Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation Episode 3 Recap


Things you need when watching. A medical kit, a box of tissue paper and couple dozen of calming pills, at least this is what I need. More things may be added in the future, stay tuned. I freaking love the MUSIC.

Episode 3

We start where we left off, hearts are beating rapidly, legs are shaking, bridge starts to shake too as the train approaches and our hero is fighting to jump. Which he finally does and splashes straight in to the water (river, whatever) and doesn’t pop up. Panic starts to rise in the group and they all assume he is dead. Good boss tells Poong Cha to get the guys and find his body but something catches his eye. Is it a boat, is it an animal no its Jang Tae (sorry x.x). Jang Tae swims to the shore and happy faces everywhere, and he asks for the permission to jump trains.


Back to the Bad Boss’s gang, nose broken guy has now broken ribs too. Bad Boss and his lessons –sigh- he tells the broken nose guy not to touch the Dobi gang for now. – I seriously hope you die before you touch anyone of them-

Jang Tae sits by his mother’s grave and talks about old times. How she used to bring them here, when they missed dad.  He says he is going to jump trains and is scared. Gaya comes and sits by him and nags him to come when he is happy not when he is sulking. She says she saw him jumping and she stopped breathing until he showed up and wonders why. Jang Tae teases her if she is seducing him in front of his mother. She returns him the balm that he lent it to her. She is about to leave when he holds her wrist and tells her “the sun is about to set, watch it, before you leave.” Now Gaya teases him if he is seducing her in front of his mother. –smiles-


Its night, Gaya and Jang Tae walk side by side and when it is time to part ways Gaya says, she doesn’t have a place to go when she is angry and she has no idea where her mother’s grave is, his mother  wont hate if she talked to her once in a while? He says no. All this while Ok Ryun is watching the both of them.- and you know what happens when someone is watching, yes disaster happens- Gaya kisses Jang Tae on the cheek and this renders him speechless. Gaya happily walks her way but stops when Jang Tae says Ok Ryun’s name. Poor girl, Ok Ryun has tears brimming in her eyes. Both girls look at each other. –is it just me or Gaya gave a judgmental look to Ok Ryun, because the way she looked at her up and then down hmmm.- Ok Ryun runs and Jang Tae runs after her, he grabs hold of her, she says she came for Chung Ah and tells him the breakfast will reach him and medicine is important too. Mean while Gaya makes a somewhat angry jealous kinda face and leaves. Jang Tae keeps telling Ok Ryun to listen to him, she answers, she might cry and she hates crying in front of him and runs away crying. Jang Tae keeps calling her name, he looks back at Gaya, she is gone too, he is frustrated and stomps his foot.


Meet another new guy, (is he the one who was sewing himself in ep 2?) his name is Aka (or I can and will call him, one eyed guy). Broken nose and rib guy is recuperating and Japanese guy comes. Japanese guy taunts and insults him, boils his blood, makes him faint, well all is good because broken guy just now was recruited.


A train is coming and no, no one is on the bridge because this one is passing by the field where Jag Tae, his friend and another guy (I don’t know his name nor have I given him a nickname yet) from the gang is watching.  He tells Jang Tae that getting on and getting off the train are two different things, 8 out of 10 die while getting off. We see a guy hanging by a train scared, he wants to jump but can’t find the timing. Jang Tae screams at him to jump, he does but with much delay, by the time the gang reaches to him he has already expired. The third guy takes a knife cuts open where the dead guy had hidden the money/document and takes it, third guy holds the dead body from one end and asks for help as they have to dump the body. This angers Jang Tae, how one could do this to a human being, third guy gets angry too and they end up fist and kick fighting. Jjang Dol tries to help but gets punched by the third guy. – why are you guys fighting yourselves, fight with the baddies- Third guy states a fact that if you die like this nobody is going to cry for you. He says you need money for your sister’s surgery if a dead guy has that much would you not take it? He leaves by saying to follow him if he wants to jump trains or stay here and dig the graves. Jang Tae looks at the dead guy and asks his friend to cry for him if he dies because he will do the same. –T_T not crying-


Jang Tae’s dad meets with the fortune teller. Gaya’s dad Shino is picking up the garbage from a rundown creepy looking haunted house. Both guys are standing outside; Jang Tae’s dad is surprised because the fortune teller knows. –look guys I m here too, if you keep talking in code words, how am I supposed to know anything- the fortune teller is a strange guy, he tells Jang Tae’s dad to kill someone and run away, and pretend he doesn’t know anything if he wants to live with his children.


Shino is being laughed by the people from whom Gaya rescued. Those people say they will kill both of them; Shino’s voice rings out, not to touch Gaya. He says he has committed many sins and so he has to get rid of them by doing this but Gaya has not committed any sin and tells them to leave and never to come in front of him again. But those people don’t heed his words and we get to see some amazing skills for a moment. Jang Tae’s dad stands in front of Shino and he loses focus, getting the opportunity the gang beat him up. Jang Tae’s dad interferes and holds a guy by his neck –I don’t know if the guy died or just lost consciousness but I m going with dead because his eyes were open. Everyone has some awesome martial arts and kung fu ‘panda’ skills, me wants to learn too. –

Jang Tae’s dad says he was searching for him so long (18 years) and is about to hit Shino, when he says, the assassin will come and he needs his help. Dad says if he will hide again, Shino says he won’t hide anymore as he doesn’t have any strength left. Jang Tae’s dad doesn’t believe him as he has betrayed their comrades once before. Shino says he isn’t lying and promises on his daughter’s life. Jang Tae’s dad says he will believe not in him but in his daughter’s name, so they decide on a location and time, which is 12 midnight and I think the location is a code, behind here, by the tree.


Our gang is grilling meat and drinking. Jang Tae, his friend and the third guy come in with gloomy faces. Third guy gives the package to the boss; boss says to Jang Tae to give it to the fortune teller and asks about the other dobi guy, and says they should have brought him along, but their uneasiness explains everything. Boss asks them to sit and eat, he makes a toast and says he won’t say any cheesy things but don’t you people dare die before me. To cheer up the mood, they sing and dance.


Jang Tae’s dad goes to meet his daughter in the hospital and has brought a teddy bear with him, he places by her pillow. He wants to caress her forehead but she turns her head in sleep. Broken hearted he leaves the room. A small voice says after him thank you. It’s Chung Ah who is standing behind him. She says Ok Ryun said he was her father’s friend. She asks if he was the one who brought her here, she asks if she would see him again, he says yes. She gives him a letter and asks him to give it to dad if he sees him. –wait, right there, young lady, I thought, you knew your father was dead. I think she knows it’s him, its daddy-  he turns to her takes the letter and says he would give it to him, this confirms for her and she hugs him. She says tell to dad that Jung Tae doesn’t hate him it’s just that he misses him so much and he can’t see him so that’s why he is angry and she is doing very well too. Both father and daughter cry.


Jang Tae is digging a grave when the third guy joins him. –aww- both guys are having a bonding time. A train approaches and Jang Tae asks the third guy when he will jump trains, he says not now, not until boss says, not until he is ready and trained. This doesn’t suit Jang Tae and he starts to run with the train. He jumps to hop, misses and falls and I think he broke some of his ribs too. Third guy is worried and asks if he wants to die, Jang Tae pleads him to teach a way to jump train without dying because he soon needs the money for his sister’s surgery. – Jang Tae is in so pain, it makes me want cry-


Gaya is at the giseang house she is there to sell cosmetics and bribes her way in. Ok Ryun is there too and they have a bitch fight, Ok Ryun asks Gaya to stay away from him. Gaya asks who she is, a lover or something, they slap each other. Gaya says she doesn’t have any kind of relationship with Jang Tae and Ok Ryun asks her, then why did she kiss him, she couldn’t answer.  Bribed maid is there listening everything, Ok Ryun’s mom arrives and this scares the maid and she shouts her arrival. Both girls are being super friendly (Ok Ryun is doing all the work though) as not to arouse suspicion but her mom catches them because Ok Ryun’s nose starts to bleed and she has no idea. Ok Ryun has a minor freak-out, Gaya gives her the handkerchief.


Shino is folding a letter/document in an envelope. He affectionately looks at his family photo. A door opens and it’s Aka (one eyed guy) and he says, “it’s time to die”. – I don’t know why but he is wearing a long coat or is it a gown and he lets it fall on the ground. Why was this important? – On the other hand Jang Tae’s dad is waiting for Shino at the meeting place and we see a flashback of Shino’s betrayal. Some people are walking away quickly and Jang Tae’s dad passes them and he sees Shino too, who runs away. Jang Tae enters a house and all his comrades are dead. (flash back ends)– don’t tell he got framed for that and spent his life in jail- Jang Tae looks at the pocket watch, it’s over midnight, he feels betrayed once more. Shino is putting a fight and something is telling me it’s about to end soon.


Gaya finds Jang Tae at the base camp (I m giving dobi gangs hide out a new name) She apologizes (for the kiss) and says she has no idea why she did that but nothing like this will happen again. She doesn’t want him to have a bad relationship with Ok Ryun. Jang Tae again stops her from leaving and says he will walk her to the house. Shino and Aka are still fighting; one eyed freak, winning of course. He says that Shino should feel pride because he has come and that means he is stronger. Shino begs Aka to leave Gaya alone and he says he only kills and stabs him.


Jang Tae comes to check on Shino. –great, just great he is going to be framed again- he finds him still alive, Shino asks him to finish him, as this was his desire to die by his hands. He says he thought this was the only way for him to atone for his sins. He says he sold his comrades for the sake of love and from that day on he couldn’t sleep because of the nightmares and now finally he can sleep. Young Chool (Jang Tae’s dad) takes the knife and honors Shino’s dying wish. Young Chool asks for the name that did this to him and promises that guy will see his face last before he dies, Shino thanks him and dies.


Gaya and Jang Tae arrive at her place and she asks if they should watch a movie together, he kisses her -and her eyes almost fall from the sockets. – He agrees for the movie and she walks towards her house. Jang tae remembers he has yet to give the hair pin to her. Gaya’s scream makes him run inside. Shino is dead and Young Chool is standing over the body. – this surely does look bad- The shock on Gaya’s face is prominent when Jang tae calls Young Chool “father”. Gaya cries and in a rage takes the knife and tries to kill Young Chool he holds her both hands and begs her to listen. Gaya screams at him to kill her too if not she will kill him even if he hid in hell. She says she saw that he plunged the knife in his father’s heart. Young Chool uses one of the martial arts techniques and hits her; she goes limp in his arms. He says to his son, the killer couldn’t have gone far and he might be able to get him and asks him to look after Gaya.  It’s a surprise that Jang Tae believes his father, he tells him to get that guy and if he (father) ran away again he will curse him for the rest of his life.


Jang Tae is tending to Gaya when the door opens, it’s the Japanese guy and he looks at Shino’s corpse. Jang Tae asks him who he is, he says he saw him, he is a natural fighter. Japanese guy says he will wipe out all the evidence and it includes him too. Jang Tae says he will protect Gaya and the Japanese guy agrees to a duel, which pretty quickly ends with Jang Tae beaten up once again. Japanese guy clears a misunderstanding that he would never ever hurt Gaya and raises his blade to finish him off; Gaya stops him and says she will kill him and she will get revenge in the worst way possible. Jang Tae looks at her and she says, “son in front of father and father in front of son…so stay alive, until I kill you.”

Jang Tae loses consciousness.



And so evil Gaya was born or maybe she was evil to begin with. What the hell is going on somebody explain. So Gaya has become like this because she saw her father’s death or what, she used everyone for some reason.

Ok Ryun has no chance as Jang Tae loves Gaya, which I think will change because Gaya  has turn evil.

We didn’t get to see much of the gang today, and I kinda miss them.

I still love the music.

So, why did Gaya turn evil again?


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