What I am up to these days

Currently I’m residing at Akikos

I’m recapping Heirs with her, yes that famous, most anticipated k-drama that everyone will be watching and recapping, so why can’t I do the same?

I think I should write this with my every recap

P.S. This recap is solely based on my Korean hearing skills. I write a rough draft while watching (which I do once) and if I have a doubt I write -something something- to fill it later. Later when I’m arranging the recap I try to fill the gaps with my memory, so some of the dialogues get mixed up. It doesn’t matter, but if you want me to apologize I will, but then let me apologize for not knowing Korean or English and still doing/writing a recap.

Well nobody is perfect unless you are a God, if that’s the case let me bow down to you.


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