells one of the Shinchi’s minion to burn her house. Jang Tae arrives just in time shouting Gaya’s name. Shinchi takes the sword but Gaya stops him saying didn’t she say, she would kill him and unsheathes the sword. (Wait a heck, didn’t you said you would kill father and son in front of each other, the heck I am saying.) She stops herself thisclose. She says she can kill him and he says to believe in him as he believes in his father that he would catch the culprit. She asks what if he can’t, Jang tae answers, he will. He tells her that he will get stronger and will find allies and when she returns, the man who killed her father, he will bring him to her and to believe in him. She asks him to find the guy then she will believe him. She leaves, he calls after her that he will wait for her and asks her to come back. Train starts moving and Jang Tae runs along with it calling Gaya’s name over and over again. –( he can’t bear to part with her) Jang Tae again sits by her mother’s grave but this time he sits silent and alone.


Chung Ah sees a girl’s uniform hanging and then sees the boy’s uniform, she enters a shop. Clutching a bundle, wrapped in clothes and some veggies she walks home but sudden pain makes her sit down. A man helps her to pick stuff -and I screamed- it’s weird voice and Chung Ah even brings him home, thankfully Jang Tae comes home and starts to beat him but Chung Ah stops him. Weird voice is planning something and using Chung Ah to manipulate Jang Tae. -Die weird voice, die.-


Chung Ah is angry at her brother so she locks the door to their room. Jang Tae apologizes and says he had his reasons. She says she knows it’s all because of her, Jang Tae tells him otherwise. She says it would have been better if she was an idiot who would believe in her brother’s lies and tells him she doesn’t even remember when he last smiled, she talks about dying and Jang Tae stops her mid sentence. Jang Tae finds a wallet. (is it weird voice’s?)


Shinchi and Gaya look like a married couple. They have come to Japan. Shinchi tells her, she must have thought her life till now was like hell but this is absolute hell. Aka and a naked guy are fighting with real swords. (though both are half naked, but I don’t know his name. I have seen that naked guy before, hmmm where was it again?) Shinchi explains the rules to Gaya as she has to go through the test in 15 days with Aka. Shinchi tells that Aka is the first hurdle. (wait right there, if Aka is the first hurdle how many more stronger creepier people you have that have surpassed him. No wonder Gaya turns evil.) Gaya asks about the last hurdle -and I think I spoke to soon- as it seems Aka is also the last hurdle.


Head Japanese guy asks about Gaya from Shinchi. That head guy gives Shinchi 3 years to train Gaya and make her surpass her mother. Shinchi asks if that doesn’t happened the head guy just looks angrily with scary background music.


-Oi Jjang Dol I was starting to miss you.- Both friends are having lunch (only Jjang Dol is, Jang Tae’s mind is somewhere far away) Jjang Dol tells his friend to work hard to earn money and he would give all his money for Chung Ah’s surgery. Jang Tae looks like he has decided on something and leaves the table. He goes straight to the weird voice, tosses him his wallet, which he knows weird voice deliberately left. Weird voice guy states his opinion about Jang Tae that he hates him because he is honest and that makes the other party feel pathetic. He tells Jang Tae to jump trains for him, Jang Tae is about to leave when he hears the hefty amount (50,000 won) Jang Tae takes the job only if the amount goes by 100,000 won, he says he will even gladly die for it.


Shinchi and Gaya practice for the test. Gaya uses two knives and Shinchi using a wooden sword, which gradually changes to a somewhat real sword. -Gang, I was about to die waiting for you.- They teach Jang Tae how to and when to jump train.

Gaya is relaxing in a bath tub when a man’s voice says he has seen that tattoo before. (he is the naked guy, Aka was fighting before) She asks him to leave and he tells her to calm down as they are on the same boat. He tells her they are being raised to be faithful dogs and to be swords and shields for them. She asks what he means and he answers she will know in due time. He tells her an important thing that there is only one way for her to win the duel with Aka, he won’t start attacking until she attacks him first.


Jang Tae wakes up in the middle of the night and I don’t know just what the heck he did. It’s time to jump train and good boss tells him, he can back off but Jang Tae has made his decision. Good boss gives him his gloves and tells him to come back alive.

Chung Ah is folding the uniform for his brother, she puts a letter on top and she is wearing the head band Jang Tae bought for her. (what is this ominous feeling)


Shinchi is the referee to the duel between Aka and Gaya. Aka was with a real sword and Gaya with two knives. When Gaya doesn’t attack Aka asks if she is giving up, Gaya answers never, she will decide when she will attack. Aka smirks.


Jang Tae is with Jjang Dol and the third guy waiting for the train. Jjang Dol says to Jang Tae that if he dies he is going to kill him. Everybody hugs. Jang Tae gets ready on his position. Third guy asks Jjang Dol if he knows why only the two of them came, that is to take Jang Tae’s body. Jjang Dol smacks him. Train arrives and Jang Tae runs. MUSIC. He hops and catches the handle and dangles from it, he unlocks the door, is almost blown away but manages to enter the luggage cabin. Fear washes away and excitement overcomes him.


On the other hand Gaya is still in the same position. Shinchi looks at both of them. Aka’s patience runs down and he lowers his sword and asks her, how long is she going to stand there, finding the opportunity she throws her both knifes one of them Aka manages to fling away and the other one hits him at the side on his waist. Aka is angry. -I can’t tell he has the same face every time.- He tells her that he will see her after 6 months. Gaya sits in exhaustion and the guy who gave her tips smirks in the background.


Jang Tae’s train arrives in China. Jang Tae remembers the instructions to when and how to jump down. He jumps, hurts himself in the process; a man and a woman help him up.  -you are not suspicious people, are you? ah as usual spoke to soon with my optimism- and the random guy stabs Jang Tae and the random bitch steals everything  from him and they leave him to die. T_T


Chung Ah is standing on a cliff, she puts her shoes aside (DON’T JUMP, please)

Jjang Dol is waiting for his friend. A train arrives and leaves but Jang Tae is nowhere to be seen. Ok Ryun meets Jjang Dol outside Jang Tae’s house. She asks about Jang Tae, Jjang Dol tells her that he is busy. Ok Ryun calls Chung Ah’s name and enters the room where a uniform and a letter is sitting. She reads the letter and cries. Ok Ryun is searching the market place for Chung Ah. giseang houses’ maid brings the news there that Chung Ah left a letter and disappeared, everyone’s worried.


Jang Tae is barely alive and there are two men beside him. -Oh HI there, I know you, you are the killer from Two Weeks- they take Jang Tae with them and they treat him. Good boss and Poong Cha have found Jang Tae. The savior of Jang Tae says they are indebted to him. – how did the gang find him, may be these people are their Chinese informers-


Jang Tae wakes up and once again Ok Ryun is beside him –he is back to Dalian, Manchuria – She tells him it took 3 days for him to wake up, he is not worried about himself but Chung Ah. Ok Ryun grabs Jang Tae’s sleeve and keeps crying, he asks her about Chung Ah. He tears off from the room and keeps walking until he reaches the cliff and cries. – sniff, sniff, I m not crying-


Sometime has passed. (I m going with 3 years) Shinchi calls Gaya through the door. Grown up Gaya says all is done.


Someone is getting info about someone and that’s grown up Jang Tae all ready to fight. Wo-hoo. He enters to meet someone after punishing the guards who were stopping him. Who is the person that Jang Tae is meeting?



Adult version of all please be good, please be good. This is so awesome. More characters have started to show up and it’s getting exciting.


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